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[Android/iOS] Human Anatomy Atlas 2018: Complete 3D Human Body $1.39/$1.49 (Was $35.99 / $38.99) @ GP/iTunes Store


iOS App Here

Rated 4.6/4.9 out of 5. Back again for a great price, this app is extremely helpful in understanding the body for a great price. Similar information would be quite expensive and time consuming to read in books I believe. I have noted in previous deals that this is quite popular so thought it was worth posting :)

Download size is approximately 1GB so if you require the device space, I would recommend giving it a miss.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 Edition is the go-to 3D anatomy reference app for healthcare professionals, students, and professors. The app includes comprehensive male and female 3D gross anatomy models, select microanatomy of tissues and organs, cadaver slices and diagnostic images that are paired with 3D cross-sections, and interactive animations of muscles and bones.

What do you get with Human Anatomy Atlas 2018?

Extensive library of content vetted by a team of medical experts
- Explore thousands of 3D anatomical structures in the male and female models
- See structures from all body systems: nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive
- Delve into the microanatomy of tissues and special organs, including nephrons and alveoli
- Watch muscle movements demonstrated in rotatable moving 3D animations
- Compare 3D cross-sections side-by-side with cadaver images and diagnostic images

Encyclopedic reference and study content, in 7 languages
- Detailed definitions, Latin names, and English pronunciations
- Descriptions of injuries, diseases, and pathologies
- 1,000+ question test bank for quizzing and improving anatomy mastery
- Language settings include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and simplified Chinese

Powerful search engine, preset views, and easy-add features
- Search or browse for the anatomy you need to study or show
- Add anatomy or dissect
- Save, annotate, and share visuals. Create a Favorites library.
- Use the Tour feature to create a visual presentation

As always, enjoy!

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  • +4

    For the reduced price I would highly recommend this app for those studying anatomy, medicine or related fields. Compared Essential Anatomy 5, this app is much more detailed but it also means it demands more from your device.

    • Most students have the latest and greatest on a plan they can't afford anyway :P IMHO

      • -7

        unnecessary comment [IMHO]

  • +3

    What about the in-app purchases?

    • Reproductive organs are an added feature

  • +1

    My wife updated her 2017 for free. Thanks for the heads up.

    • +2

      Wow awesome! Was it just a free install of this one if you have the 2017 installed already?

      • It appears to be the same app. I just checked through my iTunes. It just offered an update (I also bought it last year). It is possible for app developers to rename the name of the app it seems.

  • +2

    We use in our Anatomy lab @ uni. they are ***** (5 Stars) for that price!

  • +3

    Thanks doweyy.
    Now I can finally understand how Scab functions.

  • +7

    What are these in-app purchases costing $10.99-$27.99???

    • It says the in app purchase is a “Patient Education Animation for $30.99”. So there’s no animation if you don’t get the pack?

  • I think Amazon appstore used to offer this for free

  • Is it released every year? E.g. 2017?

    • +14

      Thanks for giving us an example.

  • On sale now!
    NEW! Augmented Reality for mobile devices! Turn any room into an anatomy lab. The Augmented Reality (AR) features for Android REQUIRE: Android 7 (Nougat) and a Google Pixel phone or certain Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and Note8 models.

    How does this work

    • +1

      Had a go with it, it attempts to place the model somewhere against your camera feed, and tries to keep it in place as you walk around it. Like when you're looking at an ar card, minus the card.

  • +3

    Can you download the app to SD card so most of the 1gb is on the SD card?

  • Is there a desktop version of this program?

    • +2

      You can Here but it's not on sale at the moment unfortunately.

    • +1

      Pay for android app, download android emulator for PC & run it on desktop.

      • Any emulator recommendations?

  • I found the program to be really slow - does anyone know where the exit button is for the app?

  • Anyone know how do you get into the AR mode on iOS??

  • Lost me at "The app includes… cadaver slices" (from Play store description). I think I'll leave this one for medical professionals/students!


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