Urgent Help Please. Wife Needs a New Phone, and of Course It's My Fault Somehow

i need some advice please, and need it quick as I have one unhappy wife.

Looking for a phone right now for my wife, her Sony c4 has decided to have the screen not register touch properly. I think humidity and a little rain got the better of it but can't tell. Switch on glove mode and having it in dry air con room makes it useable but go outside in hot and humid weather and it's useless again.

The phone was pretty good, especially for the price of $299, big screen, good camera front and rear ( camera is a heap better than my Z5). Memory was not so great she kept running low even though the added mem card was only half full, seems social media fills up internal memory.

Main uses, phone, txt, social media and camera. Camera is important. And big screen. We don't want Apple, although I think she'd think it's easy, her tablet is android (she bought a Samsung S2 4g) and I think it's best not to have two OS devices… she's not into tech, just want to use it without tinkering.

I think price is important ๐Ÿ˜€

G6 or the new OPPO R11s , both about the same price.
OPPO looks really nice, is brand new model and cameras front and rear seem to be good from tests shots in store and reviews.
G6 also seems ok but reviews say front camera is very poor.

Any other phones around we should look at around the $600 mark? Prefer in store or online is OK but an Australian model, I don't want grey stock.


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    oppo A57 can be purchased sub $300

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      The new a73 looks good too.

      • when was the A73 released ?

        • This month, along with the R11s.


          Woolies ha sthem for something like $259, pretty cheap.

        • @PVA: lucky my gf doesn't follow tech trends got the A57 in Oct and paid more than that

        • @PVA: holy shit, what a gorgeous phone render. ๐Ÿ‘

        • @KLoNe:
          Itโ€™s like an iPhone X, but with top and bottom bezels. If itโ€™s as cheap as OP claims… damn.

        • @ATangk: Read some reviews and supposedly the screen is eh, the camera is ok and there's nothing special about it, but think about it - his wife has no idea about phone tech. She will love it.

        • @ATangk:
          There was a deal posted, that's what big w was selling them for.

        • @KLoNe:
          Hey, it's $300 you wouldn't think it's perfect.
          But I'm thing the R11s will suit better. Amoled screen 6inch, good cameras front back and 4gig/64gig memory.
          6 months screen replacement if you break it, whether that means much.

        • @PVA: How much for the R11s?

        • @KLoNe:
          Double, around $600.

        • @PAOK11:
          How does she find it. Any problems with notifications, apps, usability that she has mentioned to you. Or is she still happy with it.

        • @PVA: I'd go the A73 - she (seriously) won't know the difference (and I personally think the A73 'looks' better).
          Use the extra to upgrade YOUR phone. Wait, why isn't SHE paying for HER phone?

        • @PVA: was raving on about how good it was initially & is still happy with it overall but has mentioned an issue with 4g & occasionally has to restart phone to get the mobile internet to work

        • @KLoNe:

          we are a family, we share purchases, its not her money or mine , its ours. She prefers me to buy any tech type stuff.

          And my phone, thats work supplied, no cost.

        • @PAOK11:
          Thats no good about connecting, what network, Voda, Telstra?

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        bought from bigw for $245.4, bought it when it was $259 with 5% off from giftcard (cashreward) came down to $245.4

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    I'll second the Moto G5 recommendation. I'm on my third Moto G and love the features you get for the cost. It also runs pretty close to stock Android which is nice.

    Should be easy to get from the likes of JB Hi-fi, Officeworks or HN.

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    Moto G5s Plus.

    I just upgraded from a nexus 5x - The Moto is great! $397 from Officeworks.

    • What's the camera like? Including the front one?
      I've found a lot a pretty poor with poor light ( especially the front cam)

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        I find it fine. I change it to 'professional mode' to speed it up. Otherwise, it does the job!

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    I bought my Wife a Samsung A5 from:

    Great phone, long battery life ..no regrets

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    did you find a phone yet?

    • Still looking.
      Looks like Oppo R11s or LG G6, or maybe even the cheap Oppo A73

      • doesn't seem so urgent mate.

        • it still works kind of, sometimes. and messenger is on the tablet.
          Urgent meaning this week we'll have to get one.

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          late night shopping tomorrow.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7? Can get on eBay for around the $650 mark (import), less 20%, making it around $520…. A bit more for local but still would be around your budget.

    Yes it's not the latest model, but still pretty good.

    • There's an S7 edge (new, damaged box) for $774.99 - less 20 % = $620…. Just saying. I guess it depends how the box got damaged, but AU stock and warranty….

    • Thanks.

  • Get a prepaid Huawei Y5 (5") . Great spec for a $150 phone. Available through Telstra and Vodafone for about $149 or fully unlocked on ebay for about $160
    The HUAWEI Honor Play 6 is almost identical at $130 on ebay and is dual SIM

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      If she's not worth it, then why are you with her?

      Maybe they have a mutually beneficial reciprocal relationship of love, support, compassion, trust, empathy and respect.

      Not one based on insecurity, exploitation, selfishness, material transaction, obligation and tradition.

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        Maybe it's Maybelline

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    LG v20? Can pick these up for around $400. Dual SIM, removable battery, decent camera …

    • Thanks. They would be grey stock. Would they?
      My son has one, good phone. Paid $1100

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        That's about $700 too much.

  • huawei p9
    camera is good

  • Op what phone are you decide to garb after so many suggestions?

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    Oppo if you want the Chinese to spy on you

    • communist china wants you!

  • One plus 5T or one plus 5 if they are available on the Australian store. I have a one plus two and is still going strong after three years. My other choice would be Huawei. Just compare the camera quality on the chinese phones before you buy them as it is an important factor for you. Don't go beyond the $600 for smart phones for now due to the heavy competition and depreciation. I got burnt once after buying a Lumia 950 XL

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      One plus has stopped selling in Australia.
      It would have to be grey import that I don't want.
      I read Oppo is the one plus parent company

      • No wonder I couldn't access their website properly. Maybe Oppo's high end phones have a decent camera. The entry level ones aren't that great

        • thanks for the info.

      • Not really a 'parent' company, just a few of the engineers sprang off to their own company.

        • wikipedia suggests otherwise…
          According to the Chinese government's documentation, the only institutional stockholder in OnePlus is Oppo. Although Lau initially denied that OnePlus was a wholly owned subsidiary of Oppo, upon release of the regulatory filings they admitted that they are owned by Oppo.

        • @PVA:
          Fair enough then, I was only going on information I knew back when I bought my one plus one.
          Must have come out after that.

  • If only divorce was cheaper :p

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    Is the entire touchscreen stuffed or only part of it? If it's only part of it, you can resize the screen to fit an area where there's touchscreen functionality. Requires a bit of tinkering to get it going.

    If I were you, Xiaomi mi A1 would be a pretty good pick. Can be gotten from Kogan/Dick Smith for $329. Features stock android, 4GB ram, 64GB storage, 5.5" screen, dual 12MP back camera and 5MP front camera. If you're buying from kogan, you can purchase a off ebay for $50 off the product price if you spend more than $120 and free shipping from shipster.

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    I'd go with the Caterpillar C61 bullet proof a little more than 500 but you will buy one of these in the time you buy 2 others.

    IP68 rating so you can go swimming with it works in any temperature range known to human life responds to touch even wearing normal gloves

    Has a few interesting toys too a full IR camera air quality sensor not a company i would have ever thought would produce a phone just shiny yellow dump trucks

  • Samsung s5 are still an excellent phone. Probably about $300 new on ebay. About $160 used price.
    S7 are better but no removable battery and screen doesnt seem as tough. I bought s7, dropped once screen broke in about 1 week. Bought another s7, but havent bothered switching to actually using it because my s5 does everything fine. Plus I have had many drops/bumps/crashes where I thought I would pick up my s5 to find it cracked or broken from the fall, but seems to handle alot of punishment with no damage

    • The Galaxy S5 is just about the ugliest phone ever, and he's buying it for a girl - it would get throw back in his face faster than he could say: 'here you go, honey'.

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    How about Xiaomi MI6?!

  • Moto g5 plus

  • LG V20 can be purchased for under $450, then purchase a 200 GB SD card (under $100).

  • To be honest, with an it's a 'it's your fault, it's broken' attitude towards tech- I find the best solution is to give mainstream solution.

    iPhones hit the mark on this: iPhone 6S, 7 should be in your budget.

    I have this same dilemma with my sister in law- always wants tech advice and then when the tech is faulty or something wrong, then it's suddenly my fault because I did something.

    I have found giving answers like the iPhone works well.

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      I mean: "We don't want Apple" is in the OP…

      Also, Android phones are not any more difficult to use than iPhones.

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    Sony Xperia XZ Premium.
    Can be found for you price range.
    It's water and dust proof, very same chipset as the Galaxy S8, so very snappy, it has a 4k screen and a bloat free interface.
    Best of all, you can get the chrome mirror colour so she can go her makeup with it!

    Edit: I'd avoid the Samsungs overall as they're not known for their reliability. Flagship Sony phones get updates for years, only constrained my the hardware manufactures (QC wouldn't release drivers for Android 7, which locked capped some phones at Android 6.
    This is useful to consider if she likes keeping phones for years

    • Yep, always loved Sony mobiles.
      I'm pretty disappointed with the camera on my Z5 though, my wife's C4 took much better photos.

      You think a Xz would be around $600 for a local Australian one? Where about please.

      • The z5 was a huge disappointment. The SD810 soc had heating issues. I ended up buying a z3 instead after I saw the issues my mate was having.

        Yeah, can XZ (still a good phone) should be $600 or less. XZ Premium, local stock might be harder. I'll look when I get home.

    • have you got a XZ Premium?

      I was eyeing one of these. Sony ebay have refurb ones for $600.
      I wantes to know if the camera is as good as they claim & iof the fingerprint sensor on the power button works (is is it disabled)

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        have you got a XZ Premium?


        I wantes to know if the camera is as good as they claim & iof the fingerprint sensor on the power button works (is is it disabled)

        The fingerprint sensor works really well. It's only disabled on US models.

        The camera image quality is very good. Second best camera phone I've owned, second only to the Nokia with the 42mp camera in my limited experience.

        The 960fps slomo video is a nice gimmick, recording bees flapping wings and water fountains, but I don't really use it.

        The camera opens very quickly and has a physical button, which is important if you suddenly want to take a photo.

        The flash is okay, not as good as the Nokia with the xeon flash though.

        • thanks, For $600/$570 it sounds like a bargain then. I was thinking of waiting a month & see what the S8 drops too, but I doubt it'll get even close to $700

          yeah I'm a bit annoyed how long it takes my camera app to open & then take pics, let alone open the gallery & scroll through pics. but then again it is 3yr old Sammy :-) yes the old Nokia windows phone did have an awesome camera. Pity they didn't carry it forward to their android phones.

          Oh does it have much bloatware?

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    Put it in the microwave on HIGH for 10 minutes. Stir then in put back in on HIGH 10 minutes. Serve with a 2 week old red rose from valentines day

  • buy a nokia 6

  • You could get a Samsung Galaxy S7 for around that price during the ubiqitous 20% off ebay sales. Or an S5 or S6 with plenty of change for a good case. All really good ex-flagship phones with fantastic cameras… :-)

  • The Huawei mate 9 is such a underated flagship if you want good camera big screen good battery life and fast charging all under 600 U should consider the mate 9

    • I agree Huawei make great hardware …. but EMUI is awful!!

  • One word of warning with the Oppo R11s is if she ever wants to use Google Pay, it has no NFC. I got the missus a Moto G4 plus from Officeworks and thought it was a great buy. Then she decided setting up Android Pay would be a great idea. Took a bit of searching to discover it wouldn't work due to the phone having no NFC. She has been running out of space lately, so was looking at the R11s as a suitable upgrade …. guess not!

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    your wife needs a nokia 3310

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    This is one of those threads that is almost like a waste of time. Sorry but the amount of people trying to help someone make a $600 purchase… Its a bit much for a married guy.

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    If she's blaming you, it sounds like you need a new wife…

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      Where are these non-blaming-wife unicorns you speak of?

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    Why not take the opportunity to get a new wife?

  • Do you know anyone who works in a lab with a vacuum oven?

    A few minutes in a vacuum oven and it'll be as good as new.

  • Get her a Axon 7 for $300-$350 from office works. It's the best bang for the buck.

    Or just buy her a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for under $200.

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    Get one with a notification LED.

    • for under $600? tell 'em their dreamin'

  • Happen to jag a bargain Lg v20 on gumtree, its like new. My girlfriend uses it and she loves it. Best spec'd phone for the price plus it has a removable battery which is highly beneficial considering the quick charge in the batteries just destroy it quicker

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    Whatever you get, don't get Oppo.

    They are well designed but the software is atrocious

    • Agreed. I bought my R9S the day it was released here. It's a beautiful phone with great specs but the software is terrible. Hard to use, randomly closes background apps and misses notifications. An Oppo rep assured me that a major update was incoming but it ended up being a small bug fix. I'm still having most of the same issues I did a year ago. Still on Marshmallow too, they have never updated the OS and likely never will. I could probably fix the phone with a custom rom but they've lock the bootloader. Don't buy Oppo!

  • I bought my wife a Samsung J5 Pro. Excellent phone.

  • Others have already provided suggestions for a new phone.. but I'd also suggest taking your old phone and putting it in a sealed box with silica gel. It's saved my electronics more than once.

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    I'd stick with a Sony as they're great phones plus she knows how to use them!

    Edit: XZ in blue is only $629 atm

  • Oppo R11s - $659 jbhifi
    Oppo R11 - $489 mobileciti or $497 The Good Guys
    Huawei P10 Plus - $749 Kogan
    OnePlus 5 - $729 Kogan

    I know these are slightly over your budget, but in my experience its best to pay a little more for something that will last. (imo)

  • Huawei Mate 9. Best within budget.

  • You let your wife owns a mobile phone?

  • ill give you a galaxy s5 for free if you want

  • I'd reccoment the ZTE Axon 7. I bought it for $299 from officeworks a few months ago and I love it. Camera is fantastic in full sunshine, but it's ehh in dark lighting. Pretty confident you can still find the gold coloured one for $349 from officeworks. Also an amazing phone for the price range. You should definitely check it out

  • OP would you recommend getting the Sony Xperia C4 for $118 (+$25 postage) new?
    I'm rocking a 6 year old phone and C4 is on my shortlist

  • Grow some balls and tell her to find and pay for her phone herself.

  • opportunity

  • Shame she needs it right now, within a couple of months an S8 should be down into your $600 budget.

    • I dunno about that, the S7 is that price.

      • Like I said, in a couple of months.

        S9 is out in a few weeks, and looking on ebay or sale forums you can already pick up bargain S8's from people renewing the cheap plans but just using their current handsets. Usually brand new, boxed, receipt from telco for warranty.

        Couple of months and $600 will definitely be the standard, not a bargain.