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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless $325 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great deal but only seems to be for the black ones.

Silver is $461 including delivery

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    It has promotion right now. It will take off another $25 on checkout.


    • is that only for uni students or works for anyone?

      • +1

        It works for everyone. The offer is just called "Off to University Promotion". Offer is automatically applied on checkout

    • How do you get that price to show up please?

      • Just add it to cart and checkout and it will take off $25 automatically on confirm payment page.

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          it should be noted that $325 is with the promotion applied already i think. They are listed as 350 without

        • Just tried and it keeps it as $350 :(

        • @Fin88: Yea someone modified it after I mention the $25. The original deal was written $350. Sorry for the confusion I can't edit my first comment away now T_T

        • @PLA74: :( How cometh! At the last page after selecting delivery address and credit card?

        • @Letrico: https://imgur.com/hTOwQzV

          Ah ok, let me try that.

        • @PLA74: Cheers you gotta reach the last step for it to calculate the final price.

        • @Letrico: Thanks!!

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      For anyone that is reading this comment. Original post was $350 and the offer takes off $25 and now the deal title shows $325

  • Isn't shipping supposed to be free if spending more than $50?

    • It is free :P Just the wording of title I guess.

      • I looked at your screenshot and it showed $5.99 delivery charge.

        • Yea by default it is automatically at the 2nd option which is $5.99 but when you select the Free option it just get reduce off.

  • Knew this would pop up but wasn’t sure when, great find!

  • Awesome price for awesome headphones. Expensive but I use mine daily and absolutely love them.

    • +2

      Got some a month or two back. They come up much better with some EQ applied. I got an app called headphone equalizer which does a sound level check on the actual headphones and adjusts itself accordingly, seems to work OK so far.

  • Insane price. Missed out on the Officeworks deal but got it this time.

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for another deal on these.

  • +2

    Awesome price and 1st post - well done OP

  • Anyone have recommendations on wireless headphones up to $100?

    • I think for sub $100, it won't make much difference which wireless headphones you get as long as you are comfy with it. The sound quality will be subpar at that price regardless of which one you pick.

      • +2

        I was thinking that'd be the case, I'm tempted to buy one of these higher end headphones but it's hard for me to justify to myself

        • +1

          I think best would to hit up places like JB and give it a try on their ~$100 headphones then head to some store with bose / high end sony and give it a try. You will be surprised by the difference in the sound quality if the songs have high bitrate / lossless audio between those headphones.

        • +1

          Agreed with Letrico, sub $100 is slim pickings even for 'decent' wireless cans.
          That said, for jogging I use the Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones. I must have weird ears cuz in-ears fall out instantly no matter how many different ones I've tried before, headset is my only option.
          Sound quality on the Jabra is passable and the battery is good too, I don't actively track the battery life but I easily get a full weeks charge from it and I usually jog for 8-10 hours every week.
          I picked them up from ebay via a 20% sale, paid $75 for them about 2 years ago and they're still going fine.

          They do not compare in anyway to the sound, comfort and overall quality to my Bose QC 35's, but there's no way I'm sweating up my 35's from regular workouts!

        • +1

          I also agree with Letrico, I was pretty skeptical about getting the QC35's but after trying them out at the local JB Hi-Fi I was convinced, got a pair as soon as the next deal came around.

        • +1

          @Mikay89: Exactly the pair I had before I got the Bose. No real comparison - my only big issue with the Jabra is the stupid Low Battery warning that interrupts the even when theres still a decent charge.

    • -2

      Save your money.

      • +1

        These headphones were an incredible investment, especially for a student. You would not believe how well they attenuate noise, makes studying in the library actually bearable.

        • +1

          If you need noise cancelling heqadphones in a library to make it bareable, your library is doing it wrong

        • @UKn0Me: First years, man… First years.

    • +2

      Not sure why people downvoted you - there are some decent sub $100 sets but obviously they won't be of the same quality as these but still good for everyday use for most people. For example the Jabra Move is quite highly rated https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-bluetooth-headphones/

    • +3

      Jabra Move. Got it for $68 from MobileCiti a few months ago.

    • If your willing to spend a little more I got my Plantronics backbeat pro 2 for $168 @ mighty ape eBay during the 20% off

      I think this articles too biased towards Plantronics but it's still detailed and I agree with Plantronics being good value.

    • Aldi

    • Bluedio headphones provide really good bang for your buck!

  • these seemed to be everywhere, every third person in the office and train seem to be wearing these. With noise cancellation not sure how aware you would be of the surroundings especially walking on the streets…

    • You can switch on awareness mode which disables noise cancellation.

      However, whether it's a cheap $5 Xiaomi IEM or a $500 audiophile cans playing music loud enough is a hazard anyway as a pedestrian.

    • +1

      With noise cancellation not sure how aware you would be of the surroundings especially walking on the streets…

      Active noise cancellation is pretty garbage for blocking out street noise, especially something that you would be worried about.

      • +2

        Still significantly better than not having it at all.

        I was using QC20 in ears and walking along the footpath when a cyclist was coming up from behind me (also using the footpath). He rang his bell from a distance but I didn't move aside and continued ringing it and I didn't even notice until he was right behind me and pissed off. I was alone in my world, as it should be. I was listening to podcasts, so no music, which means theoretically I should hear more outside noise than when listening to a song where there's no moment of silence.

        • +5

          Aren't cyclists suppose to be on the road?

        • @BargainKen: Yes. But some don't use the road because they find it safer (for them) on the footpath.

        • +2

          @lostn: So they should be yielding to pedestrians. If they dont like it, the road is right there.

    • +3

      I'm not sure if you've used noise cancelling headphones before… but it's not so much that you are completely deafened to the world around you. You can quite easily still have a conversation with someone in front of you, just the ambient "hum" of the world will be severely dampened.

      • Removing Bose QC headphones from your head is the best way to observe the “hum” of the world. Those noises you hear aren’t entirely in your head.

  • Very good price - good find.

  • +2

    Thanks, finally used my $50 from the Logitech Speakers Price Error.

    • Lol, still waiting for a new price error! C'mon Amazon!!

  • Thanks OP, been waiting to pick these up for a while!

  • Just purchased with express shipping! TRS this week yewww!

  • I can still return my pair from officeworks under their return policy right?
    EDIT: Decided not to. It is a slight hassle and I have heard many stories about officeworks warranty being great and hassle free. Still not sure what officeworks warranty refers to though. (Unless it is refering to officeworks being lenient when covered under a reasonable period according to statutory law)

  • +3

    Thanks OP, after contemplating for a really long time finally bought them for $325 delivered!

  • +1

    Legend! Thanks OP!

  • Should I return my officeworks and get these?

    • +7

      If you want. But I don't think that's fair to OW, since you purchased it at a price that was acceptable to you at the time. There's always risks that it goes down after you buy it. I just grin and bear it. That's life. Sometimes you want to buy it but hesitate or decide not to at the last minute. And then the next day it ends up being cheaper somewhere else, and you ended up saving money by not buying it so soon. You win some, you lose some.

  • Wonder if there is a new model coming out or just a genuinely cheap price? Nevertheless i've ordered a pair :)

    • Definitely not a new model, these were only released last year, would have been to fight the 1000XM2’s most likely.

      Enjoy them, I know you will!

      • yeah that's what I thought - when I checked the officeworks deal it was listed as Clearance - seems weird to be clearing out current stock with no new model on the horizon… I can't complain though, very happy!

        • I reckon Officeworks have simply stopped selling them hence putting them on clearance to clear what’s left.

      • +1

        All they did was add a google assistant button. That's not much of a fight.

        • Pricing fight, not features. XM2’s were $317 on the weekend so probably was to try and compete with that.

        • @doweyy:

          I see.

          But for Bose products, I get a feeling any discount is borne by the seller not Bose themselves. And sellers aren't exactly commmitted to any Bose vs Sony fight.

  • When I add to cart, it says cart is empty?

  • Can't add to cart anymore, sold out?

    • said : not available from the seller.
      SOLD OUT now…

  • awesome bargain. Id like to hear from those people again who said Amazon AU is useless with their prices, these recent deals prove otherwise

  • +3

    Missed out because I went to my lecture. Uni is a curse…

  • +2

    So glad i missed out on this. When it dips below 300 i might not have so much self control though :)

    Seriously why is everyone clearing the decks on these? Is there a new model coming out?

    • +1

      my exact feeling!

    • This sucks to say in stock until you add it.

    • Good question.

      I can't see a QC35 III releasing any time soon, but they could do a QC45 with significant updates, and keep both lines going.

  • $300 next week?

  • +5

    Missed out crystal ball says $299 before easter

  • Dang! I got one from ebay for 368 (videopro) yesterday… Still though a very good deal.

    • +1

      Me too. Fomo

  • +1

    What I can say is just amazing…. the cheapest QC35 ii

  • Put them in my cart, got to the checkout and walked off for 5 minutes to think about whether I actually need these. By the time I got back they were sold out - I think fate is telling me not to buy a third set of headphones!

    But yeah if they go below $300 I doubt I'll be able to stop myself :)

  • +12

    I am just surprised there is a deal on Amazon AU

    • Stage 2 of their launch is about to begin. They are going to allocate their warehouse space for third party sellers to stock their products and Amazon to ship directly from there. They will also get to enjoy free shipping on their products >$50.

  • Bugger… missed it

  • Gee, this deal didn't last long at all. I would've happily paid $40 less for these black ones!

  • +1

    Was still there, got one just now.

  • +1

    $429.90 now.

  • need deal on p5 wireless.

    • You can get one for $294

      • Where is that? I found a pair for $299 but was hoping for a slightly better deal.

  • +1

    Someone tell me what's so amazing about these cans? Always see them pop up on ozbargain…

    • -1

      They are apparently comfortable but imo they aren't, they have 2nd best noise cancelling, and they have half decent sound. Nothing too good, imo.

      • +5

        My opinion is the complete opposite, very comfortable, great NC, good sound and good battery life. One of the top performers, and made my flight an absolute breeze last time, wore them for 9 hours straight and didn't have any issues.

        • +3

          i agree, i use these on all my flights, cannot hear any of the annoying kids or the planes jet engines.
          when you try them the first time it's really surreal.

      • Which cans have the best noise cancelling? I thought QC35 was it…

        • He's trolling.

        • @Baebs: I was asking SimpleRoger… unless he trolling as well damn boi

        • The sony flagship forgot the name, but remember many reviewers saying it was the better than the qc 35's.

        • +1

          Sony 1000MX2

          I just sold mine though. Not as comfortable as these and in call audio is shocking at best.

    • -1

      read the reviews DYOR

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