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Microsoft Surface Pro m3 / 4GB / 128GB $897 (was $1199) @ Harvey Norman


The latest version of Surface Pro: The Microsoft Surface Pro offers a powerful and versatile laptop solution, with 2.5x more performance than Surface Pro 3. A lightweight design, long battery life, vibrant 12.3" PixelSense display and latest generation of Intel m3 Processor ensure an uncompromising experience. Thanks to a new fanless cooling system, the Surface Pro is even quieter than before.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Good price. I bought the 3 for around 800 with keyboard last year (Amazon). Quite capable as a meeting and couch machine, I wouldn't want one for my main machine.
    Keyboard still purchased separately?

    • Thanks, I wondered how it would go on the lounge. Do you use the keyboard on couch too?

      • Laptop with hinge is better, I use the touchscreen sometimes when i'm scrolling and the stand is flexible. Personally, for a lazy device, the touch is good. Getting a laptop with a nice screen, touch and slim form-factor would likely cost a lot more
        I wouldn't want to be writing an essay on the couch, for a little typing like this its fine.

  • Surface pro resale value dropped so bad that I lost so much when selling my Core i5 (6th gen) for almost half what I paid after a year. Avoid if you thinking of reselling in the near future.

    • My M3 SP4 held its value quite well when I sold it a couple months back. But then I bought it for only $697 at Harvey Norman.

  • where the amex offer?

  • M3 processor….. at minimum look at i3/5/7 series cpu, tried on an excel with 10mb it’s struggle to update formulas across two worksheets.

  • The m3 processor is rubbish! Especially once patched with the spectre/meltdown bugs.

    Best to wait until next gen CPUs get released for surface pros..

    M3 CPUs are a nugget! Don't confuse these with BMW's M3's in terms of performance.

    • BMW M3's performance is very lacking also…


        as you drive off in your honda civic with HKS stickers

        Vtec kicked in yo?

    • Mine was pretty solid, even ran Photoshop CC alright. However, I got rid of it before the spectre/meltdown patches.

    • Depends on your needs. Works perfectly fine for me doing video work in 1080p in Premiere Pro CC 2018. This is fanless so that's the upside but I totally also get why it might not suit others

  • 4GB ram kills this, this is not a deal.
    In 2018, don't buy PCs with 4GB of RAM.

    • Haven't used this, but after using Macbook air, I can confirm that specifications don't mean anything if the OS is optimized. But, can be wrong as well..

      • Got the 4gb sp4 and while I would love double ram, it's enough for onenote Edge chrome word spotify and wmplayer simultaneously