expired Shark Helmet Clearance @ $149 from Trooper Lu's Garage


Cheapest deal I could find while looking for the lowest price on the Raw models.
Limited sizes and models - XS to M mostly
Free shipping over $50
And some of the models have a four star ratings by sharp

Sydney City motorcycles too have a 50% clearance on few models which starts @ $99+$10 shipping http://shop.sydneycitymotorcycles.com.au/Listing/Category/?c...

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    How much are they normally?


    Man your timing's incredible - just finished a 15 minute search on quiet helmets.

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    Protip: I recommend you try on a Shark helmet, or even a friend's Shark helmet before you buy.

    Helmet shapes vary from brand to brand, so if your skull is an oval shape and the helmet shell is round, it won't fit. If you buy an on-sale helmet because you're an Ozbargainer, and it doesn't fit, prepare for the worst ever headaches.

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      Seconding this. Everyone's head is different so you need to find one that suits you. Unfortunately for me, the only ones that fit me well are Arai. If you're buying your first helmet, please got to a store first and have someone assist you in finding a good fit.



      I have one of the shark helmets and when going to try on different models the sizes are all different between models but same brand


    In case if you want to check the ratings.
    Nb : Not all models are included



    Shoei - large skulls + the interior padding can be replaced for tighter fitting

    Arai - pinheads

    Shark - you will probably be better off trying on in store ,
    and you may come across a better deal.
    Beware of the base models with the big brand name.

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      Arai's can also change the interior padding for a better fit. XS and S / M and L share the same shell size so you can swap the padding to go up or down a size (can't go from S to M)


    Bigger shell also means more padding .

    Sharks a middle of the road helmet, but this is a good deal if you can find something that fits you well.
    Just get the best you can afford.

    Personally I bought clearance stock xr1100 Shoei for $525 ,
    with some design on it.


    Ended up picking up a Speed-R for $150. Great price. Shark helmets fit me well. Thanks for posting.


    Which one is best for bank robberies?

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