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Arlec 100 Lumen LED Head Torch $5 @ Bunnings


Looks like this popular deal is back again. Enjoy

This Arlec head torch is great for general use both indoors and outdoors. It has 3 modes - high, low and strobe for every situation. 3 x AAA batteries are included.

  • 100 Lumens
  • 3 modes - high, low and strobe
  • Weather resistant
  • 9 hours run-time on low mode
  • 3 x AAA batteries included

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  • Are the included batteries heavy duty or alkaline?

    • +1

      They're Arlec Alkaline batteries.

  • This or Nitecore Tip?

    • +1

      You gonna duct tape the Nitecore to your head?

      • If it's brighter.

        • Max Output: 360 lumens

      • +2


  • good for bicyclists?

    • +3

      Yes it's a lot easier than spotlighting them…

    • +1

      No. Get a handlebar mounted light with 18650 li-ion from fleabay.
      If you wear a headlamp (helmet) as well, you'll want it to be a narrow-beam.

    • +2

      Yes, perfect.

      Make sure it's on strobe and at eye level so you can blind oncoming drivers.

      • +1

        Thanks exactly what I’m looking for.

  • +6

    If you don't mind waiting for delivery, there are better head torcheson ebay - like this one - that are cheaper.

    • Thanks, any recommendations on really good headlamps? <$150? Any help appreciated ^^

      • Armytek wizard pro warm. Cheapest at nkon.nl

      • Zebralight H600Fw 18650 XHP35 Floody Neutral White Headlamp

        Or mnaybe get the high CRI version depending on your preference.

      • Zebralight/Armytek/Nitecore for mid to high end with lots of options

        Or get Manker e03h if you want one with AA

        • Any one that doesn't use 3xAAA batteries?

        • @WaywardOne:

          Zebralight/Armytek/Nitecore mostly use 18650 cells.

      • Can't remember the name of mine main one, (really awesome), but the black Diamond ReVolt is awesome.

        Micro usb rechargeable too (:

    • nice! 300 lumens too!

  • My Mum bought my boyfriend and I these for Christmas a few years back, as a sort of joke. Backfired, because we love them. Great for late night walks and general low-key adventuring.

  • +2

    Handy for dumpster diving i've been told.

  • Now switch to Robbbiinnns Revenge!!!!!!!

  • +1

    Now featuring strobe effect…when you just gotta rave! Now where did i put my glow sticks…

  • I love this, comes in handy when I have to remove splinters/bits of bindies from the kid's feet

  • +2

    I use these every time we go camping. Perfect for when you wake up at 1am needing to piss after a night on the beers.

  • Heading to Bunnings Inglewood in the morn to pick up a couple of these bad boys.

    • someone beat you there with their headlamp and a can of petrol…

  • +2

    Why AAA? Why not AA?
    I hate AAA batteries.

  • +1

    Great value for the money. Bought 2 and one not working out of the box, got it replaced.

    Feedback on Product:
    The beam pattern is wide but has horizontal greenish lines through the field of vision.
    Not noticeable at longer distances but certainly not for near field work.
    Burns through 3x AAA batteries quickly though…still for $5….happy.

    Have a good one!

  • Here's a deal from Zapals for $1.99USD + $0.72 shipping: 5 LEDS using 2 x CR2032 batteries but you need a hat. And no idea on the lumens output.

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