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4K Movies (to Buy) Including The Prestige & Interstellar $4.99ea (Were $19.99) @ iTunes


iTunes has several good deals on 4K films at the moment. 4K iTunes films can currently be played at native 4K with HDR support through an Apple TV 4K, or at higher than HD resolution (varies depending on the screen resolution of the device) with HDR support on the iPad Pro or iPhone X. Any other Apple devices or playback through a PC will currently download in HD resolution. 4K support for other devices is likely to be added throughout 2018.

Combine with this deal for 15% off iTunes Cards: and with Cash Rewards for further discounts.

The discounted films include:
The Prestige: $4.99, was $19.99
Interstellar: $4.99, was $19.99
Me Before You: $4.99, was $19.99
We Are Blood: $6.99 was $11.99
Predator: $7.99 was $10.99
King Kong: $9.99 was $11.99
Snoopy and Charlie Brown - The Peanuts Movie: $9.99 was $12.99
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: $9.99 was $24.99
The Martian: $9.99 was $12.99
21 Jump Street: $9.99 was $19.99
Fury: $9.99 was $19.99
Philadelphia: $9.99 was $16.99

Other cheap 4K films that are still decent prices but have been cheaper in the past:
Apollo 13: $9.99
Independence Day: $10.99
Mrs. Doubtfire: $10.99
Edward Scissorhands: $10.99
Home Alone: $10.99
Tomb Raider: $10.99
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan: $10.99
Original Bourne Trilogy films: $11.99 each
Battle of the Sexes: $12.99
Life of Pi: $12.99
The Revenant: $12.99
X-Men Apocalypse, Days of Future Past and X2: $12.99 each

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  • By the way interstellar is free now Optus movie box, just saying

  • Don't believe they are 4k versions on Netflix. Suppose the TVs upscaling will take care of things.

  • Some decent movies in that list. Recently picked up Mrs Doubtfire & Apollo 13 to remember younger days.

    I'm actually really enjoying 4K content on my ATV 4K. Sure, it'll probably never match true 4K blu ray, but it's just so convenient to buy through iTunes and the pricing isn't too bad especially when on sale compared to buying in retail where not that many places stock much of a range, and even then, the pricing is usually at a premium to regular blurays. (and yes I wait for JB's 20% off).

    • Share a purchase of physical media with a friend, colleague or family member - that’s now 50% off; or, later, sell out on eBay, that’s another discount; or, gift to your neighbour for priceless harmony; or, etc.
      When you look wider, physical media is a better ROI.

      • Physical is still king.
        Better quality and can be resold which comes out a lot cheaper.

        • Yes, the same is true for Switch games.

          But sometimes the physical media is just more "stuff" to manage.

        • @Crocfreefree:

          All games too. I can share them like books. This new digital way prevents that. It’s pretty bad imo.

        • @T1OOO: I enjoy physical media too but digital media does not really prevent sharing. Why not just set up family sharing or a joint account for family/close friends and pool your digital libraries together? Then everyone can watch one another's films from home without the need to transport discs back and forth between each other.

        • @mr_me450:

          too much of a hassle then just taking something of the shelf, that dosnt have to have an account also……..

        • @T1OOO: Takes about 5 mins to setup then you have access to up to 5 people's libraries of film and music libraries no matter where you are or what device you use. If that's too much hassle then that's your choice I guess.

        • @mr_me450:

          yep sure mate, and needs 1, a computer, 2, internet, 3, router to the tv…

          come on dude, b serious

        • @T1OOO: If your TV can support input from a blu ray player then it can support input from a PC. If you're lacking a computer and Internet in 2018, then yes, physical media is your best choice.

        • @mr_me450:

          Not many people can stream at 4k quality. Despite it being 2018. Perhaps 2028.

        • @T1OOO: It's really up to you isn't it; if you don't like streaming content or digital film libraries then don't use them. For people that do there are some good deals here. As for streaming speeds anyone with a 25mbps connection should be fine. That's a decent cable internet plan or anything mid tier and up through any NBN provider. If that's not you or not your thing then fine, you don't need to come here justifying it. I have plenty of physical blu-rays and a large digital library too; the two don't have to be mutually exclusive.

        • @mr_me450:

          yep, just pointing out the fact that copanies are screwing us and people are just rolling over and taking it up the back side, but hey, if that suits you all the better, more power to ya.

      • I amassed a large dvd collection, and then blu-ray, and now I live in a small apartment with very limited space. I don't want to throw out the movies, but they are close to worthless to sell (and I also don't want to lose them in some ways). They are now stacked behind each other on an IKEA bookcase after negotiating with the wife as to not getting rid of them.

        At least with iTunes, it takes up minimal physical space, and they even upgraded me to 4K for free when available.

        Sure, physical may be better quality than streaming, and it has potential resale value (although in my experience I don't tend to sell this stuff as it's more hassle than it's worth), but in my case, digital works great.

  • Man I hate iTunes. I tried to order some via a PC that doesnt have a 4k screen (I'm not at home), I get a prompt saying "If you buy the HD version, you will have to transfer it to an HD-compatible device in order to watch it. Or, you can purchase the SD version…"

    Then it only gives me the options 'Learn More', 'Buy SD' or 'Cancel'. It won't actually let me purchase the 4k version despite the wording indicating I can. Surely Im missing something here.

    • If you purchase the HD version you also get the 4K version no matter what device you order from. If you purchase the SD version you will only get the SD version. I'm not sure why it wouldn't let you purchase the HD version though, seems a bit weird. Maybe trying updating iTunes or using a different device?

      • iTunes Mac/PC will let you purchase the HD / 4K version. But you can only watch 4K on an Apple TV.

        Not sure why it wouldn't let you purchase. Possibly a logic bug.

        • should work on a 4k mac too

        • Unless it's a recent development that sites like Engadget haven't reported, then no, iTunes cannot be used to play 4K content on a Mac.

          If you could somehow set your Mac up to "pretend" to be an Apple TV 4K, then possibilities await! I don't think anyone has done that, however.

          Purchase 4K on iTunes Mac/PC, yes. Playback 4K on iTunes Mac/PC, no.

        • @Overtime2000: according to the below comment. No it won't work.

  • +1 for interstellar
    -1 for iTunes
    Neutral vote

    • "iTunes" here is only the name of the service/store, I can't imagine many people actually use iTunes the Mac/PC program these days.

      However, I do for its media management, and what gets me about this "4K purchased through iTunes" thing is…

      …you can't actually view the 4K movie in iTunes. It's Apple TV only.

      Why would I want to, you ask? Well, I have an iMac 5K, which is a 27" HDR screen and probably the best screen in the house, easily capable of showing every pixel of a 4K movie in high quality detail.


      • Yeah wanted to keep the comment simple, but iTunes hate being the iTunes you're talking about (not the PC/Mac program) for reasons such as:

        …you can't actually view the 4K movie in iTunes. It's Apple TV only.

        • 4K digital content was only launched a few months ago, starting with the Apple TV 4K and top end iOS devices for HDR. Obviously support for other devices will come over the next few months. If 'Movies Anywhere' launches here as it has in the US then all your iTunes purchases will also be available on other streaming services like Google Play and Amazon.


        I was under the impression 4k was streaming only as well, so no downloading it to watch in 4k offline / on another device :\

        Here give us money to buy something you can do less with than a pirated copy. Great incentive.

  • Is this to buy or rent ?

  • My internet is pretty average

    How long would it take me to download a movie?

  • I got some good 4K disc from JB hi fi during the last 20% off. Worked out to be about $16.
    This is cheaper, but you would need the new Apple TV plus good internet.

  • Last time I checked, streaming bitrate is nowhere near Bluray's?

    • That's true but it's a personal choice as to whether the difference in quality is noticeable/important to you. Some people can't even tell the difference between HD Vs 4K, so streaming 4K vs physical 4K is negligible. The reviews for iTunes 4K content have been very good though, so if you prefer the convenience of a digital library then it may be for you.

    • Closer than ever actually. Dolby Vision 4K content on Apple TV is absolutely gorgeous and IMO better than normal HDR 4K bluray. I need to get a Dolby Vision 4K bluray player to compare properly though… mine doesn’t support it.

    • It's true. Nothing beats Bluray in bitrate. But it also costs more. If you can get films for $10 or under on Amazon US, which does happen often, get it that way. When they're new though, they're usually over $20.

  • Pretty sure these are available on torrent sites for free

    • If potential litigation against you and moral bankruptcy regarding the rights of content creators is 'free' to you, then yeah, I suppose they are.

    • To get them in 4K will be a big download. Around 50GB a movie.

      Not sure how big the download is on iTunes. I presume it's streamed?

      Also, don't use torrent sites. If you're going to pirate it, find some other avenue. It's risky. Your IP address is there for everyone to see. It's very easy for them to issue you a fine and take you to court, if they choose to. Remember Dallas Buyer's Club? That can happen to any film if they got aggressive enough. And our govt seems to be complicit with the studios doing this reverse class action suit.

      • Yes, please tell me these other avenues you speak of, you sound experienced.

        I for one do not download from torrents, but I'm wondering if ACMA has ever prosecuted downloaders….. I think not… I will be absolutely amazed the day someone in Australia downloading a pirated movie is successfully prosecuted.

        • I don't know, but the risk is yours.

          As for other avenues, this isn't the place to discuss it.

  • Is there a way to stream iTunes movies without ATV4K?

    • Depends. If you have a US account then you can hook it up to Movies Anywhere and your purchases will also be available on Google Play, VUDU and Amazon; with an Australian account you can plug a PC or iOS device into your TV with HDMI or you can use a screen mirroring application on your PC.

  • I loved Interstellar. Many say it's one of Nolan's worst, but I thought it was his best, along with Prestige. Many also say Dunkirk and Inception were amazing, but I didn't care for either of them. I thought Dunkirk was very overrated actually, and not like a Nolan film at all. This guy likes to make movies that make you think, or surprise you. Dunkirk did none of that. It's just a straight up war movie.

    • Dunkirk IMO is overrated. Inception is one of his best (along with the second Dark Knight)

      • Inception wasn't bad. It was entertaining the whole way through, but I found it hard to buy the limbo concept where somehow dreamers not connected to each other find themselves in the same place. How? It's not like there's a dream 'internet' that connects you.

        The other thing I didn't accept is the different passage of time in dreams within dreams. I think the deeper you go, the slower time seems to pass. I don't accept that claim.

        And they never explain how the Japanese businessman can get Cobb back into the US. What power does he have to do that?

        Those were my gripes with the movie. I thought maybe the film was just too ambitious and he wasn't able to deliver on it.

        Nolan has had an amazing career nonetheless. I don't think he's made a film I would call bad (Batman Begins would be my least favorite). And he's made many that I felt were great. He might be my favorite director.

  • +3 votes

    I would also recommend the app "Movie of the day" which advertises a movie each day reduced to 4-7.99 for that day. Some of the titles op mentioned have been on the app in the past which I have found being repeated.

  • Thanks op picked up a couple of these last week, I use the app Cheap Charts on App Store, gives you notifications of price drops and you can setup wish lists etc.

    Have picked up a few bundles of 3-6 movies for less than $5 a movie (and recent stuff too) thanks to its prompts.

    I like iTunes as with family sharing all the purchases are available to everyone in our family wherever they are (have Apple tvs signed in to my account at mum/dads place etc.

    We now also pretty much wait for iTunes release of movies and buy them instead of going to the cinema, as with 2 adults 2 kids that’s a $50 minimum + snacks, wait an extra 2 months and it’s $19-$25 then use 15% discounted iTunes vouchers.

    • Cheap Charts is fantastic, that's where I got my info for this post; very organised and easy to use app.

  • How to be Single is another 4K at $4.99

  • Looks like Interstellar is back to its normal price, this morning.

  • Halfway through Interstellar and someone walked in and asked what happened so far. An explanation ain't going to happen.

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