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Apple Watch Series 1 (42mm, White Sport Band) $249 + Delivery @ Kogan


Pretty good deal as you can bring the price down to $215 (with freight protection) delivered after stacking code from ebay ($50 off $120) and by using referral code ($10).

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  • +5

    Series 1? That isn’t too cheap.

    • Excuse my ignorance- this is legit question. Good guys selling same 42mm white Series 1 for $389

      $215 sounds pretty tempting, unless you can share where cheaper?

    • I did notice in the overview on the link that it states "Also the the link states in the overview "Boasting a sleek, stainless steel case and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal display,"

      Probably a mistake but….

    • +1

      it’s apple watch sport 7000 series,not series 1,beware.

    • +1

      Series 0 is even worse value.

      • It is infact Series 1 Stainless Steel Version

  • +2

    Sorry to hear your loss OP.

  • +3

    Just want to give everyone a heads up that the first generation Apple watch has battery expanding issues which may cause the screen to pop out of the front

    The issue seems to be fairy common and I've witness it happen on a friend's Watch.

    Not entirely sure the source of the Kogan stock but in normal circumstances the Apple store will replace faulty watchs now if purchased within 3 years with a second generation Apple watch as long as there is no screen damage caused by other factors.

    • +2

      Hmm, a hopeful fault that gives you a free upgrade. I'm actually more tempted to buy it now! How can I ensure the battery expands? Put in it a hot car or something :) ?

      • Will be replaced with like for like, or you pay upgrade fee to go to a series 2

    • Not entirely sure the source of the Kogan stock

      This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan HK Limited

    • Never happened to mine… bought my first gen upon release… still works well albeit slower than my s3 in comparison.

    • +2

      I got mine replaced due to expanding battery (screen pop out). I bought mine just over 2 years ago and thought it was out of warranty, was prepared to pay a bit of money for a repair, but was surprised to get it replaced for free. Mine was the original model, Series 0, they replaced it with series 1, with additional 2 years warranty on top :).

      • +1

        Mine was the same, had it replaced due to the battery popping the screen out. They told me it was the same model, but after reading your post I checked the serial number and it states "WATCH SERIES 1 42MM (2ND GEN)", so looks like I did get a free upgrade :)

      • I think they extended the warranty to 3 years for this specific issue

        • Apple always replace things considered a hazard for free, even if out of warranty. For example, if you have a 2010 MacBook and the battery expands (often renders the trackpad too firm to even click), they’ll replace the battery for free. Some staff members may require a bit of convincing, but it’s apparently supposed to be free.

        • Nope only battery, nothing else

    • Apple will replace with another series 1 or you pay extra for upgrading

  • Op, what's the code for the $50 off Ebay thing you mentioned?
    I'm seriously tempted, but don't know how to get it down to $215.

    • +1

      You need to buy a Kogan voucher code (available in places like eBay). Just search for "50 off 120 Kogan".

      • thanks mate

  • +1

    How do we know that its series 1?

    • +1

      I'm not sure that it is ;).

      Description of watch and "was price" of $399 may indicate a Series 2.
      Series 1 is $389 at Good Guys.
      Series 2 is $399 at Good Guys.

      A good chance this is a 2 but even if only a 1 it's still not bad pricing at all (even after you add on delivery).

      • Also if you read the overview at Kogan its states "Also the the link states in the overview "Boasting a sleek, stainless steel case and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal display,"

        So its the stainless steel version???

        • maybe ;)

          come on voucher!

  • +2

    Far out… such a convoluted process of having to buy a discount voucher, wait for its edelivery, then go ahead and buy the item from Kogan!

    How long does it take for the evoucher to be delivered normally?

    • +3

      I agree! I received the voucher in an hour

      • When did you buy your voucher?

        • +2

          1/2 hour ago?

          What's the bet the watch sells out and I'm stuck with a bloody voucher I don't want!
          Still… worth the $11 gamble to buy it :).

        • @UFO:

        • @UFO: I am still waiting on my code.

      • Naig who did you buy your voucher from?

        • I bought mine through this

        • +1

          I bought through seller: click.frenzy

          Still waiting (1.5h and counting).
          Maybe I'm being picky, but looking at some of the other vendors purchasers are saying 15min delivered!

          Lesson learned I guess, as I've never purchased Kogan vouchers before.

        • @UFO: me too. I msg him he said he will send after 11 😠

        • +1

          Thanks for messaging him mate. He's got the time to reply to a message, but not send the bloody voucher!

        • @UFO: I know. I went with this guy because he had no negs unlike the one Naig went with.

        • @Jake Elwood:

          Yep I messaged her and she said after 11.

          It's after 11 now and I'm still waiting!

          Just got a message through eBay saying they will send it soon! (11:19am)

        • @edrift: I got the codes ($20 and then $30 off). I was using them on my iPhone and then when I went to pay the remainder using PayPal it would apply one of them.
          Tried again on my laptop and used credit card then it worked.
          Already regret this.

  • +4

    I just bought this Apple Watch on 19 Feb and I can confirm that this is an APPLE WATCH SPORT SERIES 0 (1st gen). This model is not Series 1 and I thought this watch was Apple Watch Stainless steel since it’s written on the description.

    They should write : Apple Watch Sport 42mm (1st gen), instead Apple Watch (42mm, sport band)

    The title tells me that kogan is selling Stainless steel Apple Watch, in fact Apple is selling stainless steel watch with white sport band

    Be aware!

    • you can complain to kogan customer service and will give you $15 evoucher back

    • Is it the stainless steel or aluminium? Your 2nd and 3rd last paragraphs are seemingly contracdictory.

      • +1

        Sorry for late reply, it is the ALUMINIUM (Watch Sport, Series 0 or 1st generation)

  • +4

    It’s not a apple series 1,it’s apple watch sport 7000 series,i have order that watch few weeks ago,please note.

    • +1

      Oh man. Purchased and then saw this. What a hassle from buying a evoucher (not Kogan's fault) and now this (Kogan's fault).

      • +2

        I have sold it on gumtree for $200,lose $22

      • +1

        Same with me Jake :(.

        Just purchased, then came back here to say that my voucher came through, only to see these recent messages :(.

        I've just requested a cancellation… well this sucks!

        Thanks for the heads up anyway guys.

        It's deception…. the "was price" quoted on the ad states a retailer was selling this exact product for $399. That's rubbish! The Series 2 is selling for that price, not the 1 and certainly not the 0.

        It better be a full refund or I'm lodging a dispute with Paypal and the credit card provider… ggrrrrrrrrrr!

    • Is it the stainless steel version? If it isn’t then I have enough to get a full refund plus they would need to repay my postage for its return according the ACCC.

      • +2

        it’s 42mm case
        7000 series silver aluminum
        Ion-x glass retina display
        composite back
        white sport band

        • If that’s the case you and the listing on Kogan stated as it currently does that it is the stainless steel version then you should have been able to have it refunded including postage costs.

        • @Jake Elwood: I have contact kogan customer service and show them the screenshots to proof when i place order is apple watch series 1,but they only refund $15 to me,the problem is i have been sold the watch,so…..:)

        • @coolim:

          Please read the following



          While they did compensate you for loss in value. You had a right to return th item for full refund as it was significantly different from what was stated.

        • @Jake Elwood: the tax invoice you received will write in apple watch,not apple watch series 1,so you are received the correct item you order,and the listing on the website it’s apple watch,kogan didn’t say it’s series 1,maybe you can try to open paypal dispute case,if you pay by paypal.

        • @coolim: Its not the series part its wither it is the stainless steel version. There is nothing about what series so you are right I don't have anything to go by with that it was wither it was stainless steel as the listing describes.

          I have received an email from a Kogan rep saying it is the Stainless Steel version.

        • +1

          @Jake Elwood: if it’s stainless steel is not bad for the price,but i’m received aluminum version,hope you can received the stainless steel version :)

          By the way,the price is $220 only,it’s not bad,if you have place order,enjoy it,negative the post just wanna beware it’s not series 1,Thanks OP sharing the deal,is not you fault :)

        • +1

          @Jake Elwood:

          Interesting that you think that Kogan HK Ltd. is an Australian Business and that the ACCC has jurisdiction.

        • @A3Australia: mmm. Yeah I might be wrong. I know that have been penalised in the past by ACCC but….

        • @Jake Elwood:

          I know that have been penalised in the past by ACCC but….

          I believe that was Kogan Pty Ltd - An Australian Business.

  • Not the OP’s fault but why did Scrimshaw make changes to the post that it was Series 1?

    • +1

      yes,it’s not a OP fault,kogan fault,actually they have modified the page,the page is show apple watch series 1 few weeks ago,and have removed the SERIES 1.

    • ask him lol

      • I have.

        EDIT: Should have waited a bit. I received a reply from Kogan stating its Series 1.

        Apologies to Scrimshaw.

        I did not mean to besmirch his good character. I was and still am curious as to why he thought it was Series 1. He was right. Maybe he asked.

        • Apologies to OP

          Negative you post is only wanna beware it’s not series 1,because i’m received apple watch sport 7000 series aluminum case from kogan in same listing and same price about two weeks ago.

          If is series 1 stainless steel version,it’s good deal,you are do the good job,Thanks for sharing the good deal.

          Thanks Jake Elwood,you are do the good research to us,it’s hard job,thanks you so much.

          Negative vote has removed.

  • +1

    I bought one but don't even know what I bought.

    Looking at the Apple watch Wikipedia page it says only Hermes edition comes in stainless steel.

    I'm assuming saphire glass is better than the sport ionx glass?

    They better not screw me over and give me something inferior

  • +1

    Not a good deal.

  • +2

    I paid $499 when this first came out in 2015 (series 0, 38mm aluminum), love it and it performs perfectly until its screen pop out recently due to battery issue, Apple replaced it with a brand new series 1 free of charge and add a two years warranty to it…… my point is , if you already ordered it using the vouchers etc which bring the cost down to around $215, it is not the end of the world….. just enjoy it (may be email kogan to complain about their inaccurate/deceptive descriptions but don’t let this purchase ruin your days/weeks/months)….

    Ion-x is not as good as sapphire but mine has minimal scratch (can’t even notice any) over the > 2 years of daily use.

    • Thanks for the perspective from an owner mate, appreciate it.

      It just annoyed me that I wasn't buying what I thought I was buying (a series 1, maybe a series 2).
      Granted its a good price for a new Apple Watch, but that should've been up to me to decide whether I would be happy for a Series 0.

      Anyway, I've requested a refund so lets see what they do.

      OP got a $10 referral from me and others by posting this deal, so at least they've done well from it :).

      • Or you can insist that they send you the stainless steel, sapphire glass one as per product description , not the aluminum, ionX glass one). They have not shipped it out yet….

      • See my comment below. its series 1 stainless steel.

  • +1

    I have received a reply from Kogan that the watch is in fact the stainless steel version.

    I forgot to ask what Series it is but have done so now but with no reply yet. I am going to presume that it is Series 0 at this stage.

    EDIT: Kogan rep replied saying its series 1. This is a pretty good deal now.

    • +3

      Jake, if it's stainless it's 1st Gen (the very first model out), not Series 1 (the 1st of the 2nd Gen).


      The 42mm stainless case is model A1554. That's what Kogan is selling.
      Whoever you spoke to is getting confused between "1st Gen" and "Series 1"… different models that sound the same.

      It's titled the "Apple Watch", same as instructions link on the product page.
      You've purchased an Apple Watch, with a Sports Band… this is stainless steel and different to:

      The "Apple Watch Series 1 Aluminum" in 42mm is Model A1803.
      Different processor, and the one I thought I was buying.

      I reckon you've got the A1554 mate.

      Kogan got back to me, my refund request is being processed. I used the argument that the product they are selling is discontinued, and couldn't possibly be selling for $399 from "another retailer" as noted on the ad, as Gen 2's are selling for that price. A big difference in models.

      Difference in models is explained further here:

      Main differences that I can see: Single core processor (1.7 times slower than Series 1), no gps, silent siri (doesnt reply), dimmer display.

      • Yes,I have received model A1554

        Apple Watch (1st generation)
        Apple Watch Sport

        42mm case (Model: A1554)
        silver aluminum
        Ion-X glass, Retina display, and a composite back

      • Thanks. I think you are more than likely right.

        I did ask if it was series 0 or 1, but as you say their is no series 1 stainless steel.

        • To be honest, it's still a good deal now that I think about it.

          As much as its the first/old/discontinued model, it's still a brand new Apple Watch for $215 delivered.
          Whilst there are differences to the Series 1, is the Series 1 worth nearly double at $389? Nope, no way.
          If it's between those two I still think the $215 option is the better choice.

          If for whatever reason they don't process my refund, I reckon I'd be ok with it.
          For what I want to use it for (notifications from my phone, which is with me all the time so I dont care about independent functionality), it would suit my intended purposes fine.

          Anyway, lets see how we go!

        • +1

          Hi Jake,Try to cancel it,if still can request,because kogan was didn’t accept any return for reason change of mind, i have screenshots as title is “apple watch series 1”,if you needed,i can sent to you.

        • +1

          @UFO: I asked for further clarification (what model number) the watch is. I said that the link you shared has no series 1 stainless steel watch.

          I agree with your sentiments. If it was just series 0 aluminium I would have been disappointed. But….

          I am willing to give it ago.

          EDIT: The rep I was talking to has is raisiing with a senior team memeber.

        • @Jake Elwood:

          let me know how you go… I may still get it :)

        • +3

          @Jake Elwood: Believe me mate, they will send you series 0 aluminium watch (sport model). I have checked the serial number from the invoice and it’s a watch sport (aluminium)

          They just send me an email and say:
          Hi Ryan,

          Thanks for your email.

          Unfortunately we are unable to amend your order to an alternate model. I apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause.

          Please refer to our Returns Policy to see if your order is eligible for a return.

          Thank you for your patience, it is much appreciated!

          If there's anything else that we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let us know.

        • @ryaneh: have you tried or requested to return the watch? If so what has been there response?

        • @Jake Elwood: Yesterday I received an email:

          Hi Ryan,

          Thank you for getting in touch with us.

          I can confirm that the Apple Watch (42mm, White Sport Band) that you purchased has a stainless steel and sapphire crystal construction as is mentioned in the listing.

          The band attached is a sports band, this does not mean it is the Apple Watch Sport which is made of aluminium.

          If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

          and then I explained about the Apple Watch Sport that they sent me and this morning :

          Hi Ryan,

          Thanks for getting back to me.

          Please get back to me when you receive your order.

          If you have been sent the incorrect product, we will be sure to sort that out as soon as possible.

          In the meantime, if there is anything else I can assist with, please let me know.

  • In my my initial conversation with a Kogan rep, he sent me this picture as "reference", "that the case of Apple Watch (42mm, White Sport Band) is the stainless steel and sapphire crystal construction."

    I noticed that its a photo shows the Apple Watch with a red digital crown. I thought this was only on the Series 3 cellular version. Which I seriously doubt that Kogan wold be sending me. I am now more then ever lacking in confidence in anything the rep has said to me. I have asked for the order to be cancel.

    • Hi xxxx,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we currently stock the series 1 model. We only have the series 2 and 3 available.

      I apologise that we are unable to offer an exchange on this occasion.

      As this is the case, I have now arranged for your eVoucher to be issued, this will be processed shortly.

      You will receive a separate email containing your eVoucher and instructions on how to redeem it with your next purchase from our website.

      Thank you for choosing to shop with us and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      (Email i received today,can’t exchange to series 1,will give me $15 evoucher for apologize,
      Actually my 7000 series has been sold lask week,so not bad,can get $15 evoucher,lose $7 :)

  • +2

    i also asked Kogan to clarify details on this watch this is what they said (in live chat, after not responding to my email) "
    As we source our products from all over the globe to secure the best possible prices for our customers, we are unable to guarantee the exact model number you will receive."

    I replied saying this was deceptive and unethical and they at least need to state what series it it….they responded
    "That information is not ready available. I'd like to take this time to forward a ticket to a senior sale advisor to check this further for you and they will be in touch as soon as possible."

    needless to say I did not buy this! Not really a great price, has been cheaper but for the deceptive way Kogan wants to sell to you I think steer well clear….

    • +1

      Yep… its taken a real shine off Kogan for me with this watch thing.
      I didn't realise they were actually one of the most complained about companies in Australia!?! Doing a little Googling quickly shows that this isn't an isolated thing.

      Imagine that though… we'll take your money but we can't even tell you what model you are buying. Not a good look.

      Anyway- I've learned something new over the last few days.

    • After my last email from the Kogan rep on Saturday afternoon I replied saying I wanted to cancel the order.

      No reply as of yet. It’s like they have gone missing (until the order is fulfilled I bet)

  • you would think after so many people have inquired and pointed out how they have not even specified the series let alone model number they would have immediately corrected it on the listing on their website. It worries me that they seem to be deliberately deceptive. Jake Elwood hope you get a refund!!

    • +1

      Nope. They “dispatched” it this morning. My last email from Kogan states it’s generation 1 (series 0) and stainless steel case.

      Annoyed that they had two days from my email asking for the order to be cancelled.

      A truly exhausting process. Let’s see
      If it’s even stainless steel case.

      • +1

        When they dispatched the item, you'll get invoice from Kogan and below the description there is a serial number of the Apple Watch. You can check at https://checkcoverage.apple.com to see what type of Apple Watch that they sent you.

        Note: From my experience, Kogan always write Apple Serial number products with an additional "S" letter in the front, delete the S and enter to the https://checkcoverage.apple.com. For example: S294129VWXKJ, you should copy and paste 294129VWXKJ (delete the first letter). IDK why Kogan add a letter on Apple Serial number products in the invoice.

        • +1


          It’s come up as watch Sport so aluminium.

          I am a little over Kogan at the moment.

        • @Jake Elwood: My prediction is they will refund our money including any delivery cost and etc. They won't send us the Stainless steel model since we both will be receiving the sport model. My conclusion is there has been misleading in this advertisement.

        • Yep, I used the same argument when requesting my refund. It's definitely not very clear on which product they are selling (even after Jake contacted them to confirm!).

          I got my credit card refunded, but I'm still waiting for the $50 off $120 voucher to also be refunded.
          The credit note provided however, mentions nothing of the $50 difference between credit card charge and actual order total.
          Multiple emails have been returned with reassurances that the voucher will be refunded by a "senior support member upon review", but nothing as yet.

          Even though I've paid $12 for the above voucher, I'm very hesitant to order anything from them.
          Needlessly painful and time consuming process… even from the beginning of having to BUY a discount voucher from a 3rd party!

          Terrible business model.

        • +1

          @ryaneh: They replied to a complain about not cancelling the order, saying sorry and that they will arrange for the watch to be returned and pay a full refund.

  • Has anyone received their watch today?

    • No. Did you?

      Was it the aluminium or stainless steel version?

      • No not yet. Sorry meant to ask "yet" not "today"

        • No. Mine should be arrived on Monday

  • I got mine today but its aluminium version.

    • What is the model number?

      Have you opened it? I wouldn’t if you want to try and return it.

      • This is what they told me.

        I'm sorry that there appears to be some confusion regarding your order.

        After reviewing the information you've provided and looking over your sales record, I can confirm the item you've received is definitely the item you have ordered.

        Our order process is automatic, and it is not possible for our systems to have altered your order prior to, or following, the order being processed.

        Rest assured that your product is still covered under warranty and if you experience any issues at all, we're always happy to help.

        • Terrible. I presume you mentioned that the description had it being the stainless steel case?

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