This was posted 2 years 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kaspersky Internet Security 3 PC 1 Year $12 | 3 PC 2 Years $19 | Total Security 3 Device 2 Years $24 @ SaveOnIT


I missed out on the BitDefender $20 deal, so I found the next best thing:
Internet Security 3PC 1 Year $12:
Internet Security 3PC 2 Years $19:
Total Security 3PC 2 Years $24:

Other anti virus also on sale:
Trend Micro Internet Security $7:

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      Those are 2017 versions. OP has 2018 version.

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      I bought IS-3PC-2Yr from computeronline-au a few days ago. They just emailed the license to me, which I used with the latest version I downloaded from the Kaspersky website. All is working well.


    Installing Russian software into your computer ….is that the best idea ,Vladimir P with be able to see everything your'e doing.

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    Is there any point in using anything other than Windows Defender these days?

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      Tbh, may be not. If you are tech-savy, you know what not to browse, u know about https, you know not to download images that says Wozniacki then no.
      But if you are regular mom and dad who needs help in setting up the computer, this could go a long way.

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        With infected ads slipping on to sites like Forbes and Youtube in the last 12 months, the normal rules don't always apply. It's definitely worth having good security software on your machine.

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        not to download images that says Wozniacki

        What does this mean?

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        This advice may have been ok a few years ago but not anymore. Even google displays scam sites as the first search result now! e.g. Type 'bittrex' into google. The first result is a scam site. Yeah, it's listed as an ad, but even so - it's gotten too difficult to police everything yourself. As my post below demonstrates - you don't know what you don't know. (Some exploits you'll never even know they happened, let alone how they did.)

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      Windows Defender not much good.

      If you MUST have free apparently Avira free is the darling product as of January 2018.

      Does not beat paid though. For 100% 0-day you still want Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky or Trend Micro.

      To keep abreast:

      These guys test all suites every month. Various other independent test reviews from magazines etc. I read all echo pretty much the same products as being good as opposed to waste of time.

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        Bitdefender free is also good, it uses the same virus engine as their paid one.


          Yep didn't come up in the magazines how good BD free is as opposed to paid but I'm running a trial on my wife's PC. No complaints so far.

          Good to hear someone else's input also.


      If you believe the antivirus testing sites - and I think there are a couple that are decent - Windows Defender slows your PC more than most antivirus programs, even free ones like Avira or Avast. It's also pretty average at stopping viruses ;)


      Windows Defender came with my copy of Windows 7 and it's rubbish. I never used it.


      Strange question when WD consistently gets one of - or the worst - score in tests.

      The best? Something like ESET, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Trendmicro…

      I've tried many over the years but using ESET at the moment. It's been the best with Kaspersky a close second. But what I didn't like about Kaspersky was it didn't have ransomware protection (it might have that now I don't know), and it's banking sandbox was a thorough pain in the neck to use (the way you had to switch between it and other things open in your normal Windows like Excel or email was a pain).

      I haven't paid for any software for a couple of decades and found a long free trial for ESET online. But it's been so good, that if I can't find another within the next ~200 days I'll be paying. e.g. Lately ESET has been catching javascript exploits hidden in webpages that LOOK like they might be designed to turn my system into a cryptocurrency miner.

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    Would be nice if 1 PC for 3 yrs for $12

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    Any deals on good old Aussie made VET antivirus? Both my MS DOS 6.1 and windows 3.11 workstations have been hit by the Dark Avenger virus - they even hose my double density floppies :(


      That brings back memories.

      VET was the first anti-virus program that I ever purchased….way back in 1999.
      Cost me around $80 from Officeworks


      LOl. Vet AV.. Haven't heard of that in a longgggggggggggggg time.

      Who remembers the dodgy old DOS "Ping-Pong" virus? :)

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    Go mac. Then you'll know that only Apple will be spying on you


    If I purchase a subscription now, when is the latest I need to activate it before it expire? Because my current subscription still has a few months to go.


      You can activate the new key in a few months. This is from the SaveOnIT FAQ:
      Q. I still have weeks/months left in my current subscription. Can I purchase in advance at the special price?
      A. Yes you can purchase now and activate your license key at a later date. The subscription period only beings when you activate the software.


        Exactly. I got two one year Kaspersky keys before from SaveOnIt . I held on to my second key for a year, once my first key expired, I applied my second key, and it worked, no problems.


    Well, in their own words:

    -What happened, exactly?
    -Our product detected known Equation malware on a user's system … After it detected them, our product sent the archive to our antivirus researchers for analysis. As it turned out, the archive contained malware … as well as several Word documents bearing classification markings.

    So, if you have nothing to hide (e.g. classified Word documents) then you have nothing to fear (from their product).

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      Kaspersky Security Network feature is opt in or opt out when you do the installation.

      KSN has been around for many years and if you opt in it sends suspect malware files etc to kaspersky server for analysis.

      Other anti virus programs also have similar systems and they have been around for many years.

      This system by vendors is one way they get samples and then they can write detection into their product to help protect users.

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    The old man had this installed on his computer 2 days later no internet connection 8 month later I go to look at his computer.. I figured seeming some error coming up from a software ill ring there free support line.. Bunch of monkeys who asked me to do same things over and over 3 hours later I give up Uninstal it and the internet starts working again… Free avast and does the job…


    I got 6 Months license for ~3 Euro from that scamming site G2a , it still works for me.


    I bought this one a couple of months ago, when i got tired of all the pop ups from free Avast

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      Translation: "No backdoors for the NSA to exploit"?

      From the link:

      "Kaspersky Lab has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage or offensive cyber efforts, and it's disconcerting that a private company can be considered guilty until proven innocent, due to geopolitical issues," it said.

      "No credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organisation as the accusations are based on false allegations and inaccurate assumptions, including the claims about Russian regulations and policies impacting the company," it added."


        But plenty of backdoors for the FSB to exploit.
        Hell it ain't even a back door, you've invited them right in.

        Sorry but people equating the US to Russia really need to think a bit harder. An imperfect but generally democratic country with proper independent oversight and judiciary, vs an effective dictatorship that outright murders political opposition and jails its own people for social media posts.


          burglars and thieves are not the same, at least thieves dont kill you normally


          lols, we must have read different history books. :)

          Anyway, at $18 for two years of protection I don't see anything else in the paid space doing a comparable job. Open to recommendations of course. :)

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          @EightImmortals: Aw, it's ridiculous, isn't it!? I mean, the moment the guy is caught stealing/using any info, his product/business would be WORTHLESS overnight. Makes zero sense. Especially when today our OWN government is the bigger threat. Just look at how our current sorry excuse for a PM gushes over a certain religion whose manifesto deems the rest of the planet as 'dead men walking'.


          @GregMonarch: Well I didn't vote for him…. :)


        Perhaps no backdoors for NSA but acknowledged capability to upload files to Kaspersky Lab.

        Mr Eugene Kaspersky, founder, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab graduated from The Technical Faculty of the KGB Higher School in 1987.

        One well known former head of FSB (KGB successor) once said "There is no such thing as a former KGB man".

        The question then is who out of the two quoted individuals do you trust (giving access to your files in this case)?


      And the US gov tells us that theres nothing wrong with people having guns, and the US doesnt have a gun problem.


    Try it for 30 days free trial from Kaspersky site. it on all my computers.


    I use their free version. does the job.


    hi. noob question. what is the difference between the internet security and the total security version?


    True Ozbargain ppl should grap anythings on bargain - Q’s later

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    this is regular price for saveonit? I bought it a month or so ago

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      Yes, this has been the price for at least a couple of weeks. It was cheaper before that so I expect this is the regular price.

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    How much to uninstall it?


    Wow a lot of money for the latest version. Similar to games, I usually grab anti virus software once it has been out for a few years and in the bargain bin.


    I missed the Bitdefender $19.99 deal. This is what I did to get it anyway:

    1) I called Bitdefender Australia support customer care 02 8014 4572, 02 8014 8283.
    2) Requested them to match the deal.
    3) Emailed/ sent them screenshots from $19.99 deal (you can still get from previous deal link on ozbargain, plus I had their email to buy for $19.99).
    4) Got a custom deal made for me.
    5) Bitdefender support emailed me a direct link to purchase from.
    6) Paid $20 and got myself Bitdefender Total Security 2018 for 5 devices for 1 year for $20. Simple as! :)

    And yes, I did this just last week (30th Jan 2018). What cannot happen when you request politely :)


    this is the normal price from saveonit.
    won't neg, because it seems it's still the best price.

    yeah my previous kaspersky key bought from saveonit led to some nag screen from kasp saying my key wasn't 100% legit.. but apparently saveonit don't use this source for their keys anymore.. so should be ok. (


    Image Bitdefender

    I missed out on the BitDefender $20 deal, so I found the next best thing

    Bitdefenders still had the 20/year special straight from their site

    The only problem is getting it to apply in cart


    Its now $26 for the Total Security for 2 years :/


    Not a wise idea for doubting everything from Russia or China like this is a fight between Justice and Evil. Truly stupid. And although it is 2018, a whole lot of people still remember the Snowden thing, and Project Prism.

    Moreover, if Kaspersky is not worth any bit of trust, then lets talk about Nod32 or avast or AVG…come on, how can software packages from Eastern Europe be more reliable? Just because they got rid of Soviet Union and seems not harmful from big brother America's eyes? As ordinary people, that's a bit too much to think about.

    Another thing mentioned by others as well, Australian gov is a little brother of America, which has a strong bond of the so called shared value and says Aus is a close ally. But seriously, ally, or footman in reality? I don't know. But "someone" knows it.

    Go back to antivirus, I suggest referring to 3rd party tests rather than popular youtubers.

    My top 3:

    Windows.Defender (check out the latest test from avcomparatives, the real world protection test)

    WD is doing an absolutely decent job in recent versions.


    any deal for kaspersky multi 2 years?

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