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25% off Your Total Order (Minimum Spend $10) @ McDonald's (MyMacca's App Required)


The 25% off with $10 minimum spend is back in the My Macca's app. May possibly be targeted. Looks like everyone can access this offer. Expires 11:59pm on March 8. Orders must be placed through the app or if used in-store, to be shown to staff or entered into a ordering kiosk screen. My personal recommendation of an example bargain is ordering 4 small cheeseburger meals and paying only $9! Cheap family lunch!

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  • Anyone got 40?

  • Had 4x McFeast meals yesterday with 40%.
    Don't think i'll bite with only 25%.

  • 40% must be targeted to people who haven't bought through the app recently. I didn't get the 40% last week either but I have a maccas 100m from my house and order through the app more than I would care to admit to.

    • Sounds like the store is in your pocket rather than 100m away. Must be hard to stop spending at Maccas with arrangements like that I imagine.

  • I went to use the 40% last night but then noticed they don't have the family dinner boxes listed on the app.
    Pretty crap app if you ask me.

    • You can scan the code in store.

      • How do you scan the qr code on the kiosk?

        • When you're on the category screen, press the red "Offers" button. Because I can't seem to get the scanner to work, I then press "Enter by Hand" which brings up the keyboard for you to enter the 4 character code which is on the same screen as the QR code in your app.

        • @melbourne guy:

          Oh i see thanks

          Also does the qr code have a time limit before it expires? ( not the expiry for the promotion but expiry for the qr code)

          Also can you use the 25% multiple times? ( each time i press scan on the app it gives me a different 4 character code)

        • @Triton:
          The QR code doesn't have a time limit. The offer will remain available until it's actually used. The QR code / code is only valid while it's open on your phone screen. Leaving the screen and using the same code later on will not work, which means it's single use unfortunately.

        • @melbourne guy:

          oh thats a bummer because i dont have data on my phone … is it safe to use the free maccas wifi?

        • @Triton:
          I wouldn’t recommend using it for any personal stuff like emails and bank accounts, but for general browsing and the My Maccas app, you should be fine. Other people have had issues trying to connect though so keep that in mind.

      • You can also give the 4 character code at the drive thru window before payment.

  • +2 votes

    Went to use my 40% off yesterday and the app would not work on mobile data. "WiFry" would not connect at all.
    Thanks to the staff who were kind enough to give me that discount without the app.

  • The app has been terrible the last few weeks, orders submitted end up totally different at the window which causes utter chaos. My last order for Sml McFeast Meal + BigMac ended up being 3 x each of those + a Large Frappe. Store manager ended up coming out giving me my original order + about $15 cash as they assumed ide be charge for the order they could see. In the end I was never charged a cent, no confirmation email, nothing.

  • The app is so bad, it's frustrating.
    If anyone gets "Something glitchy happened" when trying to pay, close the app and start again.

  • I got 25%, I'll be getting two McFeast with Small Drink and Small Fries for $7.50 again.

  • Worst thing is all the fast food eating when theres a good deal

  • I got 2 McFeast meals and requested to remove the meat patties as we are vegetarian. Once I got home I noticed extra meat patties were added. Any point telling them? Not worth driving back.

  • Sadly, I use the app almost every day and I’m yet to have an issue not caused by myself (forgetting to change the store).

    I’ve never used it in store but the drive thru has always been flawless. So I’m surprised to see all of these comments about the app being terrible, it’s one of the few restaurant apps that actually works!

  • 2 mcfeast meals for $7.50 seemed like a great idea until I stood up again afterwards. If anyone needs me I'll be in cubicle 2 for the afternoon.
    Thanks OzBargain!

  • so annoyed at this app,
    applied discount, it says discount applied when you pay,
    been there done it beforem

    its always nervew wracking when the app is shit,

    came up with the total minus the 25%, gave the order number

    drive to maccas, collect order and get a msg from my bank ive been charged the full amount,

    get home and realise one burger missing

    • Contact them via their website. Was a known issues I ended getting a voucher.

      • Sent them a reply. And I got a call. From the store manager plus a reply. From general support.

        Very happy with their response.

        I've emailed head office telling them of that particular managers greatness

  • Hi How do u order a Family Meal $19.95 through the app cant find it or do u have to do every item by its self.

    • If you want to buy a family meal and get the 25% off, you have to order it in person at the counter / drive thru or enter the coupon into a ordering kiosk screen.


    Has the app completely bricked for anyone else?