OzBargain Newsletter Old News?! Why are the emailed newsletter showing deals that have expired the day before?

The deals shown in the emailed OzBargain newsletter are mostly expired?!, Very excitedly I click on the deal shown on the OzBargain newsletter this morning Villeroy and Boch cutlery. Only to find when link opens the OzBargain webpage a big Expired sign against this deal. Yesterday it was the David Jones gift cards…etc. This happens all too frequently. Very disappointed :(( Please fix the OzBargain newsletter to reflect current deals. Any suggestions appreciated:)


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    You should be refreshing OzB bi-hourly anyway to see the most current deals.

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      If you hit the refresh button twice hourly, you'll be the most up to date to know what's out of stock.

      You'll be the hero without a cape with the special powers to report an unavailable deal.

      OzBargain is best enjoyed live. Stuck in front of the screen with your F5 finger stripped of any prints (but your F5 key will still have the writing because you'd have scored a mechanical keyboard with backlighting and double shot keycaps).

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    Hamza literally has to handle the same inquiry this morning over support email. Here's his reply:

    Newsletters are sent once every 24 hours, meaning deals within the newsletter can be anywhere from 1 to 24 hours old.

    The David Jones gift card deal was posted on 19/3 10:03AM, that means the next morning newsletter that it will show in is the 20/3 7am newsletter.

    By creating an account you can change your newsletter subscription to afternoon (12pm) evening (7pm), or get an email everytime a deal hits the front page amongst subscribing to individual stores and other features. This can be found in account settings > subscriptions > event. This is in addition to manually checking the website where you will see the latest front page deals.

    To create an account please go here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/register, needless to say it is free and as a member you can also disable ads on OzBargain.

    Basically there's nothing wrong with OzBargain's newsletters — it's doing what it's designed to do. However the problem right now is that a lot of deals got expired within hours, and by the time the newsletter is generated the next morning, some deals posted from the previous day are no longer be around. As suggested you can change your newsletter preference to evening which would begin delivery at 7PM AEST or subscribe to front page deals events.

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      is there any way to get a notification when a deal reach 100 votes?

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        Not yet. I'll throw that to our big pool of todos-when-we-have-time.

    • Is there a way to detect expired deals and omit them from the newsletter?

      • Is there a way to detect expired deals and omit them from the newsletter?


        Settings > subscriptions > newsletter

        Click the 'Exclude expired deals' checkbox under 'Options'

        • Thanks.

          I hate that we can't upvote mods, it means that I have to actually comment to show I acknowledged your comment haha

        • Brilliant! Thankyou +1

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  • Thankyou! I have now changed my subscription to send as many updates as there are new deals.

  • Is there a way to remove the join mailing list ad popping up in feed all the time even when signed in?

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  • Merged from Expired posts of OZbargain items (regularly)

    A number of times recently I've gone to a bargain and they have expired. I go within hours of the email!!!
    The two examples were
    Anaconda Denali Backpack and today the
    BIG W 4TB portable hard drive
    Both expired the date i recieved the email.

    What the????

    • I go within hours of the email!!!

      Yeah it's annoying, but….most popular stuff gets snapped up within minutes.

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      Real OzBargainers sort by new deals and refresh every 60 seconds.

      • And watch the LIVE page 24/7 only taking breaks for KFC.

    • Welcome to Ozbargain. The discussion has been merged to an existing forum thread. Please read Scotty's explanation above. regarding newsletters

      My advice would be this:

      change your newsletter preference to evening which would begin delivery at 7PM AEST or subscribe to front page deals events.

      but of course, there are still many deals that expire very quickly and to catch these you'll have to be actively browsing our site. We have numerous tools such as Subscriptions (you can subscribe to certain stores or even people by pressing the Subscribe button) and you can also craft your own search alerts (be notified when a certain keyword is posted as a deal).

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