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Arlo Security Cameras, VMS3430: $479, VMS3330: $359, VMS3230: $269, VMS3130: $179 & VMC3030 Add-on Camera: $149 @ DeviceDeal


Cheapest price for Arlo Camera Packs yet. Flat rate $11.99 for standard national shipping

You can buy rechargeable batteries (CR123A) from eBay instead of using disposable.

Promotion is until end of month or while stock lasts.

VMS3430 - https://www.devicedeal.com.au/netgear-vms3430-arlo-wire-free...
VMS3330 - https://www.devicedeal.com.au/NETGEAR-VMS3330-Arlo-HD-Camera...
VMS3230 - https://www.devicedeal.com.au/NETGEAR-VMS3230-Arlo-HD-Camera...
VMS3130 - https://www.devicedeal.com.au/NETGEAR-VMS3130-Arlo-HD-Camera...
VMC3030 - https://www.devicedeal.com.au/NETGEAR-VMC3030-Arlo-HD-Securi...

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    I was just looking at these yesterday!! Props OP.


    Is Pro 2 version better quality camera than this?


      This is the original 720p model and use batteries as shown in original post.

      The Arlo Pro uses a slightly updated camera and adds a few features including there own rechargeable battery that lasts months{recharges via usb}.

      The Arlo Pro 2 adds 1080P and a few other features {but some are only available when plugged in}

      Also bare in mind the original model here the unit / hub is not compatible with the Pro series and Pro 2 Series Cameras.

      At this price im considering …… the old model hmmm what to do..


      Pro 2 is 1080p
      Arlo and Arlo Pro are 720p

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    I have had a heap of dramas with the original wireless version (the replaceable battery model). One camera just refuses to work in night vision, one has batteries that last a few days then need replacement (not due to use). It is quite difficult to get after sales service on these too.

    In saying that, they are extremely easy to install, and the cameras that work are absolutely perfect. I already caught someone trying to break into my car and the footage was perfect for the police - they had the guy in custody in a matter of days.

    I have heard that the newer model (rechargeable batteries) is much more reliable. Only anecdotal though…

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      Have you had them replaced under warranty? Should be a straight swap through your place of purchase.

      If you have any dramas, you can send them to us, pay return postage and we'll send you new ones, just get in touch via the website.

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        Thanks! I might do that. I should point out to others that i didn't purchase them from you, so it wasn't a reflection of your service!!


    I can't comment with authority on the original Arlo version but I have the Arlo Pro with 4 cameras and it has been excellent. Both the cameras and the app work really well.


      How long does batteries last for each camera??


        With the Arlo Pro (rechargable batteries) they last for many months (it depends on what settings you have for them, how much you choose to record and how often they are triggered).
        Just looked and my ones which I last charged back at end of Nov are currently at between 25% and 72% battery left. Obviously the one at 25% is the one which gets triggered a lot and the one at 72% not very often.


    Have 5 of the original plus 2 Pro cameras on the original's base station. The battery issue aside, big plus with the Pros is they're a lot quicker at starting recording after detecting motion, and having audio is nice. The Pro's night vision appears significantly stronger, though comparison with past recordings from the original suggests this might be through upping the exposure (at the expense of frame rate) instead of improved low light hardware.

    Video quality (or lack thereof) is much the same for both though. Their dirty little secret is they're not 720p by default - it's 352p unless you set them to 'optimised quality', at the expense of battery life. The bitrate at 720p is so low at just over 700 kbps (vs 500 kbps at 352p) that the improvement isn't that great anyway.

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      Hi there,

      I was wondering, if you up it to 720 - how long does the battery last for?

      Thanks so much :)


        Netgear doesn't specify, and I don't think anyone's gone out of their way to test it objectively (you'd have to put two cameras side-by-side and trigger hours of recordings).


      With the pro camera, can you set it to keep recording while motion is present? I hate how my standard arlo will just stop recording while someone is still there. And then before it starts next recording, person is gone. I'm thinking of upgrading if those two massive flaws are fixed (ie slow to start and stopping mid-motion).


        Yep, and it's actually the default when adding a new rule for the Pro, but I haven't even tested it as I'm a bit stuck in my old ways from the original Arlo and have set fixed times. Guess I should try it out…


    Hi guys,

    Also, can someone please clarify this:

    "Make sure to upgrade your service plan and add more cameras to make the most out of your system"

    Does this mean I need to pay if I add more cameras?

    Thanks :)


      You need to move onto a paid subscription if you add more than 5 cameras to an account. Alternatively you can get another base station, have a second account with another 5 more cameras.


    Any deal on Arlo Pro 2 - 4 camera kit? Its available at Bestbuy.com for UD$749 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/arlo-pro-2-security-camera-syst... and will cost me another $50-60 bucks to get it here via a third party agent. So about AU$1050 in total


      Also looking for a deal on the newer Arlo Pro 2 units at a decent price 4 or 5 kit :-)


    arlo or nest?


    How difficult is it to charge this batteries? What batteries does it need? Eneloops? Probably not.

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    I was in the market for security camera and i an starting to think after what had happened with my mates place couple weeks ago.

    My mates went on a weekend holiday for 2 nights and come back and realized the house was broken into and first thing he did was check his camera and guess what!!!!….. the first thing they smashed in house was security cameras and to my best of knowledge he spent around $1,200 on the whole system. Now i am thinking if somebody smashes the camera first thing that leaves no evidences to prove.

    So, that's why i am thinking twice to buy any security camera now.

    Still not sure but will keep looking, but still can't get over that how smart those thief's are to destroy the evidence first thing they entered.


      Yeah same goes for alarms, if they stop the alarm going off same difference

      Thats what it would be important to have 1 hidden inside the house as well to cover all your bases
      Then uploaded to the cloud instantly so they dont run off with the hub/hdd


      Thats why those old 24/7 surveillance cameras are kinda useless. Arlo instantly alerts you and saves to the cloud


    You need a system that detects the movement and warns you, you get the alert instantly, regardless of if they have since smashed the cameras because its all cloud based, you can check other cameras live, call the police and hopefully stop some of it happening, Arlo's best as a preventative in my opinion, as opposed to an evidence collector.


    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Was wondering do i need to leave my mobile data on to get those notifications and do i need mobile data on to check my security cameras?

    Also which of the above advertised camera does the movement detection and warns me about the detection.

    Thanks again….


      You need Internet access yes (on phone/tablet/computer - whatever you are viewing the videos on) - it doesn't need to be Mobile data - it can be WiFi

      With Arlo Pro at least notifications can be push and/or email, you can view the video (either the ones pushed to the cloud or live feed) either on the phone and/or they have a web interface you can login to on PC as well.


    OP- any deal on the Arlo Pro 2 kits?

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