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Buy a 3 Game North Melbourne AFL Membership and Receive a Free Upgrade to 11 Games - $109 Today Only


March with North in 2018 and buy a 3-game membership and receive a FREE upgrade to an 11 game-membership!

Member benefits include:

Priority three access to purchase a Grand Final ticket (if North Melbourne qualify)
Priority access to finals tickets in Weeks 1 to 3 (if North Melbourne qualify)
Access to general admission seating on Level 3
10% off at the Roo Shop
Member pack, including cap or scarf*, lanyard and ticket wallet, bumper sticker and fixture magnet
*Entry is subject to capacity and may not be guaranteed

*Victorian members must collect their cap or scarf from the membership hub on game day

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North Melbourne Football Club

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  • +1

    Shinboners are really desperate.

    They will be paying their members to turn up in 2018.

    • Like with GWS ?

      • +5

        give GWS a break, it's difficult for the majority of their members to get to games since they're travelling from Victoria, South Australia and WA

        • GWS should be called the Bones. Sydney is the Bloods.

        • @Putnum: South Melbourne were the Bloods but that is the Sydney Swans main supporter base

    • +28

      No, A bit like us, having no choice but to look through ur useless post.

      • Mahh hero

      • +1

        having no choice

        You can use the hide button, but you choose not too…

        • You can make useful/on topic comments and heed the sea of negative votes, rather than selfishly tell others they must self-censor this website, but you choose not to

        • +1

          You got my upvote for saying something useful, didn’t know that Jv. Hide button activated

        • +1

          had him hidden for a while now, contributes nothing of usefulness.

        • @ripsnorter:
          Haha you emphasised the wrong word.

        • @linton:
          I emphasised the exact word I wanted to. My joke must have been too subtle for you ;)

        • @ripsnorter:
          Ahh, two true! highlighting more so than emphasising. I hadn't even noticed, I just read it as if it was spoken and it was going my head in. :)

  • -3

    North is going to spoon this year

    • +6

      That’s what they’ve said about North every year since 2001, yet North have consistently made finals. This has infuriated so many in the media (for obvious reasons and interests) which makes following them so good.

      Now they’re in a financial position to be able to finish down the bottom and handle the temporary drop in membership so I’m more than fine seeing them loser or a season or two providing they can draft and trade well with the resulting picks. Very nice draft coming up too!

    • Bottom six is their plan.

  • +1

    TBH, if you are a North Melbourne supporter, and can get to / want to go to more than 3 games during the season, it is a good deal.
    The deal can only be compared with buying an 11-game membership, which is a lot more $$$.

  • +39
    • +7

      Only Victorian team, but credit for that.

      West Coast and Freo certainly don't.

      • I'm sure if they legally could, they probably would.

        • Eagles legitimately have more money then they can spend, so no chance they would

          Freo doing very very well financially too so its very doubtful they would either

        • +3

          @freoleo: That's true, both WA clubs are doing extremely well financially, but to try and make it out that both WCE and Freo don't do it cause they've 'taken a stance against them' which is disingenuous as we don't know what they'd do if they were legally allowed to have them.

          (Just so people who aren't in WA know, WA doesn't allow pokies anywhere else in the state apart from at Crown casino).

        • @freoleo: both clubs take money from the betting companies for sponsorship. They definitely would have pokies and any other practical revenue stream if they could.

        • @freoleo: West Coast would Do ANYTHING for extra money. It's not a case of needing it, it's a case of denying it to others.

    • +5

      Brisbane Lions with their 200 pokie machines leeching money from the poorest and most vulnerable yet still can't get the club running out of the red.

    • -1

      but if your keen to gamble, go to saints pokies where your odds at winning are far higher..

    • +3

      The hypocrisy of those Vic clubs that do, "Essendon, Hawthorn, Geelong, St Kilda, Richmond, Carlton, Western Bulldogs, Melbourne and Collingwood share about $90 million"

      They all go out in the community trying to generate a positive image, getting photos with the kids…

    • +2

      Kudos to Kangaroos. I don't know many machines Port Adelaide has, but they are winding them down. They have gotten rid of a third of them in the last few years and will eventually not have any.

    • +1

      Their only pokies venture lost them money, that's why they bailed out. If it was raking in the $, they'd still have them.

      • +5

        they lost their licence thru ……. objectionable activity. then became anti pokie warriors.

        LOL norf

    • Logged in just to upvote.

  • Its a good saving but only 8 home games at Ethihad - 3 at Blundstone.

  • $109 for 11 games! My 11 game membership set me back $999 this year (though admittedly it was not the cheapest offering).

    • Was about the price I paid during Ports minor premiership years. Absolute steal for never witnessing a loss 😂

  • +3

    Wow. I might even buy that and i'm not a North supporter. LOL

    • Seriously?
      It is a good deal, but it is North Melbourne! I think you would have to be a Roos supporter to even consider this.

      • I like football, but I do live a fair way away from Docklands

  • +1

    Dammit. Why can't Essendon do something like that. Right now the Essendon 3 game pack is $80 and the 'Blockbuster 6' is $180.

    • +1

      Because it is North Melbourne!
      I'm pretty sure they will not be swamped with sign-ups today, but you never know.

    • Because the Bombers aren't desperate like North.

      • Desperation like loading your players up with performance enhancing drugs…….

  • -1

    Any body who wants to go to a gf in 2018 would buy this

  • +3


  • +2

    Surely South Melbourne football club should be doing the same deal! Go the swanies

  • $109 seems a bit steep for 3 games…lucky the throw in an extra 11

  • +1

    fyi just bought it - its actually $99 …

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