This was posted 9 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 37% off 500g ($40.95) 200g ($17.64) and 40g ($4.10) Bags of Jerky + Shipping Costs @ Geronimo Jerky


WE JUST WON FIRST PLACE for our SIDEWINDER flavour at Mr. Chillis

500g bag now included due to overwhelming demand. With a saving of over $24.00 it wont last long.

Purchase our Easter special (code word - bunny) 37% off of either 500g bags, 200g bags or 40g bags of ANY of OUR multi award winning beef jerky and we will send you a free sample with order..

Eat your free sample :-)
Hop onto our Facebook page and like us if you don’t already.
On our Facebook page write a review of our new flavour - 5 random winners will be selected on Easter Day and we will send you a free 40g bag of the new flavour.
On our Facebook page let us know what you would call our new flavour
We will pick the top five names and have everyone who wants to vote on it do so-one vote per person. The person whose flavour name gets voted as the favorite wins a 200g bag of Geronimo jerky for 12 months.

Things you need to know.

Geronimo Jerky intend on getting your jerky to you asap and well before Easter.
We will Cook and pack your order in the first week. There will be up to ten working days from order before order will be sent out as this is a massive sale. SA, WA, TAS, NTs will be sent first as delivery is longer than other states. Any issues or questions please contact us on this dedicated email

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    Hey… Your checkout process seems to not be secured?? What's up with that?


      Hey Codify, How do you mean? I can get someone to look at it.


        I mean that it asks for personal information to be submitted on an unsecured page.

      • +3 votes

        What he means is that you are not using https where you should be. The login page for example, this is transmitting your username and password and can easily be intercepted in plain text as it is not encrypted with ssl. Ok just tried to run your site in https and you don't even have the protocol handled, that's pretty bad to be honest. Try going to .. and boom! I just went through the whole site, including the cart and checkout and none of it is secured. I'd get someone onto that right away, and I'd have a stern word to your web developers too.


          +1 to this.

          Worked IT roles for 16+ years.

          Whoever did your webpage, dump them NOW and if the payment was to "provide an online store", start legal charge backs right away.
          They didn't deliver.

          If you guys DIY'd it, kudos for effort, but at least hire the university freshman looking for some pocket money to properly implement HTTPS protocol (and certificate).

          Or, take the lazy route, and just make your shop link to a PayPal shop.
          Cheap, simple, trusted, secure.


      Yep, checkout is insecure….OMFG lol.

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    Some of the jerky beef quality is so bad. Bought last time for australia day and had heaps of thin slices that were like plastic and so hard to chew.

    My partner and i both got ulcers and jaw pain after eating it. Wont be buying anymore until they go back to original quality.


      Hey Chase,

      I agree it was a little dry back in January but we have adjusted times and have even won first place in a national beef jerky competition on Friday.

      As we cant adjust the thickness of the slicing, the slicing machine is the same dimensions/thickness it has been for the past four years. We have adjusted the cooking time and cooking environment. We are happy with the product coming out so I hope you come back one day :-)


        Is that the Mr Chilli competition?
        I'm genuinely surprised you managed to out-class Silvers in any category!

        I don't mean that as an attack on your product!!!!
        I've tried your jerky, its pretty damn good!!

        But as a Jerky addict, Silvers just always set the bar for me.
        There's something pure and non-processed about his style.

        All I can see really, is that by the looks of it, your ingredients list Wheat?

        That'll be why my household always had Silvers around;
        I now live alone, so it doesn't bother me, but a few years back, Silvers (verbally) promise Gluten Free (and in my experience, it was).

        I'm going to have to specifically come by the shop and pick up some Sidewinder to try… Anything that beats Silvers automatically gets into my "Gotta try some'a'that!" books!

  • +4 votes

    Agree. Has the quality on these changed? Understand it’s a dry jerky but my bags were inedible. Bought 4 different flavours, all the same. Like chewing on hard cardboard.

    Such a shame as I loved these

  • +2 votes

    We purchased Jims Jerky & Geronimo jerky earlier this year. Jims was magnitudes better than Geronimo jerky. Now i'm a little pissed off… Geronimo knew that there jerky was too dry, what a jerky.


    You still do not have a secure checkout. Without a secure checkout, customers personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email etc. is being sent in clear text. This information can be used for identify theft. This is bad.

    I would be quite upset at your web designers, who appear to be WANAus Web Design. This is really basic stuff, and completely unprofessional.


    Can we collect in store?

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