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PS3 Move - Start the Party ($26) and Sports Champion ($24) & Free Delivery - GAME


Part of Game's insane one day deals.
Start the party $26 - http://www.game.com.au/start-the-party/playstation-3/STPARTY...
Sports Champion $24 - http://www.game.com.au/sports-champions/playstation-3/SCHAMP...

Sports champion received 7.5 on IGN while start the party got 6.0
I found these were the best games that were on the demo disc that came with the starter pack.
Not sure if these are available at their storefronts.

Free Delivery

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    ** Web only **
    Most PS3 Move Games Between $24-$29!!!
    Free Shipping!

    I just ordered a copy of each:

    Move Shoot          $26.00
    Move The Fight      $29.00
    Move TV Superstars  $26.00
    Racket Sports       $29.00
    Sports Champions    $24.00
    Eyepet Move Edition $26.00
    Kung Fu Rider       $26.00
    Start The Party     $26.00

    Other "Insane" deals are available:

    • You forgot Kung fu rider for $26.00 but the game got 3.5 on IGN so I'd avoid it.

      • And that's why he forgot it. :P

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    If you were only going to buy one, which one would you choose?

    • Depends on what you're after. Start the party is great for mini games but the novelty runs out after an hr or two. Sports champion has some unique games. Eyepet has the highest review on IGN at 8.5

    • "Move The Fight"

  • Just bought the Shoot, thanks!

    As for the good games, check out gamespot or Ign for reviews.

    • Check out those sites for biased paid reviews or metacritic for the good stuff.

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    Sports Champions is out of stock online.

    I really wanted that for cheap.

  • Double post, my bad.

  • I have Eyepet and when the move controller comes down in price I will buy it, hopefully by they may have released a decent game?

  • Thanks op, got tv superstars for $26!

  • Thanks op, got tv superstars for $26!

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