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beyerdynamic T 1 2nd Generation and A 2 Headphone Amplifier bundle - $1999 (46% off RRP $3698) Delivered @ beyerdynamic


"Audio Nirvana: The T1 2nd Gen headphone with the A 2 headphone amplifier; an audible and visual statement for the discerning music lover!

Take your music to new levels with the legendary T1 2nd Gen headphones and A 2 headphone amplifier.

The T1 2nd Gen and A 2 work in unison to make your time listening to music, an emotional experience. Within seconds, the easy handling allows you to enter another world, your world of sounds, far away from everyday life. The attractive and simplistic design of the A 2 with its impressive illumination, makes its usage a real pleasure."

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beyerdynamic Australia

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      Apparently that's on the cheaper end for these kinds of amps, take it as you will.

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    Can't wait to hear my MP3 files in a faithful manner.

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      Downloaded from YouTube.

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        Transcoded from 128kbps MP3 into 320kbits MP3 because higher bitrate is better quality.

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          amazes me how people recode as 256kbps oe 320kbps when the source they used was 128 kbts so they get more hits on their pages.

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          You've got to use FLAC or you're going to get trascoding sub jitter subliminal correction buffer miss-alignment due to the poor lowest common denominator between 128 and 320kbits.

          You're obviously new to this.

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          @iDroid: Lè sigh… means I have to redo all my collection now to account for that. Thank you very much.

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          @jlogic: You'll thank me later when you'll listen to your new rips and will be like WOW, it'll add more BASS, smooth out the treble and expand the sound stage. That buffer miss-alignment is subtle until you hear it with it gone.

          DON'T FORGET you MUST rip your CD's at SINGLE SPEED (1x) NEVER use a faster rip if you want the best quality (500+ disc collection can take a little while, but worth it!!!!!)

          Obviously you know not to rip to a HDD too, SSD is required for high quality. The rotational effects of the spinning disks cause that subtle "whirring" (from the spinning) sound to bleed into the result (it's faint, but with HQ equipment it's very obvious).

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          @iDroid: I use to love recording from a friends tape cassette onto my C90 blanks. Occasionally I'd run out of blanks and write over my least popular tape by jamming tissue into the block at the top because I had broken the tab off to make it write protect or I'd grab an old Amstrad game to write over that.

          Using a pencil to reel in the tape that got pulled out by the tape deck was time consuming, but I'd save my tapes even if they got a little crinkled. I'd pull that tape tight one direction then reel all the other way with that pencil to pull it tight the other way.

          128kps MP3 still sounds better than one of those tapes. What a (profanity) waste of time that was for me.

    • you’ve probabaly heard as faithful as mp3 gets already …. i store my music as flac when i can.

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        Yer, converting from mp3 to flac = better than studio quality

        • In 24bit 192Khz.

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    Cheers got two for the kids to watch Dora in the back seat of the Kingswood.

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      You got ripped off.
      I save on my hifi needs with the guys driving around the shopping centre in the white van.

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        But 1200mm floor-standers don't sit comfortably on my ears.

      • +1

        You let your kids ride with them?

  • +2

    These or the Bauhn HE170751?

  • +4

    I was just about to buy but the specifications put me off. The described "Cable length 3mm" is simply to short for me

    • True, but if they're Monster Cables you'll better appreciate their length.

    • +2

      What is this? (Smashes on floor) Headphones for ants?

  • +1

    55" smart tv or this one?

    • 55” tv your wife can still nag into your ear ….. with headphones she can’t ….

      • +1

        these are open back, you get to have a mix of music and nagging.

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    Thanks OP great to take on my daily run

    • only if your daily run is a treadmill …… extension cord for the amp might be an issue otherwise.

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    I refuse to go down this rabbit hole.

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    This is actually a fantastic deal as these headphones are $1500 on eBay. That DAC is one of the best on the market.

    However these are for audiophiles who want the very best sound stage with their hifi setup. You will only appreciate this with a quality Oppo or high end CD player or Turntable deck.

    If you listen to MP3's then this is a serious waste of money.

    For those who are purest who appreciated CD's and turntables then this is one of the best buys as high end audio products rarely go on sale.

    I'm rarely home, but if I am and I don't want to disturb anyone I think I might pull the trigger on this babies.

    These are comparable to the Sinnhieser HD880's

    They are that good

    • -1

      Vinyl, a medium that provides as much information as a 12bit digital signal, is inferior to mp3 which is indistinguishable from CDs.

      Kinda like how that DAC is indistinguishable from a $2 motherboard codec DAC.

      • I'm not commenting on if someone can or can not 'distinguish' the difference, but don't forget there is the analog part of the DAC.

        The DAC's job finishes with an analog signal.

        Analog components do influence the end result - I'm no expert here, but I'd assume that any influence at that early stage of the amplification chain is going to have some effect.

        Is one so much better than another? Subjective as always.

        • +1

          was fortunate enough to,listen to rolling stones same song from cd, vinyl and mp3 download ….. the cd was the clear winner in depth and detail followed by vinyl and the downloaded mp3 was last ……..
          what we didn’t try was rip cd to flac , or rip the cd to mp3 to 320kbit rather than use a downloaded mp3 which was probabaly originally 256bit and recoded ,

        • +1

          @garage sale: FLAC will give identical results to the CD (assuming the CD and CD player are technically sound). FLAC is 100% lossless, you can recreate the identical WAV track from the FLAC and burn a bit identical Audio CD.

          You'd expect that >= 320kbit mp3 is likely indistinguishable from uncompressed for the vast majority of people (it's subjective so you'll never reach 100% consensus). This assumes the source for the encoding was not lossy compressed.

    • +1

      You didn’t mention inclusion of headphone stand, tipping this deal into serious value for money.

    • That's not a DAC it's a headphone amp only.

  • Will the free Nickelback album from Catch sound good with this setup?

    • Only because it is free. If it weren't then the CD would not do the setup justice.

    • I have a Oppo 103D player which has exceptional sound reproduction.

      Failed to mention my main listening source is CD.

      It would sound amazing. I'm ordering these now as I don't think they'll be any cheaper.

      These are one of the best headphones and you will need high-end equipment to fully appreciate it. Playing it off a PS4 won't give this piece justice.

      PC is great with a DAC. But some motherboards do have great DAC's

  • +4

    Are these better than the Dre Beats my friend Cassie picked up for me in Columbia?

    • You can't get high with this one. Cassie's Dre Beats wins hands down :P

  • I can't speak to the amp in this deal, but those headphones are horribly bright. I demoed them and had to take them off in less than thirty seconds.

    • +6

      burn in man. You have to stand there for 40 hours listening to them to understand the difference.

      • +1

        True that. I'm not sure if the store had the right setup for them either. The DAC they were using only cost $4000,and you should have seen the cables. They were so cheap and nasty, and as we all know, cables account for at least 80% of sound quality.

        • Absolutely agree with you. Some hifi stores have horrible setups and honestly I don't think the salesman knows what they are talking about half the time. So much information online and plenty of reviews for us to make a decision.

          This deal it totally worth it. I placed my order for one as this is one of the best headphone amplifiers around. And donate the headphones. It has 2 inputs so my preferred headphone of choice is the HD820's but they are $3000 which I personally think it's ridiculous. So I'll be happy with these T1'S and happy to sit back wait for my bitcoins to go back up before I snag the HD820's

        • +1

          @juicyChan: Don't forget to pick up some of these too. Very important to control resonance.


  • Is this good for AM radio broadcasts?

    • yes great for am and fm and dab and CDs.
      you get faithfull reproduction of the source …..

  • Welcome to my world. Where a $600 portable dac amp the Chord Mojo is a real bargain compared to the equivalent $2k amps.

    • Name checks out.

  • No NFC No band 28…..No Way!


    • has notification LED …………..power on / power off.

  • Check out the photo of the internals. The back connectors are brought to the main PCB via a ribbon cable with idc plugs. So much hi-fi.

  • IS it April already?

  • +1

    I've got Beyer T1s. They are incredible headphones. FWIW, though, I don't think the A2 is an optimal pairing. And iirc, the A1 has identical circuitry anyways.

    Still, its a top price for anyone considering a pair of flagship headphones.

  • +2

    This is heading towards high yield investment territory…,

  • +1

    I'm considering this or Focal Clear, or Senn HD800S. But going to wait for pricing to go down.

  • HD800S are amazing, headed the HD820's are astonishing but they aren't cheap. For value this tops that.

    But 2k for these and just simply save for the HD820's for later

  • The normal Senn HD 800 is about $1300, The 800S is about $1500, the normal 800 got as low as $1000 at November last year . If you have a good amp already, all you need is the head phones…… DAC, if you run a CD player it usually has it's own DAC, DAC for off a PC …. can you concentrate om music and use a PC down to nuance of the DAC ???

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