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(Android) Free Apps - Thai Phrasebook, Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro, Preposition Master Pro @ Google Play


Thai phrasebook - Thai Talk Pro Rated 4.6/5 on Google Play.
More than just talk - Thai Talk is an essential app for anyone travelling to or living in Thailand. It's the fastest, easiest to use, highest-rated and most feature-rich phrasebook app on the market.

Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro
Rated 4.6/5 on Google Play.
Most light-weight Root Checker app

Root Checker is free light-weight app to verify or check if your Android device has proper root (superuser or su) access. This is the most accurate root checking app without any ads.

This app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installed on your android device, it also tells the busy box path.

Preposition Master Pro Rated 4.5/5 on Google Play.
Learn English and grammar free by putting the prepositions in place to form correct sentences and sayings.

Preposition Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn and improve their language skills in a more entertaining way.

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