Easiest Way to Reach Spending Criteria for Credit Card Points?


Having trouble finding a way to spend 9k in 90 days (few credit cards).
I've already prepaid health insurance and few bills.

Any other smart ideas ozbragainers?


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    Just plan a wedding… I'm helping all my friends with their cc min spends!

    • You know…a mate of mine is getting married pretty soon. I think this might be the answer!

      • I did exactly this. Paid for my reception with an AMEX haha.

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    1 bitcoin

  • Which credit card requires $9k of spend in 3 months? All the cards I have signed for in the past have been somewhere from $2k to $3k in 3 months.

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      He got more than one.

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      Virgin High flyer card - requires 3 months spend at $3000 each month in the first 3 months to get 120k bonus points.

      • It's a shame Virgin excludes ATO, vehicle reg., council rates etc as counting for the minimum spend.

      • Good card, I had that with a 50k sign up, they let me cancel after getting that and signing up to get the 120k bonus too. Can't complain about that!

      • Very easy to get caught out with so many exclusions on the Virgin card. I'm a teacher and need to pay a 3 yearly registration fee to the Teachers Board ($400). I didn't associate this with a government spend, so came up short. They now also exclude insurance payments as well off memory.

        To be safe I've linked the card to Paypal, and pay as many bills as I can through Paypal.

    • I'd say the OP has taken out 3 of the 2.5k min spend cars.

      Crazy if you ask me… OP - can you afford 9K in debt?

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    Load up some DiviPay virtual cards. Anything you don't spend you get back.

    • Thanks looks interesting, will look into it

    • Anyone used divipay with positive experience? Planning to load one up fu pay for council fees, rego and ATO.

      • Hi, divipay rep here. We have a number of customers using our service to make purchases at the merchants you mentioned. If you have any questions or need help setting up an account please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

    • What are the fees on DiviPay?

      • Hi, DiviPay rep here. We currently do not charge any fees for using our service. We make a small % on each transaction from the merchant called interchange. Please let me know if you have nay further questions.

        • What's the latest development on users who load from multiple pre-paid visa cards? Divipay seems like a great way for me to potentially earn 3points per dollar spent on overseas transactions but I'm hesitant from reports of users being locked out due to funding from multiple sources.

        • @Trance N Dance: We do allow users to load from multiple cards as long as they can successfully verify each card they load. Sometimes our fraud detection systems will flag a users account if multiple cards are loaded in a short timeframe, however we have worked with these users to allow them to keep using the platform.

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      Are there fees/

      • Hi, DiviPay rep here. We currently do not charge any fees for using our service. We make a small % on each transaction from the merchant called interchange. Please let me know if you have nay further questions.

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    Buy a flexible business class ticket.

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    pay an international student's uni fees and ask them for reimbursement in cash.

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    You couldn't have played into their hands any better.

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      Lol true but I'm an ozbargainer, I'll make sure to end up on top

  • Not sure about technicality with CC's.. buy some thing expensive like a brand new OLED i've seen sime in the range of $4-6k.. check the returns policy .. and return back in good shape

    • Hmm I've a small car, would be difficult to transport, thanks for the idea though

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    Buy a future dated fully flexible and refundable flight ticket. Collect the bonus points then cancel the flight..Id leave a couple of months between the two.

    • Seems others have had trouble with this

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        Agree gotta check the T&Cs but plenty of airlines to choose from.

        • Yeah wouldn't want to get a voucher instead of refund, will need to do some research

  • Ok I think I've got enough ideas to go by now, thanks everyone for your contribution and the laughs! :)

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    Buy half a bitcoin

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    Book a hotel for many months away that has full refund cancellation available. You can cancel after the bonus points and before the booking date.

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      Expedia has many of these. Easy option

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    Pay schoil fees if you have a child in a private school?

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    Just found a relevant blog to this topic which is basically a summary of this thread if anyone else is interested:

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    pay down HECS a little through ATO. But have to be careful as not all credit cards (I think like ANZ) accept government payments towards meeting the minimum spend, but the AMEX ones offering 0.5pts/$ for govt. spend should be ok

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      Ya, ANZ T&Cs says they exclude it. I paid a little bit of my PAYG to see if they really do.

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    1. Prepay utility bills in advance
    2. Purchase supermarket giftcards
    3. Wastes some money on overhead, you can buy prepaid visa/mastercard giftcards at colesworths
    4. Pay a mate's bills and have them reimburse you (I've let people pay my rego/power bills like this sometimes)
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    Err wth?

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    Lol wants to spend 9k to upgrade flight, might as well spend ~1k to upgrade flight

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    Just an idea -

    I just changed my Internet provider from Telstra to another provider.

    Up shot is that i had an approx $50 credit on my account (which i paid every month via paypal (using Amex card) of course :-)

    So I went on live chat and asked for the refund, i was given 2 options, call a number and they would do a bank transfer for me, or they'd send me a cheque.

    Ifyou're with Telsta you could perform a quick trial by overpaying your bill by a couple of hundred bucks. then contact live chat and say you've c0cked up and ask for a refund of the overpayment, if they give you the above options then that's a result!

    Then accidentally overpay (massively) again, and request the same thing.:-)

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    Buy an Apple laptop fully specccdd out. They accept returns if u don’t open it. Just wait until the points clear.

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      Get a Mac Pro. Might want to check the refund policy though.

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    Set up an ig.com account, fund it using a credit card at 1% fees, refund it to yourself to pay the bills. Optionally actually execute one trade to pick up 10k Qantas points as well (https://www.ig.com/au/Qantas). Optionally actually execute multiple trades in order to recover the 1% fees - the 1% CC fee would then also be tax deductible (along with the brokerage) for any capital gains that you do make, but obviously this is somewhat higher risk. If you time it right (execute trades just after your statement comes out) you'll have 44 or 55 days depending on credit card before you have to sell to pay the bills though.

    You could do something similar by setting up a PayPal or Square account that you can process credit card payments through to pay yourself as well.

    Otherwise there's the standard approaches, prepay things that you're going to pay anyway (power, phone, gas, internet, water), or buy gift cards (especially if you can get them at a discount, e.g. Woolies). The advantage of the IG approach is that the cash is available for refund essentially immediately, but you do pay 1% in order to get it.

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    Pre-purchase holidays. Easily reached my last one in a month after booking a cruise. Didn't get bashed or gastro either so it worked out alright.

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    Buy for other people (preferably family and/or friend). Get them to pay you cash.

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    If youre in Melbourne, top up myki. You can request a refund to your bank account.

    • Maximum top up is $250 and you need to return the myki card for a refund loosing the $6.00 myki cost fee.

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    Donate to a charity! Then claim back tax!

  • Note:This would certainly be against ebays rules/conditions.
    Next time ebay has 10% or more of, such as with recent code/deal you could buy a $2,000 item from 1 friends ebay and a $2,000 item from another friends ebay, using maximum value of code ($200, for 2 transactions) . You could then give each friend the $200 discount ebay gave you, and this should cover their ebay/paypal fees, and some left over as a bonus for the friend:)

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    pre-purchase bikies, you never know when you need them so it's good to have it on your speed-dial

  • If you buy something under $5 in a supermarket and return it, they usually refund in cash.

  • Book a trip

  • Merged from How to Hit Credit Card Minimum Spend

    Wondering if anyone has any tricks to hit minimum spend on a credit card to qualify for the Qantas points.

    In my case, need to spend the money on an Amex issued card.

    I'm about 1k short with two weeks to go. Can you buy any kind of eftpos gift cards or similar?


    • Worst case send the money via paypal to someone with credit card and pay the ~3% fees. Silly to miss out on the sign up bonus by not spending the last bit, deffs worth burning $30 in fees.

      • Okay good to know I have that option. I'll definitely do that as a last resort for whatever is left.

    • pay bill earlier, e.g. utilities, health insurance, council rates (check if they are eligble transcations tho) , other gov bills..

      • I think I've done all I can for these ones unfortunately.

    • oh because in my web portals, u can pay more than the amount due

    • send me one k

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        • thanks bae

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      book a completely refundable air-ticket for oct/nov travel. Get the points…spend the points…cancel the ticket..

      • This is the correct answer. Can also do it with fully refundable hotel rooms.

        • This sounds like it might be the way to go! Does the order of spending points and refunding the hotel room/flight matter? Once the points are in your qantas account it should be fine to refund, correct?

          • @DisabledUser139033: I personally wait a few statement periods to be safe. Cannot confirm if they take back the points.

      • So when the refund goes into the credit card and then you cancel it, what happens to the excess credit on the account?

        • You will get a refund.

          Typically it will be either in the form of a bank transfer (BSB/Account Number) or a cheque in your name.

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      Have dependants

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      Correct me if I'm wrong but can't you just buy Woolworths gift cards from cashrewards? You'll save 5% also

      • Agree on this.
        You can top up your opal card at some woolies using the Woolworths or wish e-gift cards too.

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      Buy e-wish cards and use them as required at woolies for various items or gift cards

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        This. Buy 2 x $500 Woolworths e-gift cards via Cashrewards (for $950), and use them to buy 9 $100 Only1Visas at Woolworths (for $953.55).

        If you can't use the Only1Visas to pay your usual spend now, keep them and use them on future spend wherever visa is accepted (pretty much everywhere in Aus).

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      Book refundable Hotel - pick a later date.

    • buy things

    • Buy gift card, that the easiest

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      Go out for dinner and offer to pay for everyone in the restaurant.

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        What I did on the weekend, it's a great idea.

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      Buy things?

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      buy things!

    • Chuck the $1000 on Divipay, then spend it at your own leisure.

    • Caltex/BP gift cards?

  • Blow and hookers

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      Hookers might take credit card, but drug dealers?

      • I guess the ozb way would be to buy Woolies vouchers at 10% off with further 5% cash rewards, find dealer at the end of the month when he/she is looking to close target for the month and willing to accept vouchers.

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