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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: G935F 32GB Black $575.20, G935FD 32GB (Dual SIM) Black $543 Shipped [HK] @ Shopping Square


Bought one for my other half AU stock but then wanted one for myself. These are grey stock but good prices I thought.

Fantastic phone still in my opinion with good screen, excellent camera and reasonably good battery life (upgrading from a Redmi Note 4x)

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-Edge-S7-G935FD-4G... for the dual SIM version, which I have read gets less frequent OS update.

I am sticking with Android 6 for now anyway.

Original 20% off 28 Stores @ eBay Deal Post Thanks to nocure - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366250

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  • Personally Id pay the extra $50 for the AU warranty for the s7 (Big W)…. They have been this price (and less) for AU stock and will be again soon Id say…

  • personally i'd pay an extra $100- $200 for the s8/ s8 plus.

  • Personally i would for s9 around $800 mark in few months time on ebay 20% discount on Local Au seller.

  • This phone is old.


    xiao mix2 for 534Aud is a much better deal.

    • Looks good with its specs but reason I have chosen the S7 Edge is the camera. It's incredible in low light and from what I have read the S8 doesn't really improve on this as it's already one of the best. Also is the Mix 2 waterproof? The S7 Edge may replace our waterproof camera on our holidays.

      S7 Edge also has slow motion video capture, will help with my girls' golf swing analysis.

  • Be really careful with this phone, unless you have a full wallet type case on it.
    Normal phone case wont protect the screen (as the edge pops out). Dropped it twice and cracked the screen on both times.
    And $260 a pop to fix it.

    • +1 vote

      Agreed. Wish it didn't have the curved glass. A real annoyance of a design.

    • That applies to pretty much any smart phone nowadays. So many brands and models being sold on ebay, gumtree and marketplace with damaged screens. A suspicious person would think the phone manufacturers are purposely making them fragile.

  • Once you start using USB Type C connectors on phones you don't want to go back…