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[NSW, ACT] Free Rashays Rewards Membership (12 Months)


Rashays is offering FREE Rashays Membership (or renewal for current members) for a limited time. It usually costs $10. The membership lasts for 12 months. Just sign up through the link and they'll send you a card in the mail.

More information about the program.

Rashays only has restaurants in ACT and NSW.

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    NSW Only

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      and ACT.

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        No, members can be from any state or territory. True that their branches are NSW/ACT only though.

  • Thanks OP! Signed up, their signature chicken dish is very tasty.

    • So glad you love!!

  • good offer

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    1. 10% off total bill at any RASHAYS restaurant, excluding “members only offers”.
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      2 . The card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, special promotion, menu specials, lunch specials, hot specials, special, special events menu, promotional nights or party menu.

      It's the only time I consider going anyway.

      • usually you need the rashays card to get the offers

  • Thanks OP, signed up there. Just wondering what DOB folks use on these forms? I just put in today's date (innocent like a baby)

    • I usually put in my real DOB in case there's a free birthday meal or something similar.

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        True, I have never been able to avail a freebee anywhwere because of DOB mismatch. But don't want to compromise my finanical institutions security over a meal deal.

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          For a free birthday meal I’ll give them whatever they want.

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          @stickyfingers: Bend over, son.

        • Muffin break app you can just put your birthday in as yesterday and will get free birthday muffin, plus free sign up coffee, no issues, no questions asked. I usually buy something also though, unless im really broke. Muffin break app requires no email verification also, so can just pick any random email. ie [email protected] [email protected] etc lol . Someone rich is bound to have that email I think

      • Try inserting a week on either side then go on your actual bday

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      They send a 10$ voucher on birthday that is usually valid for a month (obviously to be used once only).

  • Thank you.

  • Tasteless food

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      tasteless comment

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        But it's true. Rashays is rubbish

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          Dunno why you got negged - I'd agree with you

        • @rbyrnes: I agree with the tasteless food part. Can make way better food myself.

    • Hopefully our fresh new menu can change your mind?

      • if it's new menu, hope so.

        But I went there on 3 occasions 2 @ Darling Harbour and 1 @ Punchbowl.
        Was fairly pricey and the food was bland…

        • New Menu just launched so hopefully we can change your mind! Email [email protected] & quote that you're from Oz Bargain & they'll look after you :-)

  • Thanks OP! Signed up.

  • What happens after 12 months do we have to cancel?

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      No, your membership simply lapses and you don't get access to the member discounts.

    • I signed up for free last year and they didn't ask for a credit card. So I'd assume it just expires.

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    • Our website crashed from so many accessing the deal, sorry about that! But should be fine now :-)

  • Fill out the below form with your details and a RASHAYS membership card will be sent to you.

    No form displays

    If you have any questions, please contact our support team on 13000 13000

    Not a valid number 0_o

    • It looks like a fake number but it's legit.

  • I did not know they expire after 12 months.

    I got mine free last year when Darling Harbour just opened.

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      O_o I thought it opened in 1800s…

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    Looks like we OzBargained the site:

    Error establishing a database connection

    • Our site crashed from so many people accessing the site! But we're back up & running now :-)

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        Thanks, I signed up :-)

  • Signed up without any issues. Sweet as!

    • Awesome!! See you at a RASHAYS soon!

  • Signed up. Thanks.

    • Great! See you at a RASHAYS soon!

  • No issues signing up. Thank you.

    • See you at a RASHAYS soon!

  • are they gonna bombard me with calls if i put my real number?

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      Yes they keep sending Texts everyday but it is easy to Opt Out

      • Wow, good to know, that's awful.

    • Calls - no.
      Texts - about three each week.

  • tried signing up, asks for $10…

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      Click "Go to Deal" not the "More info about program" link.

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        literally realized it right after HAHAHA

        thanks mate all signed up now

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    Rashays are terrible. Not sure why anyone is bothering.

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      For free food for the kids?!

      • Exactly! Plus we give a free dessert & drink with all kid's meals now!

    • Hopefully we can change your mind with pour FRESH new menu!

  • Rashays offer free food for kids at sunday… best deal… kids love it.

    • So glad you love! See you at your local RASHAYS soon!

  • Pub grub with steakhouse prices.

    • We have just launched a fresh new menu, hopefully we can change your mind :-)

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    WOW! We didn't realise this offer went viral, our website actually crashed when this was posted on Oz Bargain!
    Hurry, only available for a limited time, this link will be shut down soon :-)

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    Thanks for the deal. It pays to check ozbargain often! Was having dinner at Rashays last night. Thought I'd check Ozbargain while waiting for food. Saw this post and signed up for membership. Managed to get 10 % off our meals even though I did not have the card yet. Cheers.

    • Great to hear! See you at a RASHAYS soon!

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    I know its free but to make it a deal, you need at least 25% off discount based on their menu pricing. Else deal is on them for having your data.

  • anyone received their card or able to activate the membership? I signed up on 22 Feb and still have not received the card. Tried to activate the membership but says my email address is not registered. was planning to go their tonight but now need to reconsider

    • Nothing here either and I signed up for 3 in our family

      • My brother received his card and mine got updated with another 12 months

    • same here, was looking to go there 2 times but was afraid will need to pay the full price :D

  • Still waiting for the card for me and my wife

  • My wife got hers last week but I haven’t received mine. Can’t activate, says email not registered. Not sure if we should go or not.

    • My brother got his one week after me.