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Lebara Large Plan 180 Days – 16GB Data/Month + Unlimited Oz Talk/Text, Unlimited 15 Countries - $119


At popular demand… Our Large 180 Day Plan on SALE. (Want longer? Buy 4)

Every 30 days get - 16GB* data, Unlimited Oz calls, Unlimited to 15 countries plus $10 for other international calls, SMS & MMS. (You asked for the SMS and MMS and we’ve been able to deliver).

Normally $225 with 10GB. Special offer $119 for 16GB!
Works out to be $19.84 per 30 days.

Offer applies to SIMS & Recharge Vouchers (both old and new customers). Bring your number or take a new one at activation.
SIM packs here https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/prepaid-large-180day-sim.htm...
Recharge’s here https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/lebara-mobile/lebara-recharg...

Plans stack so you can buy up to two years’ worth and put on your account straight away. *To lock in the 16GB you must recharge before 30.04.18.

Vodafone 4G network.

Selected countries; Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. PLUS registered Family and Friends in India.

Critical Information Summary View Here http://www.lebara.com.au/CIS

Promotion Terms: Applies to online purchases on or before 02.03.18. $119 Large 180 Days Plan applies to $225 Large Plan 180 day starter packs and recharge vouchers; Limit four per household. For personal use only. Special price applies to starter pack or voucher, subsequent recharges at current rates. SIMs & vouchers must be activated within 60 days of purchase. Data includes 10GB Plan Inclusion + 6GB recharge bonus when used before 30.04.2018. No SIM swaps or credit transfer. No refunds. No shipment to PO box. Offers subject to change and may be withdrawn or extended. Not transferrable and not redeemable for cash.

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  • 6GB Recharge bonus applies every month?

    • +1

      6GB is until the 30 Apr 2018 at this stage.

      • What are the maximum days I can wait before activating this voucher?

        • +1

          You get some time, it needs to be activated within 60 days of purchase. :)

        • @Outthere: Thanks.

      • **correction - 6GB bonus applies throughout the plan as long as you recharge before 30 April.

    • Every 30 days get - 16GB* data

      I think it must … providing the first recharge done before 30/4

      • yep, detailed information in promotion terms. :)

    • +1

      As long as you recharge before 30.04.18 you'll get it for the life of the recharge. If you recharge two of these before 30 April then you will be set with 16GB total per month for one year.

      • Are you sure about this?
        Is it possible to buy 2 recharges and apply both of the recharges on a current account?
        Does is extend the offer for a year with 16GB per month?

        • +1

          yes, if you apply both vouchers before 30 Apr 2018 you will get 16GB per month.

        • @Outthere: thanks a lot. What happens to the current credit? Does it add up or starts afterwards when the current credit is up?

        • +1

          Yes, I'm interested in this question too @outthere. I'm a happy Lebara user and it just so happens my 360 day plan is expiring in May.

        • +1

          @jwunda: The long term plan voucher will stack to your current plan and will only start after it expires unless your current plan is Extra Small, Mini Mega or Extra Large as these three 30 days plans don't allow stacking. Hope this helps :)

        • +1


          Our Large 180 Day Plan on SALE. (Want longer? Buy 4)

          • So, if I buy 4 and added to my account, I'd get 720 days, with 16GB/M for the 2 years?
          • is 720 days the maximum? thanks!
        • +1

          @Jamesx: That's absolutely correct. You just need to apply all 4 vouchers before 30 April 2018 and yes 24 plans is the maximum allowance at this stage.

  • Not sure if the forum to ask, but what's Vodafone network like? Heavy WhatsApp user for voice calls so 4G quality/stability is important.

    • depends where you live/work/commute, etc

      • good point battler, thanks…. it's mostly inner Melbourne including CBD

        • +1

          Inner Melbourne including CBD would have great reception, easily 4G. It's only when you start getting more rural that you'll drop to 3G and then possibly to nothing at all. Any major cities and most surburbs that aren't country would be fine.

        • +2

          best bet is to pick up a 32GB $8 Kogan SIM and try it for a month and see if you like Voda

        • @battler:

          thanks… done :)
          (perhaps looked at wrong thing but only found 23GB not 32GB… whether a typo or whether I did something wrong, no matter, 23GB will be enough).

        • @jdee:
          Looks like the 32gb has been removed. Was there couple days ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/358731
          But yes, 23gb still plenty.

  • +3

    OP, any deals for 2/5GB plans please?

    • +1

      +1 looking to renew my 5gb plan by the end of march

      • +1, need a 5GB plan as well.

    • +1

      not for long term at the moment but if you are after a starter pack yes we do have 30 days plan starter pack running for $14.95(full value $29.90) until 25 Mar 2018 plus 10 GB activation bonus until 30 Apr 2018 of course.

      • starter pack no valid for existing customers?

        • nope I am sorry, starter packs are meant for new customers only

        • +2


          when do you think you will have discounts for existing customers for those plans?

        • @cumova:

          No set date yet. However compared to the last 5GB deal we ran you can get 11GB extra per month for just $3.34. Plus you get double the international credit so you are much better off with this.

        • +1


          Hi. I understand the value however i rather have $3.34 in my pocket then pay for things i do not use / need

        • @cumova:
          It means 3 more zapal "just pay shipping" free items per month right? :D

        • @cumova:

          You think I'd know OzBargainers by now right? $3.34 goes a long way on here.

          Sorry, can I get a mulligan on your original question?

          Short answer we don't have the product to discount yet.

        • @Outthere:

          lol just playing. but 3.34 is like 20% more than what I currently paid with Lebara..
          honestly i only use like 2gb data from the 5gb as im always on wifi
          and do not call internationally via mobile anyways.
          thanks OP

    • +1 deals on long term 5GB plans thanks op

  • Can you bring your current number to Lebara?

    • +1

      Of course you can. You just need to tick a little box for port in at the time of activation and you can bring your number from another service provider to Lebara

      • Thanks, didn't see any mention of it anywhere. Cheers.

        • You do now. I've edited the post. Thanks for the tip!

  • +1

    You will have to forgive me OP, I am a bit dim and seek clarity…
    If I buy one SIM pack on this deal ($119) and one recharge (also $119) that covers the next 360 days?
    And it will be 16GB of data for each and every 30 days, for the whole year?

    • -1

      It's 180 days.

      • +1

        Sorry to be pedantic, but do you mean, I am correct or is kevitotw?
        I know he was trying to be helpful, but I think he was wrong.
        If they stack, it's 360 days, surely?
        And if I activate both, it's 16gb every 30 days for 360 days?

        Edit: Saw your amended post, TY

        • Thanks for providing some information up there guys. Just to clarify if you buy one SIM pack on this deal ($119) and one recharge (also $119) that does cover the next 360 days. 10GB is part of the plan and you will get 6GB per month as bonus which makes it 16GB for the life of the plan if you recharge before 30 Apr 2018.

  • Bought the medium $99 180 5GB last month, can i purchase this and add it to my account straight away so it will start when my current plan finishes in July…?

    • Sure, apply it now. When your plan expires you'll be bumped up to the higher data and credit inclusions.

  • OP, I bought the last offer for the Medium package. I haven't activated the sim, nor haven't used the recharge code I got sent via email. I have to port my mobile number today though, since my current plant cuts on the 1st of the month. Can I activate that sim, ask a refund for that offer and buy this one instead?

    • Buy this too. The plans stack so you will be set for even longer.

  • Is this using Vodafone network?

    • ^^yes

      • I remember Lebara used to offer free sim for long distance call to China and a few other countries.
        Are they still available?

        • No. We don't do free SIMs except when they are provided free with a product.

  • So this is a better offer than the equivalent Kogan Mobile Plan? Kogan are wanting $254.30 for 16GB for a year. Is there any benefit of going with Kogan? Or with Lebara?

    • If you don't use international calls then there is no difference* between this and Kogan. Go for the best value. If you need international calls go Lebara every time.

      The real benefit of going with Lebara is you make me look good to the boss ;)

      *Same network and coverage.

    • On Kogan if you get referred you get $10, and you can buy a $50 voucher off eBay for $10. So the cost will become around $204.30. and 5 days extra.

  • Many thanks for following through on this arrangement as it is a huge step forward to include the international SMS and MMS options. This now has to be one of the comprehensive and competitively priced mobile plans on the market?

    A few weeks ago I bought a medium plan voucher on the understanding that you were close to doing this and that this would retrospectively be added to the medium and large plans when sorted.

    My medium plan voucher is about to kick in from the 4th March and I wonder if you are still intending to honour this arrangement so that we can all access this additional feature to these plans?

    • +4

      You were one of the most vocal for this feature and the reason I pushed the developers so hard to bring it quick.

      It's in the process of roll out to all plans with bundled IDD credit. Large is done. Medium should be done by the time your new plan kicks in. Feel free to send a PM if you have any questions.

      • +1

        The devs have just told me that this is done now on all plans. Unconfirmed until I can test it myself but it's info hot off the press so for you I'll share.

        If you're pleased upvote the deal. If I make the front page I get something cold and fizzy from the boss ;)

        • So unlimited international texts to countries we can all ready call on the 180 day medium plan?

        • @Uskompuf:

          Not quite. But you can now use the included credit for SMS & MMS. Baby steps.

        • You sound right for the domain SMS & MMS. How about Kogan's roll outs of quota upgrade, your intention tracking forward?

        • @Outthere:
          Oh ok, do you have the rates for international sms/mms. Any plans for unlimited sms/mms to selected countries on the medium plan?

  • +3

    Rep, can you do a discounted smaller plan with int'l calls, say 2gb per month?

    • +5

      We'll look into this. We aim to please.

  • So does that mean unlimited SMS and MMS to the 15 countries?

  • No, IDD credit can be used for international SMS and MMS and it is not unlimited. If you mean SMS & MMS Australia wide, yes it is unlimited.

  • Work out cheaper than Kogan 16gb 365 days plan if you buy 2 of this? 5 days less but with free international calls, still thinking.

    • Quota roughly doubled across the year/excellent against 192gb/360 per lot with IDD built in. Definitely a close race however, I'm offNBN the more data the better; I'll possibly just go Skype premium mins instead.

  • Wow! Shame I already had Kogan, or I’d be all over this…

  • +1

    OP, can you get the similar deal with unlimited calling to India, Calls to only registered family and friends just doesn't work with us.

    • I am guessing someone abused it and so they cancelled it. Go with Amaysim if you want unlimited to India.

      • wrong info. They never had it in the first place. That is what stopping me moving from Amaysim.

        • I'm currently with Amaysim and they have unlimited calling to India $30 for 28 days. This one is such a good deal and I would have switched if they had unlimited calling to India.

    • +1

      We hear you and we would love to bring this for you. We're working behind the scenes on options.

      • I'm sure lots of eyes will be on this.

  • HI Op,
    Can you bring some deals with extra large plan as I'd like to spam call more countries…

    • happy to take this back and see if we can do something in future. :)

  • If I am porting from another provider this $119 starter pack includes the new SIM and recharge? - i just have to port the number once I get the SIM?

    • yes, please make sure you order a sim pack not a recharge voucher. If you need more help while ordering please feel free to chat live with our care team on www.lebara.com.au. Once you receive your sim pack via post and pin number for long term plan via email you need to activate your sim from our website and make sure to tick a little box to port in your number from other provider at the time of activation.

  • Just an FYI in case you screw up like I did. I bought the 180 day plan and didn't cancel the 30 day auto-renewal. So if you top up on this plan, be sure to cancel the auto-top up.

  • I bought below last year and the voucher expires in about 3 months.

    360 Day SIM Pack - Unlimited Talk, Text & MMS + 5GB Every 30 Days

    I am very interested in this large plan, just don't know how I can switch to it. OP, Please suggest.

    • Same boat as zealotman. If we recharge to lebara large plan will it auto cancel the previous plan? Please give us idea.

      • Your long term voucher will stack to your current plan automatically unless you are on Extra Small, Small or Extra Large plan as these 3 plans dont allow stacking.

    • +1

      Just buy the recharge voucher now. You will receive the voucher code via email, which happens few hours after you buy. Once you have received the voucher codes, log into My Lebara (not my account) and click on recharge and put in the voucher codes and accept the terms and conditions. You will see that that recharge will show the new plan and expiry details. Only thing to note will be the new recharge would apply at the end of your current plan which as you say is in about 3 months.

      I did this earlier today.

      • Thank you so much.

      • Thank you. :)

      • Thank you so much

    • as you are already a Lebara customer you just need to order a recharge voucher https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/lebara-mobile.html (select Lebara recharge voucher) and apply the same to your account. You can do it now to avail 6GB bonus data before 30 April. It will automaitcally stack to your current long term plan. Recharge can be done frm our website or you can reach us on 126122 or live chat on www.lebara.com.au

  • +1

    What about a deal on 360 plan?

  • Hi @Outthere ,
    My Lebara 360 plan doesn't expire until June this year. Do you think there might be any other offers expected in the next few months?
    I think this one would mean I would waste 2 months on my existing?

    • +1

      nope you are not going to waste any of your current long term months. So, if you recharge with Large 180 days plan now it will automatically stack to your current long term plan and will only start after it finishes.

      • Why it's REGISTERED Family and Friends ONLY for India when you have all other countries -UNLIMITED…others have that included in countries list with unlimited calling ..

      • Ah ok. That's brilliant. Thank you

  • Upvoted for the deal and the rep. Pity though you don't have India on the country list.Is it because too many international calls to India?

    • You couldn't be more right. People talk A LOT to India. We would love to make this included for India too. I've shown many of these comments to the pricing team so people are working to make this a possibility.

  • Signed up today, and I am suggesting to my son that he does the same.
    I have used Lebara in the past without problem.
    Everyone I want to ring is in either Australia, the UK, USA or NZ, and those countries are on the Unlimited list. And I am never gong to get near 16gb a month.
    So for the next year [less a bit], my phone will cost me $238, tops.
    Good deal, many thanks OP.

    • Glad to know that :)

      • can you please bring up a deal like this? I want to buy two vouchers.

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