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Ralph Lauren 40% off Marked Sale Prices


Got hold of this great deal for family and friends for employees at Ralph Lauren so that I’ll share it with my Ozbargain family as you guys also help me a lot. Deal in image . Which you can save to phone and show at checkout . Double winner at factory outlets !! I know it’s the last day of discount but you could think of it as one day discount maybe ? Not really fond of people complaining it’s last day but the ones that appreciate good things else feel free to ignore the post please maybe it’s not for you this time.

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Ralph Lauren
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    Might have been good if we knew about it when it started but now I expect nothing to be left.

    • I agree, that would have been awesome but I went there yesterday and still spend $800 after discount on stuff I liked so I guess there is still plenty and worth a visit if you’re not that far from the shop .

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        What did you buy? Two polos and a pair of socks?

        • Haha that could be the case if I was at Chadstone Neo . But no I actually got a few things for my parents and about 4 polos and a jacket for me .

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        well ill gladly forgo the 4 polos, a jacket and few things for parents. just saved myself $800!

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          You nailed it - over priced stuff and not the same quality as before to backup the prices commanded.

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          @T D: Yep. quality has gone downhill and prices sky rocketed. I still wear the ones I bought for less than $40 each years ago when the outlets had decent prices. Tried a new one in DJ's and fit was different, fabric seemed thinner. Not worth it at current prices.

      • How much are the polos before this discount at factory outlet stores usually?

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          Usually $70-80

    • Agree
      …bit late

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    … last day of the deal…

    How uninviting!!!

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      Sorry King wang I posted the good news when I could - hope it helps else I’m sure there is always another sale

  • Do you need to print it out or is it valid on a mobile?

    • I just showed the image on the phone and store manager did it

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    How much are their standard T-shirts with this discount?

    Any chance of a few examples of prices/receipt upload?

    • There was old season stock from $50-$79 and then new from $109. You can apply the discount accordingly

    • This was at the dfo , jackets from $150

  • Last day of discount

  • Just goto DFO

  • No WA stores RIP

  • +1

    has always been 40% overpriced to begin with…

  • I love polo ralph!

  • Does anyone know if a copy of this works at Moorabbin DFO

    • Yup that’s where I used it

  • Anyone tried this at Essendon?

    • Just now - packed. But discount works

      • Sheep lining up in droves, you would think it was a night club

  • Has anyone been to the one on the Gold Coast?

  • +2

    Would have been good if you posted this earlier. Was at the Homebush DFO store yesterday and bought a few things. Still good prices without this added discount. Heaps of stock available.

    • Wait, you were at Dfo yesterday and bought a few things, saw heaps of stock left and yet u did not post this?

      Yet happy to give OP advice about how it would be good had he posted it earlier?

      • What are you talking about? I did not get the extra 40% off discount that the OP posted. That was the deal. Prices I bought at were good but not Ozbargain deal worthy.

  • Thanks OP headed down to DFO homebush picked up a few dress shirts (down to $60), hats ($25), jumpers ($60) etc. Well worth the trip out.

    Please post up again next time its on disregard the haters.

    • +2

      Good to hear someone benefited and appreciates!!

  • Thanks. Went in and picked up a few shirts

    • Good one :)

  • Thanks heaps. Picked up a couple of things using the voucher. You saved me quite a bit of cash. Thanks for posting!

    • Glad to help :-)

  • Thanks for posting, picked up a few items. How do you get on this notification. Do you need to join their membership?

    • Good to hear . I had a mate send it to me and I thought I might share the love :)

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    Thanks alot, saved me alot of money, my parents love this brand. they ware them like uniforms

    • Lol sounds like my brother !! Good to hear it helped mate

  • Thanks! This is great, if only there are more promo on Ralph Lauren's gear :)

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