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Dyson DC29 Bagless Vacuum $348 Good Guys Coffs Harbour


Hi guys,

purchased the Dyson DC29 Bagless vacuum from The Good Guys Coffs Harbour today for $348. Advertised in their catalogues for $398. Reckon it's a worthy bargain!

Here is my receipt: http://upload.ozbargain.com/2010/12/19/5046_12-20-2010_12_58...

Here is the catelogue deal: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/coffsharbour/store/ProductDis...

Here is the official site: http://www.dyson.com.au/store/product.asp?product=DC29

I can post up a copy of my receipt if needed.

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  • how do you get it for $348 when the catalogue is $398?

    • just having a sale on them I guess!

    • +1

      lets see..

      bargain with them?

  • This is $629 in myer! As a consolation they are offering 15% off that price til today

  • +2

    This deal sucks…but in a good way! :D

  • Receipt would be great!

  • I recommend Miele over this any day.

    • thanks for the opinion… but this is a bargain none-the-less!

  • I have this Dyson and it works a treat, especially with the turbine head that I bought extra. I got it about this time last year from the Good Guys for $387 plus $84 for the turbine head. Miele is a good brand but I doubt there would be any noticeable improvement over a Dyson with a turbine head.

  • Can you please upload the receipt, i am intrested to buy one

  • Thanks for the receipt

  • thanks for the receipt, I managed to get a price match!! :-)

    • where did you get it from? Vic or NSW? I bought one yesterday from Taylors Lakes,VIC & they said they can't price match since it's a NSW store! However if I can produce a receipt from a VIC Store they happy to refund the difference.

      • I bought it in a VIC Harvey Norman store with price match(written on the receipt),
        they have to ask the big boss which is not in uniform to get the deal,
        they said they are losing money, so they seem like not too happy/friendly…. :-P

        cheapest in Goodguys was quoted $379, they won't go any lower no matter how hard I try!!
        Harvey Norman next door quoted me $372(lowest quote), so it's a $24 saving from $348
        I had bad experience with QV Harvey Norman, but seem like there're differences by stores & person
        good luck on your try!

      • Do you want a Vic receipt?

  • I priced matched in Victoria with this receipt. No hassles and matched straight away. Thanks!

  • GoodGuys Belconnen ACT wouldnt budge below $379 either even when I produced the receipt. She asked the franchisee as well I noticed (the chump with the photo planted everywhere) :) Bing Lee and Harvey is a good 20 min drive so for $31 I couldnt be bothered. Also on a side note I rang the Coffs harbour store and they (small electical)quoted me $395 with 6 left in stock. Congrats on the $348 but at $379 im still happy seeming it usally retails for $629.

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    even with the copy of the receipt Rockdale good guy will not do it and the manager there so rude he could will call himself the bad guy.First time in a good guy shop and will be the last time.
    He keep saying he will not be beaten on price but not will to match it……a white man but not speak english or something ?

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