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Beeswax Wrap - FREE Trial Wrap (Limit 1 Per Household)


Made with pure cotton fabric, pure Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil and tree resin.
Queen B beeswax wraps are a natural, biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap.

Uses: These wraps will stick to themselves using the warmth of your hands. Simply wrap around the food item (cheese, fruit, veggies), bowl or plate of food to create a seal.

Cleaning: Rinse between uses in lukewarm water with a mild dish soap (like sunlight soap).

Refreshing your wraps: Depending on your usage, your wraps should last between 6-12 months. If they start looking a bit haggard, lay between sheets of baking paper and iron (or pop on baking paper in a 110 degree celcius oven for a few minutes).

Free Shipping in Aus

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      Could you advise on how the payment method could be chosen. I really want to try this amazing product, but I can't seem to order it

      • It should just automatically say no payment method required… and it does appear to have worked over 1000 times…

        • Oh. Uh, I have tried it on all my devices yet it still needs payment method. Is there anyway I could order this? This wrap seems so much better than cling wrap

        • +2

          ive been getting the "Please specify payment method" error for the last 10 min too

          using ie

        • Yeah nah, saying select payment. Same issue that you referenced in your earlier comments I think.

          " PAYMENT METHOD
          Please specify payment method."

        • @mrshorty: Yes, I've been trying for the last half an hour and now its expired?

        • I'm still getting:

          "Please specify payment method."

  • Page is 404ing

  • Same, requires payment method

  • Would surely like to try it. Stuck at payment method too. Maybe better luck next time lol

    • Same, gave up an hour ago.

  • +2

    Sad I missed this, sounds like a great product idea. My wife and I are constantly trying to reduce our plastic waste.

    If anyone else is interested here is a link to the whole range - https://www.queenb.com.au/beeswax-candle-shop/beeswax-wrap/b...

  • Now gone

  • Won't let me check out without a payment method.

  • +1

    I always miss out on the good deals. I've been considering buying these for awhile (from another shop) but I'm not sure if they're worth it. Does anyone know if they help to keep veggies fresher? I'm having trouble with limp carrots and greens in my fridge crisper, would these help? Or are they more just a cling wrap replacement?

    • Do you prewash your carrots before putting them in the fridge?

      • I just put them straight in the fridge. I always peel them before I use them.

    • +3

      I'm happy to give you a money back guarantee that our wraps will keep your veggies fresher.

      Order them and if you aren't delighted after 4 weeks, send them back and I will issue you with a full refund. You will need to pay return postage (shouldn't be more than a few $) and refund will be processed as soon as we get them back.

    • +1

      I was given some at Christmas and really like them so far, I mostly use mine to wrap cheeses and it has definitely prevented them getting mould longer than cling wrap so I think they would also work the keep veggies fresh.

    • +2

      What I'd say for a lot of stuff is to put it in an airtight container. We use the ones from IKEA (glass with rubber seal and plastic lid) and I've used 2 week old zucchinis that feel and taste fresh. Carrots a month old. Leaving them just in the fridge they'd be cactus in a week.

      We have a lot of beeswax wraps too (that we home made), and they are best at putting over a bowl of leftovers, or half a something that you cut up, or as a sandwich wrap. I wouldn't just wrap them around fresh stuff. Though it might help, I'm not too sure.

    • +1

      the problem with most fridges, especially frost free, is they they dehumidifier the air vis the freezer section which makes the cold air for the normal fridge section.

      dehumidified air dries the veggies ….. only alternative is put into plastic containers or wrap in cling wrap to stop moisture escaping.

      fridge has cold air but it’s very dry ….. hence at supermarket they spray exposed greens daily to try and stop wilting due to drying from air conditioned air.

  • +15

    Some of you guys seem to be gaming the system by changing the time on your computers. I stated publicly that I was taking the offer down 1hr 38 minutes ago (i.e. 6pm). Any order received after 6pm (regardless of how you've changed the time on your computer) will not be honoured.

    I'm hoping we see a positive result from this but it is so disappointing to see the lengths that people will go to to game a deal.

    over and out


    • +5

      Its only 5.11PM here in WA.

      • I have been trying since half an hour after it got posted. First site crashed and then site up but still cannot process in the order section. Apologies if you think I am changing the time. Even though I am in WA I am only trying to process order as mine is stuck and has been for hours :(

    • +2

      Hi there, how can I actually buy one?.would like to test one out. Happy to pay

      PS thanks for the offer but don't feel like you have to honour every order. Many companies often givenq discount on future orders etc or just say sorry no can do

      • Not to disparage Cate for doing such a great job here giving out an awesome product for free, but I think they might be stacked up a bit with deliveries for a while. There's a fair few places you can buy them online, just watch out for trendy sites selling glass keep cups and fancy activewear and acai berries etc, they'll charge you an arm and a leg.

        Definitely a great thing to have a drawer full of though.

    • +1

      This is funny. Why does it work on the PC's time rather than the website's time?

    • +1

      should have seen people pounce on the free blood glucose meters, originally targeted at diabetics and you then had to buy the test strips later to use them i’m sure lots of people,e just grabbed the free glucose meter even if they aren’t diabetic……

  • +1

    Hi Cate, where do you hold the Beeswax Wrap Making course — Saturday, 24th March 2018 @ 1.00pm? (https://www.queenb.com.au/beeswax-wrap-making-course)

  • How do these go with sandwiches? Does the bread go stale? My son's lunch box is a bit too small to fit a plastic sandwich holder into it and I'm getting sick of all the plastic baggies I'm throwing out.

    Do you have different "kids" cotton designs (thinking Lego/ super heroes/lightening bolt on black) so he doesn't get teased at school?

    When your site does come back online, what size would I need for a sandwich wrap?

    • If you're unfortunately using disposable plastic bags, place them in REDcycle bins so they're at least repurposed. Not as a good as reusing, but better than ending up in landfill.

      • Yeah. Using those glad sandwich bags.

  • While I use containers rather than plastic wrap, this is a great initiative. To those who still use plastic wrap, make sure to drop them off at your nearest REDcycle bin. Just make sure they're dry, reasonably clean and haven't been in contact with raw meat.

  • +10

    I got mine today. They sent a letter with it to say how much the OzB members have cost them and they hope it will be great advertising. I feel so sad and bad for them. 😪

    • +4

      Poor dudes :(

      • +3
        • +2

          Sad part is 99% of people who ordered the sample only did because it's free and probably won't ever use it and support the business in the future.

        • +1

          @Clear: Also probably ordered multiple over different addresses. Might be the same people who take coupons from the freebie section in classifieds and never comment they took it. So triggered.

  • +3

    Can we somehow use our pack mentality to good use for this business?
    Eg product review, face book likes

    • +6

      I’d be all for it, I didn’t order this but feel bad for them!

  • +7

    Got mine in the mail today and seriously $10k is a large investment.

    I will most likely be placing a order, posting to my Facebook about it and leaving a like and review on their Facebook page. Seriously, it will take you all of 1 minute to like their Facebook page and leave a review. Let's show small businesses that OzB isn't just full of stingy people after free stuff :)

  • Yeah just got mine today and feel bad, I am looking for something to replace using cling wrap as it annoys me so generally got it to try it out, but financially I can't afford their prices, its a huge investment for someone on a low income. I was even thinking of paying them the $9, I would have happily paid that to test it.

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