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Acer Predator XB271HU 27" 1440p 144hz G-Sync IPS $799.20 Delivered @ OnLine Computer eBay


10 available at time of posting. I'm looking for a monitor that's about half this price, but thought I'd share this for those with more spendable than me. I know that OnLine Computer has a bit of a weird history with OzB but cheap is cheap!

Since everyone seems to be missing it - this is an IPS panel not the TN version.

Thanks to shrodes for the copy of details paste below

Item price: AU $999.00
-AU $199.80
Your price: AU $799.20

Screen size: 27 inches
Screen mode: WQHD
Resolution: 2560 x 1440
Response time: 4 ms
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Refresh rate: 144Hz (overclocking to 165Hz)
Pixel pitch: 0.233 mm
Backlight technology: LED
Panel technology: In-plane Switching (IPS)
Tilt angle: -5° to 35°
Swivel angle: Yes
Maximum adjustable height: 5 inches
4 USB 3.0

Original 20% off Selected Sellers at eBay Deal Post

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    not cheap enough for me, waiting for this to be sub $300 before I can afford one :(

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      I'll make sure to PM you in 5 years

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        Thanks mate, can't wait!!!

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          I bought a Korean 1440p monitor about 5 years ago that I've had overclocked to 110Hz the whole time. Cost me about $300USD.

          Korean monitor club thread is still active: http://www.overclock.net/forum/44-monitors-displays/1384767-...


          @TenaciousTom: The Korean monitor is what I'm currently using, its a Crossover brand but it isn't overclock able.

          I bought mine 6yrs ago and is still going strong. Surprised to see how much more they cost now compared to back then due to gain in popularity.



          How do you overclock ur monitor??!


          @TenaciousTom: I think the colour gamut is supposed to be fairly poor on korean cheap monitors although they look good for what they display.


          @ywaa1124: Increase the refresh rate until it stops displaying frames properly.


    Any deals on ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q ?

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      Not the same. You linked to TN panel version, this is for IPS


        Fair call, my search returned the A at the end. My Apologise


        this is for IPS Sparta!


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    Always do your research before jumping on the Ebay 20% off deals. At best this would be 20 cent shipping.

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    While I agree with the posters above, this exact same offer (from Futu eBay) did hit the front page with 90 votes only 1 month ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/360550


    patiently waiting for HDR monitors

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    I bought one of these for $850 last week. Comes with HDMI and Displayport cables but only the 'full' variants - my graphics card only has Mini-DP and the DP-to-miniDP adapters I tried gave me a lot of headaches. An end to end DP/miniDP cable solved all my problems. Save yourself some trouble and check beforehand to see if you'll need a separate cable.

    Fantastic monitor though, my old 970 can't handle 1440p 165hz in most games but gsync is a real game changer.


      Where was it for $850? Im looking to buy this monitor but not game enough to buy it from over east (im in WA). In case for warranty issues.


        It was at MSY, I thought that was their regular price but they're at $889 right now.

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    This is the best all round featured monitor you can get at the moment until 4K/HDR/G-Sync/144hz ones come out (Although they'll probably be ~$1500). I've had this monitor for a year and a half now and it's truly amazing. G-Sync and High refresh rate make it so that you never have to worry about stutter and tearing ever again. IPS colours are beautiful and 1440p strikes a perfect balance between higher fidelity and still having a PC that can run it. I've seen 4K monitors and honestly it's hard to see the difference. However, 1440p vs 1080p I can spot straight away.


    If you're picky about your monitors, avoid predator XB and ASUS ROG monitors until further notice. They have issues with QC: backlight bleed, ghosting, artifacting, flickering, glow, screen tearing at 60+fps, and of course dead pixels, are some of the common issues with this monitor.

    I work at a computer retailer we have about 5% return rate for just one SKU of these monitors. (2% is considered high). We had 7 predator monitors in warranty just last week.


      Sadly this is the reason I settled for a TN version of this monitor


    They must make a lot of profit on this as the Sony 4K 49” is similar in price.


    does anyone know the differences between Acer Predator XB271HUA and Acer XB271HU? which would be better for gaming?


      Hua TN panel and Hu is an IPS panel - do your own research to see what you would prefer but essentially TN will always be a bit faster but it's colours are not going to be as rich/consistent as an IPS display.
      That said IPS have their own shortcomings - slightly greater delay, and backlight bleed can be a problem

      Ultimately it's personal preference

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    Ugh I want it so bad, but I just can't justify the price. Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd monitor for cheaper? Needs to be 1440p, 27", 100Hz+ and at least 5ms response time. I can do with either TN or IPS, and G-Sync isn't a necessity

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      That's exactly what I'm after too and I can't anything that fits the bill either!

      Think I'm going to just end up with the cheapy Viewsonic VA2719-2k and pray it can o/c to 80hz and call it a day :/


        Looks decent!

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          Yeah it's great for the price, 3 year local warranty, but it's no 100hz+ and it doesn't have amazing IO options.

          Another option is the Korean Crossover 27VV off Amazon.com.au for $399, older design monitor but 75hz out of the box.

          I'm totally stumped on what to pull the trigger on :(


          @tellhimhesdreaming: Yeah I've been really interested in the Korean monitors, but they are such a pain to get to Oz

          EDIT: Just realized you mentioned Amazon.com.au, not the US site… very interesting indeed…

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          If it's of any interest here is my forum post with the monitors I am still deciding between: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366209

          The other curveball I've since added is the Lenovo P27H on ebay with 20% off for about $424 delivered. Has USB-C and a stand and all that goodness too, but sadly still only 60hz.

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      I found this today, the price seems unreal but you can have a look



        Looks amazing and I was about to buy.. but pretty sure that's US prices?

        Edit: it is US and doesn't ship to Oz. $990 in AU

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          yea sorry about that, I nearly brought it as well =(

          I heard there are logistic companies which can receive the item and send to Australia as well. I am guessing if we do that, the total cost maybe around 650 Aud which is still good. But I am not too sure about the world's warranty in Australia, as well as which delivery companies to choose from.

          All these efforts might as well get it in Aus hahah