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ThinkPad E480 - i5 8250U / 16GB / 256GB SSD / 14" FHD - $874.03 Shipped @ Lenovo


This deal is back! Great value laptop - Quad-core i5, decent battery life, keyboard and a FHD IPS display. 1.75kg.

There is currently a promotion for a free upgrade to 16GB RAM (from 8) until 11:59pm on the 5th - click customise and select the 8+8 option - thanks LolwutMikka.

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  • ships in 1-2 weeks though :(

  • This looks like a well balanced machine for an excellent price!

  • Hmm 1k if Rx550 selected.
    Tempted to go with this, I wish xiaomi made a 14' laptop

  • -1

    The hard drive options are:
    7200rpm 500gb and 5400rpm 1TB.

    Can anyone think of a technical reason that they don't offer a 7200rpm 1TB ?

  • +1

    Before buying check the warranty conditions to see if spontaneous combustion is excluded.

  • Very well balanced specs and great price!

  • Are the ram / ssd upgradable on this ? Mostly the ram I'm interested in doubling.

    • After looking at the customise option I'm guessing they are even space for a spare drive.

  • i7 and the rx550 worth the extra? Annoying thing is you can't have i7 without rx550 why is that?

    • Not really worth the extra for the i7 IMO (the i5 is also Quad-core with Hyperthreading (4C/8T)). If you're gaming, the RX 550 is not a bad card - an extra $143 - not much more than the desktop 2G card. Also faster than the MX150 seen in a lot of laptops (Acer, Xiaomi Mi Pro etc…).

      • +1 for the RX550 if you want to do any gaming.
        I wonder if this thing can handle Cemu (with mesa drivers)

  • When is i9 / 9 series due to be released is that why these are cheap?

    • +1

      Historically, you could always get the year's E4x0 on Ozbargain cheaply.
      I got the E470 with an i7 and a GTX950 for a similar price last year, thanks to TA
      I got the E450 similarly a few years before that, E420 in 2012.

  • why no gefore 1050

  • The version with the GPU looks bad, not sure about the non-GPU version:

    "The biggest problem with the E480 is the cooling system, which is absolutely overwhelmed by the components. This is not necessarily evident from performance drops in everyday life, but rather in an annoying fan and far too high temperatures on the outside… As good as its price-performance ratio is, the E480 cannot be recommended in this configuration… We advise against using the E480 with AMD graphics because of a potential health risk… It would be…interesting to see how the version without AMD-GPU performs - we assume the case will remain much cooler. Thus, the E480 in a configuration with the Intel UHD 620 might be worth a recommendation." https://www.notebookcheck.net/ThinkPad-E480-i5-8250U-RX-550-...

    • I am using e480 over a month now.There no problem of the cooling system which you mentioned.

      • Is that with the AMD GPU ? Or integrated Intel GPU ? How do you like the laptop overall? Recommended for business use ? I read the SSD was a bit slow, had that been an issue ?

        • I have i7 one with AMD processor , din't notice any problem in speed .I recommend my brother also he brought this i5 one now.

        • @agam2104:

          Thanks for the feedback. Looks like a great buy. I will tell my friend to buy one.

  • Would it be possible to put a rx580 or gtx1080 in this afterwards, if I don't get the rx550 now. As in is there a pci-e and enough room in the laptop shell? Not to mention there would probably be heat issues but I just want to know if it's possible?

    • Or are these soldered to the mb.

  • How is the battery life on this? I'm a light user and will only use this for uni so taking notes, watching Youtube, some basic programming. Currently on a 11' Macbook air, would the battery life be comparable on this?

    • +1

      Should be decent. The model with the RX 550 GPU and otherwise identical specs and battery capacity gets around 6 hours of web browsing and 9 hours of video playback, so you'd expect a bit more from this (iGPU only). Source.

  • +4

    Looks like there's an offer to double RAM to 16gb at no extra cost until 05/03. Makes it even more tempting…

    • Thanks for that, have updated OP.

  • does anyone know how we can choose the metal cover and silver case colour?

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to use cashrewards with this?

  • Ok so trying to order this and it's come up with an error. Phone rep says that it's a deal for IBM employees? Ordering as a 'student' and he says the 16gb option isn't available…

  • It does not seem to be working for me to get the 8GB free and the coupon for $874.03 at the same time. I also go the error.

  • +1

    Has anyone successfully placed an order? I am seeing this when checking out: "Oh dear … something’s not right. Please call us to complete your order. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience."

    • I am using chat to discuss this with them. Been waiting 30 minutes for an outcome. I dont think we can get the free 8GB and the coupon deal.

    • +1

      no deal. Cannot do both.

      • Thanks! I had the chat window open, but got too impatient and closed it after waiting for ages.

    • +1

      Just confirmed with chat. Cannot do both DEALS & free RAM upgrade. Tried for a while but no way.

  • +1

    I think this post is now expired because the link does not work anymore. It now requires a passcode. :(
    I wanted to get the DEALS and buy the extra RAM.

    You need an API membership passcode

    • I was just about to order one myself! Is there anything else comparable at around the API price ($874)?

    • Looking same specs / deal

      Missed out…

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