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4x480g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 incl EXPRESS Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Brazil Sao Silvestre
1 x 480g Colombia Popayan Reserve
1 x 480g Honduras Finca Cheli, Nelson Ramirez
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$64.95 DECAF deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Decaf Domination
1 x 480g Honduras Finca Cheli, Nelson Ramirez
1 x 480g Colombia Popayan Reserve
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Colombia Popayan Reserve
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.
250g/500g Empty valve resealable bags are available for $1 each

Brazil Sao Silvestre
Aroma & flavour with outstanding notes of caramel. Coffee with dense body & moderated acidity, hiding a chocolate flavour, characteristics of Cerrado Mineiro region.

Altitude: 1,250 masl
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Processing: Natural

Colombia Popayan Reserve
Region: Popayan
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1,700 masl

Medium to bright acidity, tropical fragrance, Sweet chocolate notes and full bodied.

Honduras Finca Cheli, Nelson Ramirez
Varietal: Catuai Pacas
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Cupping Score: 85

Medium weight with sweet aromatics and bright, citric acidity. This coffee is round and clean with a creamy mouth feel and flavours of yellow stone fruit, apricot, milk chocolate, orange and hints of spice.

Decaf Domination
Bright juicy body with grapefruit & lemon acidity. Sweet toffee & caramel finish.

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  • Just in time - running low after the last batch. I've been miserly in my coffee intake the last week! :)

  • Decaf Domination

    Does this involve wearing leather?

  • Thanks OP, been looking for a new supplier. Looking forward to trying your blends.

  • Hi rep,
    Would it be possible to do 960g Columbia + 960g Jamocha for $59.95? (Definitely our faves at the moment)

    If so, do I just leave a message through PayPal?



    Finally finished all the Manna beans from the previous deal and have to say I (and some others in the deal and a local coffee roaster) wasn't very impressed with the quality of the beans/roasting. Looking forward to hearing if this batch is better

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      @Ozziebargainhunter Perhaps you could shoot me an email directly with some more information? There would have been 4 separate roasts as there were 4 separate coffees so may be more to do with brewing method or roast preferences.

      Always welcome feedback if it's constructive and emailed to me. Also when you say some others in the deal and a coffee roaster perhaps you could elaborate in the email a bit further as we always try to help educate or learn from people where possible.

      The coffee industry is great as many get involved and form relationships with other industry members. It's a diverse industry and we are constantly evolving and strive for innovation and improvements from farm to cup.

      We welcome feedback but it's hard to identify the issue without actual constuctive feedback. Quality of beans and roasting are 2 separate issues as is brewing methods and the barista. You can have the best beans in the world but the barista could make it taste bad. The farming and raw beans and processing is where the biggest difference is made. we work direct with the farmers and all coffees are in the mid to high 80s and of specialty grade. In fact some of you that received the El Salvador Milaydi as lucky dip, this was actually a cup of excellence coffee last year this year an 89 point microlot which was costing us around $20 per kg cost price. We don't run cheap commercial coffees even in our blends.

      A good roaster is not about a magic profile curve but basic thermodynamics and about developing their pallet to identify certain aspects to a coffee and then being able to make a minor change to the roast to alter.

      The barista and brewing method at the end will also make a huge difference to the final result. Look forward to hearing from you. You're welcome to email me at [email protected] if you wish to pass on feedback or for advice :)

      • +4 votes

        @Ozziebargainhunter actually looking back at your previous posts I can see that you are repeating yourself from 3 previous threads. As you said you prefer a dark roast for espresso.

        Although I understand that this is your preference, not everyone drinks espresso in Australia and the majority drink milk based coffee. These deals are catered to the majority and this is why you probably found some to be more acidic as they are not all roasted to espresso and basically you are trading sweetness and acidity for body. For some of the more specialty and unique coffees like the El Salvador Malaydi recently sent; this is something i wanted to preserve with a 2.5 min development time and not ruin by taking too dark and losing the sweetness and causing bitterness in the milk based coffees.
        Some coffees can be more acidic than others and yes we have to do a bit of a juggling act to appeal to all

        For the coffees that you found too acidic then I would suggest a single shot and perhaps changing your extraction. Also if you want a coffee roasted to order to your desired roast profile ie espresso and a coffee that has a high body and low acidity to suit then perhaps you can look at some of the more specialty coffees available to order through our standard website listings and naturally lower acidity coffee. I have some great new specialty Brazilians that are good as an espresso and would happily roast to order for you.

        Also in regards to your request for free geisha last time and my response saying unfortunately they can cost $250 per kg and require individual small batch roasting you said that it would have been nice if I had still just sent you 25g. Unfortunately I don't have a roaster small enough to roast only 25g. I wish someone had sent me a free mint connoisseur but it would have melted and I'm not actually entitled to one! Perhaps your roaster friend that was helping you test the coffee before may be of assistance. Happy to sell him some green beans to roast for you! Also geishas generally speaking are roasted light as a filter to preserve the acidity for a long black drink so if roasting dark for espresso would definitely be an individual roast needed; also you'd need 50g to 100g just to dial in the grinder for espresso.

        Rather than waiting to hear if others pick up on your multiple negative threads; why not either buy a 250g bag of coffee from our site that is suited to your brewing preference eg Brazil Microlot BGN Jamil and request an espresso roast and see if it suits and I will personally roast for you. Unfortunately this can't be done at $22 per kg as per the Ozbargain deals or we wouldn't be in business.

        or if you don't want to pay more than $22 per kg for a custom small batch roast then perhaps it's time to move on to try something different. There are plenty of coffee options out there! All the best with your coffee journey. My recommendation pay a bit extra and go for coffees with good body and sweetness roasted medium dark with a naturally lower acidity.

        Espresso are not forgiving and require specific roast profile and a good barista as there is nowhere to hide especially if you're a coffee connoisseur.


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          Thanks for your reply Simon. It would have been handy if you mentioned in the start post or on the website for what type of coffee you are roasting. This simple bit of information is easy to add as you apparently know it already ;) I am sorry you are unable to accommodate for espresso drinkers in this deal. To be honest, I do care if it is $22/kg or more, I pay every week around $20kg for 200-250g. Like I said, if you see yourself as a quality provider, just mention in the deal who your target audience is. Takes you 5 min and makes your customer aware of what he or she is buying.

          I am sorry you felt my request was a point of entitlement. Lucky enough another roaster thought different, and I have been pleased with the Geisha coffee. Yes, it is $40 per 250g, but it is a fantastic and perfect reward for the weekends. Again, I am sorry that you saw my request as inappropriate, but at least we both win. You have other happy customers, and I have my Geisha. For me as a customer it is straightforward, I just merely want good coffee, and I am not convinced you are able to provide that because I have not had that experience yet. Anyway time to get back to work for me. Nice chat mate and good luck with your business!

        • @Ozziebargainhunter: No problem I understand your viewpoint but we did list exactly what this deal is and we do cater to espresso drinkers in fact I'm one of them and we aim at an all round good fresh roasted specialty coffee at a good pricepoint. It is more about passion to me than money and keep these Ozbargain deals going because I know there are regular customers who appreciate them.

          As I explained taste is subjective and when I roast a big batch at these prices I can't get the perfect roast profile for 100 different people which is why we offer custom roasting from our standard website listings.

          If you were prepared to pay $40 for 250g of geisha then you could have done this at any point through our standard website listing and actually we have some Colombians great Colombian geishas at $44 for 500g which I would have roasted to whatever profile you wanted.

          If you say that you don't want to spend more than $20 per kg then as the owner of the company, me spending 30 mins roasting 1kg of geisha which costs a couple of hundred dollars per kg upwards to send you a free 25g which you would have no intention of buying in the future due to it being 10 x more than your acceptable price point for coffee. We try to keep everyone happy where possible and I like being generous and giving but I'm when it is presented to me more as an obligation and following on from a 2nd vocal dissatisfaction of our coffee in the Ozbargain threads using a random cafe/roaster and unknown other people as to backup your opinion.
          As you can although I couldn't claim to always supply the best coffee in the world that everyone will like(no one can) we have however established ourself in the coffee industry over the last 6 years and when benchmarked against other roasters have demonstrated through back to back golds at the Golden Bean Coffee roasting comp for all of Aus and NZ in 2 categories in the last couple of years and 24 other awards in various comps to at least be roasting to a professional standard. I have won multiple awards in the espresso category

          I have no intention of antagonising the situation but feel it is important to explain from a my business view how it works and where peoples expectations should be.

          A lot of my specialty direct trade coffees cost us more than $20 per kg as a green bean. If you are really wanting to delve into the depths of fresh roasted specialty coffee roasted specifically how you like it for your espresso then perhaps you could consider roasting your own :) This will be cheaper and within your budget.


          I didn't understand your response but now see I made a typo. It should say "I do not care to pay more than $22/1kg", otherwise, I wouldn't continue doing it every week haha

          Thanks for the offer but I rather keep getting my Geisha from the local roaster.

          Based on what you said earlier: "Although I understand that this is your preference, not everyone drinks espresso in Australia and the majority drink milk based coffee. These deals are catered to the majority and this is why you probably found some to be more acidic as they are not all roasted to espresso and basically you are trading sweetness and acidity for body". I maintain my opion that I think you should mention this in your deal and on the website. It is one extra line of code to indicate that this deal is targetted towards milk based coffee drinkers.

        • @Ozziebargainhunter: Thanks. I'll take that onboard :)

        • @mannabeans:

          I'm still finishing off the last batch.

          What I have noticed however is that I've had to grind the Colombian one notch finer than what I normally would.

          I swapped over to the Brazilian from the last order and almost came close to choking the brew group at the same grind setting. Will revert back and see what happens.

          Still very happy with the overall shot however.

        • +1 vote

          @tamma: Yes the Brazilian and Colombian will definitely require very different grind settings. You'll notice the Brazilian beans are smaller and Colombians are generally consistently larger :)

          Other smaller beans like Ethiopians etc will also require coarser adjustments and larger beans need to be set on finer grind setting. Once more used to the differences you can kinda gauge it first and pre-empt the adjustments so as not to waste as much coffee dialling in.

          Lighter roast coffees also require finer settings than a darker roast if grinding for espresso :) Temperature, moisture and processign methods also come into play but the size of bean is an immediate factor you can adjust straight away

        • @mannabeans:

          Thanks for the feedback…I didnt realise. The Colombian had all gone through the grinder by the time the Brazillian went in so I was unable to compare.

          I am struggling to pull a decent shot from the Brazillian…I seemed to have choked it again this morning and suspect I was dosing a little too high (similar dosing to the Columbian). Will tweak down and try again.

          It seems the Brazillian is much less forgiving than the Colombian…or my grind/dose/workflow seem to be more compatible with the Columbian!

        • @mannabeans:

          Hi Manna,

          Finally got it going. One more click to a courser grind and the Brazilian is producing a superb espresso shot!


  • Hey rep, too much coffee for me… usually buy 1 week old (from roast) small batches (250g) and consume it within 2 weeks.

    What is your opinion on freezing vacuum sealed beans?


    • mmm sorry not much experience vac sealing frozen backs except when cold brewed and frozen which works well :)

      You could maybe try the $34.95 deal for 2 x 480g. Kept in valved bags in cool dark place and you can order next batch when on last bag :)

  • Hi Rep,

    Would it be possible to get the below instead? Interested in trying the Brazil but still have some beans to use at the moment so dont want to do a big order.

    $35.00 deal includes the following:
    1 x 480g Brazil Sao Silvestre
    1 x 480g Lucky Dip

    Thank you

  • Hey Rep is there any chance of getting this deal as a lighter roast to suit filter coffee?

    • Filter roast is much lighter and therefore more acidic with less body which is preferable for the general Ozbargain coffee drinker.

      Happy to light roast but it usually requires an individual small batch roast so needs to be ordered from our standard website pricing.

      If you're happy to take a chance with the deals then you can order and email roast request or even better send money through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes.

      If I have coffee that is being light roasted at the time or within a few days of roasting then I will always try to accommodate but can't promise

  • Thanks for the deal guys! the quick delivery was perfectly in time with my last batch of beans for grinding.

  • Almost missed this one! I'm almost out too!=)
    If I can get something fully washed for lucky dip it would be awesome! =)

  • Any chance we can get a deal on ground coffee?

  • has anyone put in an order recently (within the last week) ?

    I am not getting any email replies it seems.

    • I took a punt and ordered on this expired deal yesterday. Went through ok. I guess we'll see what shows up in the next week.

      • I got an email reply from them late Friday saying that they were away (in NZ).

        They said that I should have received an automated message (nothing received).

        Staff (do they have any?) should have followed up (nothing received, no auspost tracking, definitely not in my spam folder and no one answering phones).

        They were really good at letting people know about not being around over Christmas, so unsure what happened this time around.

        Expect to be back on deck Monday morning, so I have been told.

        • Heard anything yet? I just got PayPal receipt email only

        • @slick7:

          yep - it seems they are back on deck today. I got a reply and a tracking number (though I suspect either it hasn't been scanned by auspost quite yet so not coming up)

          they are back to there usual responsiveness

        • @tamma:
          I was not stressed (then again I'm not out of my last lot of coffee yet). In any case. I was not worried, these guys have always been great for customer service.

        • @rentonc:

          Beans are on the truck and being delivered into Melbourne this morning! Faith restored.

  • Just placed an order today for the above deal (still active on their website) - hopefully [Ozbargain]mannabeans are fulfilling?

    • Me too - had some supermarket beans I’ve had open for 4 weeks and whatever freshness they had at the start is gone… need something better so thought I’d try the $35 deal