Urgent Help Please. Wife Needs a New Phone, and of Course It's My Fault Somehow

i need some advice please, and need it quick as I have one unhappy wife.

Looking for a phone right now for my wife, her Sony c4 has decided to have the screen not register touch properly. I think humidity and a little rain got the better of it but can't tell. Switch on glove mode and having it in dry air con room makes it useable but go outside in hot and humid weather and it's useless again.

The phone was pretty good, especially for the price of $299, big screen, good camera front and rear ( camera is a heap better than my Z5). Memory was not so great she kept running low even though the added mem card was only half full, seems social media fills up internal memory.

Main uses, phone, txt, social media and camera. Camera is important. And big screen. We don't want Apple, although I think she'd think it's easy, her tablet is android (she bought a Samsung S2 4g) and I think it's best not to have two OS devices… she's not into tech, just want to use it without tinkering.

I think price is important πŸ˜€

G6 or the new OPPO R11s , both about the same price.
OPPO looks really nice, is brand new model and cameras front and rear seem to be good from tests shots in store and reviews.
G6 also seems ok but reviews say front camera is very poor.

Any other phones around we should look at around the $600 mark? Prefer in store or online is OK but an Australian model, I don't want grey stock.


    • Thanks, a few are no where near the $600 mark of the ones I mentioned though.

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        Online would be probably cheaper!!!

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        Hey mate I would grab the xaiomi A1 that's a deal at the moment. Great device but no NFC.

        • Agreed. The Xiaomi A1 is an excellent phone.

    • i like you so ill help

      And if you didn't?

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        would have shit posted obviously.

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          something something high yield investment

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          Which you do so so well.

        • I thought that's all you knew…

    • I've got the HTC One X10 for my girlfriend who keeps dropping and breaking expensive phones. It's display is disappointing but performance is fair. HTC phones use good build materials so it's a strong phone. I'd say go for Nokia 8, it's a good build quality and great design and specs.

      • Nokia out of the bunch considering price n it's HN lol

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    I have G6 and I am enjoying it.

    If you need true dual sim I suggest Moto G5 plus

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      The Motorola Moto G5s XT1797 is a plus on steroids and $252 at Catch!

    • Highly recommend the Moto G5 Plus, mine is going great guns. :)

    • I also have the g6 and I really like it.

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    You haven't explained why it's your fault.

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      Because it is, no other reason than I bought the phone 3 years ago and now it's faulty…. so of course that's my fault.
      Same the time before when her phone failed and lost the photos that was on it. That was my fault too.

      Any tech of hers that doesn't work correctly is my fault πŸ˜€

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        Sounds like you need a new wife or at least a new attitude in the current one!

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          Nah, nothing like that. It's all fine. I'm joking around more than anything.

          Looks I forgot to add a few smiley faces or whatever.

          But back to the question. What phones do you think.

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          Have you tried placing the phone in a sealed snaplock bag with some uncooked rice to absorb moisture?

          EDIT: Suggested 1st by PJC here.

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          All wife the same. Got a husband that you'd know what's the differences.

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          @Scrooge McDuck:

          Or rebooting the wife?

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          How? Wife doesn't have power cord.

          Maybe a drink will reboot the attitude…

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          Nah, once you boot her the first time you'd find it hard to boot her a second time with broken legs.

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          "Nah, nothing like that. It's fine. I'm joking around more than anything"

          ^ did she tell you to say that?

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          @WishIHadAfridge: She just logged in and typed it herself.

        • @PVA: Can relate, don't feel sorry

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        Maybe your wife is the fault here.

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        In that case your phone situation can be remedied by visiting eHarmony.

      • Might have something to do with having to sniff PVA every day. :P

      • I think 3 years out of a phone it’s not bad.
        Most people change it every 2 years.

        • Source?

        • i'm not most people then…….

        • @John Kimble: people on contracts or myself.

        • I'm not most people.
          Yes, I guess 3 years is a long time, but for it to work fine one day and the next morning have that fault is strange.

          Anyway she's got a new phone now.

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          Well these things happen. Hopefully new one will last longer

        • @fozzie:
          It was around 3 years and was only $299 so cant complain I guess. It's just how one night it was fine, the next morning faulty that got me.

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        Present her with a list of options and give her the final choice this time.

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          This is funny, it's his wife not a client, it's still going to be his fault for setting the shortlist

        • @Jackson: Lawyer up, hit gym ?

        • @Jackson:

      • Did you set up a photo backup on her phone ? Probably not. So this is where you're at fault !

        • Photos go to Google backup, also auto save to a hard drive attached to our router, set to do it when it's plugged into power at home, photos save to a memory card so if the phone dies the card can be removed, and one last thing is my PC pops up a reminder on the Sony software to do a back there.

          The new phone though, I better check πŸ˜€

      • You want a phone under $600 that last more than 3 years. Might be easier to find a new wife instead :)

        • I'm sure a new wife would cost more than $600. Unless you are looking on the really used markets….

          But in all seriousness let her have the final choice just find a short list for her. There are many xiaomi phones that have big screens are over all are pretty solid, but set up some kind of automated cloud back up for the next time you screw up and break her phone.

        • @Kiato:
          Yeah the old phone had backups, I meantioned it above.

      • I hear you! ;)

      • I recommend getting google photos so they can backup over wifi.

      • If you play any role in buying the new phone, it'll be your fault when that dies too.

        Tell her to do her own research and buy her own damn phone, but also agree with her on the spend for a phone for the next 2 years or so.

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      When I read posts like this I celebrate my impending divorce with vigour.

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        Don’t get married is the first advise I give to anyone I meet.

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          Or, you know, choose wisely and choose well. I been married for about 30 years..to the same woman even and it just gets better. Dunno what everyone else is doing wrong. :)

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          If only I had met you 15 years ago, lol.

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          it just gets better

          Is that her opinion too? :)

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          @RoughMetaphors: Well she's still here. :)

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          Dunno what everyone else is doing wrong. :)

          Most of us are living in reality.

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          Don't get married to you definitely sounds like good advice :)

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          @smashed: He can't get married, he's a Cardinal.

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          @EightImmortals: Didn't bother with the marriage but been living with the same guy for 38 years. To me the secret is mutual respect and a good does of humour.

        • @EightImmortals: Hear Hear :)

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          Key to a happy marriage is doing all the research and hard work upfront and ignore everyone else's advice except for a handful that are genuinely in a long term happy relationship. And don't get fat lol

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          @gimme: hear hear, this is a solid advise! make sure you tell your wife not to get fat when you see her tonight.

        • @h4zey:
          Lol..funnily enough i do tell her and she says the same thing to me. We're both slim and even happier than 15 years ago when we got married. See it works squashing social norms and Dr Phil bs.

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          "Excuse me, kind stranger. If I want to get to Central fast should I take this train or wait for the express?"

          "Well my first advice would be not to get married…".

        • @peterpeterpumpkin: Second one is not to get fat

        • @volcanoeqcycle: 15 years is a pretty good run I would think :)

        • @EightImmortals: so I have to marry the most rotten person I can find and then it won't get worse, awesome!

    • @tsunamisurfer: You are clearly not married yet.

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      Because he's male, it's his job to be to blame lol!

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    Nokia N6 - [email protected] HN plus $10back on very $100 spent

    • Thanks, I'll look at it.

      • I think finishes today -check online first. JB may price match

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    What about the $299 Snapdragon 820 Axon 7 from Officeworks? Stock is hard to find however.

    • Thanks. I'll check it out.

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        Change to the gold one for $355 and you can get stock.

        Father in law just got one. I am impressed with it. Even at $355 it is still excellent value for the hardware you recieve.

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    Sounds like my wife. Although to be fair, 9 times out of 10 it is my fault…

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      πŸ˜€ maybe I shouldn't choose the tech for her when she asks.

      • You're doing it again.

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      Although to be fair, 9 times out of 10 it is my fault…

      That's a good boy. Now take out the trash, clean the toilets and mow the lawn.

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    Crazy idea … might the phone become truly dry again if submerged in a bowl of rice grains overnight?

    • Thanks. Wife suggested that but it's been sitting in front of an air con with dry air blowing on it so I thought. A few days of that would fix it.
      It didn't get wet like dropped in water, I think the high humidity the last week and rain yesterday ( maybe some drops got in??)

      I'll chuck it in rice and see.

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        The desiccant packets are more effective than rice apparently. Try those if you have some.

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        Air conditioners nominally remove moisture from the room air so as to avoid increasing relative humidity at the room outlet. So they don't necessarily output air with a lower relative humidity β€” dry air.

        The coolness of the air may actually prevent evaporation of moisture in the phone and even cause condensation. You'd be better off blowing warm air into it from a simple heater like an electric fan heater or hair dryer.

        • You can set the temperature on air conditioner.
          I always thought that the removal of water from the air, in an air conditioner, was a result ( side effect ) of the compression and expansion of the air during the process of cooling it.
          When I use the aircon in the car during a rainy day, the window gets defogged much quicker then without AC, which to me is prove enough that there is less humidity in the "exhaust" of the AC.
          Using the hair dryer to close, and the gluey part start to loosen.

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        Plot twist.. She dropped it in water but won't ever admit it to you, else it would be her fault.

        • Nah. I know it's not that.

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