expired Free: EXIF Viewer by Fluntro @ iTunes Apple


Found this one for free ..Enjoy.
I believe .. it used to be paid before..


Featured by Apple on US and Canada Appstore
EXIF Viewer is beautiful App along with Photos Extension, Recent Photo's EXIF Widget and iMessage App. It is well crafted app for professional photographers who are serious about their work. It's an universal app, buy once, use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

▸ App allows you to remove EXIF metadata including Photos GPS location known as Geotagging of photos.
▸ App displays EXIF metadata of any photo on your iOS device(s), Photo Stream or iCloud.
▸ Display EXIF tags like ISO,Shutter Speed,Focal length,Camera Model,Lens Model,Time stamp,Aperture,Shutter Count
▸ Ability to Zoom in photos,even with large size like 80 MB without loosing clarity / resolution.
▸ Re-order EXIF tags in the way you prefer & ability to hide EXIF tags that you don't want to see.
▸ Select your preferred date formats (eg 1 day ago vs August 24th 2014 vs 24-08-2016 etc).
▸ You can optionally hide photos without EXIF metadata.
▸ Navigate quickly between next and previous photos in Exif detail screen by swiping right or left.
▸ App works great on landscape and portrait mode on iPads.
▸ App is optimised for all latest iOS Devices including iPhone 5SE,iPhone 8,iPhone X,iPad Mini,iPad air,iPad Pro.
▸ App also support 3D Touch on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (or newer device with 3D Touch support). Including Appshortcut to access "Favorites","Photostreams","Albums","All photos" quickly. Also Peek and POP functionality on ExifCards and photos in grid view.
▸ Ability to share Image with or without EXIF Metadata.
▸ Copy EXIF data to Clipboard (So that you can paste & share EXIF data as text in any other app).
▸ Most Messaging and Social networking apps remove EXIF Metadata from photos you send/receive. However, sending photos using Mail/ AirDrop retains or SD Card reader/Camera connection kit etc retains EXIF metadata.

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    Free is good. Thanks


    It's been FREE before as I remember I downloaded it without paying anything. This I believe is one of the best EXIF app. Thanks for sharing.

  • +2 votes

    Just tested this out, it is legitimately well designed with great features. I knew EXIF contained a lot of data, but didn't know HOW much detail went into it until I saw this app. I don't know if its just iphones, but it even captures not only GPS location, but direction/orientation too. Will think twice about uploading photos online in future without an EXIF scrub.

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    Awesome was after this the other day, it’s amazing how people upload images without thinking twice about the “nice” tags of information that go along with it

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      if you upload to facebook, and someone right clicks and saves your pic, do they get this same data such as GPS tags?

      I guess either way facebook gets GPS data and can now spam you with ads for a nearby chiropractor.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP. Very hand
    I always thought gps info etc was scrubbed automatically when messaged to others, but just checked it on pics someone sent me, and there was a LOT of info left, including GPS, but not directional info.

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    Thanks, dl it for the iphone.
    Any good EXIIF one for Android? Paid or free to use on tablet.

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    Awesome, thanks! Directional info is a neat feature!


    Expired now, would’ve been useful.