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[NSW] L’OR Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Box (10 Capsules) $2.49 (Was $6.59) @ Supabarn Sans Souci


Just spotted these capsules at my local Supabarn.
Not as good as the 5 free capsules deal but still a bargain!
Ristretto, Profondo and Splendente varieties available.Apart from the original Nespresso ones, these capsules are my favorite, especially since they upgraded the plastic pods with aluminium ones.

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    Great find!

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    L'Or capsules are high quality product. Columbia is my favourite.

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    I wonder if its available at other stores

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    What is Supabarn?


      Supabarn is a supermarket chain based in Canberra with shops across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales in Australia with its head office located in Braddon, Canberra. Wikipedia
      Founded: 1991
      Number of employees: 800+

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        Aren't these guys getting bought out by Coles? Or was it IGA/Metcash?


          Coles bought about six stores from Supabarn last year. From memory the ACCC blocked Coles from taking a few additional locations. I think reports at the time indicated Supabarn’s owners wanted to downsize somewhat.

          I believe Supabarn are supplied through Metcash.

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    Be careful on L'OR discounting and expiry dates on the pods, last time I bought some on sale they had a only 8 weeks left on expiry.


      Good point! I only kept one box from yesterday(the rest are in the capsule holder). Expiry 13/8/18…they will be gone long before that date :)

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      It's a best before date, not an expiry date.

      L'OR moved to aluminium capsules to preserve the freshness of the coffee, at least that's what their marketing spiel said at the time. I bought a heap of these today, which will probably last beyond the best before date, doubt I'll notice any difference.

      For reference the ones I got today
      Red - 17/4/18
      Mauve - 24/7/18
      Black - 13/8/18


        I know you can open a tin of coffee 25 years old and brew it- (pls don't ask me how I know)!

        Sure it might be bad by then )it suffers from dry rot just like your house frame does), but it won't kill you.

        The rule of thumb for cafes (that care) is that beans should be consumed 3-14 days after being roasted. Beyond that, it tastes increasingly dull.

        When ground and stuffed in a capsule, some air removed, it will last better, but nothing like beans do. It simply won't be more than a week or 2 (if constantly cold) before it's lost any hope of a fresh flavour. I can't see any capsules getting to you via a supermarket within 2 weeks of production, and in many they can be on the shelf for weeks or more.

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        I have the DeLonghi latisima nespresso.. and in my previous company, we had a full-blown retail coffee machine and training provided on how to use it. (Though, I'll admit I could never get the milk frothing design right).

        I'd have to disagree about taste, sure it's a personal preference thing also, but the taste is just not the same at all. The crema + flavour and taste that a good coffee machine creates, paired with the fact you can choose your own beans (and over time find your favourite from all parts of the world) the handy little Nespresso simply cannot match, unfortunately.
        Also My nespresso doesn't quite get the temperature right, to my taste - I almost always put it in the micro for 20 secs on low heat.

        But like you said.. the time saving and not the mention the mess a manual coffee machine makes is certainly a hassle!


          I didn't said, its same as expresso machine coffee but for the time and effort, its do the job. Way better than instant coffee. Then again I'm not a coffee snob :)


    Any other stores?

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    Cheapest Coles ever had them was $3 upon introduction. Looks like we finally found the wholesale price.


      At this deal's pricing capsules cost 10-15c when bought full of coffee on special like this.

      Choice did a test of all these recently and Nespresso's were the best of all capsules but that didn't mean much as all they scored was 6.5/10, IIRC.

      Hardly cheap though, if spending 25c/cup (let alone .50c as many do), I'd want a lot better taste than 6.5/10, not to mention some consistency.


    UPDATE: Still in stock as of 6/3/2018 - 8pm. Also, the non-sale pods are $6.59 a packet but when I took them to the counter they reduced them back down to $2.49.

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