expired China and Hong Kong 2GB Travel SIM - 25% off Early Bird Sale - $22.50 + FREE Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney


Hi Ozbargain!

We have China Data SIM Cards from ChinaUnicom coming in this week and we are offering 25% OFF to OzBargainers.

**We also have a deal for New Zealand SIMs running also :)

Avoid the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and get a discounted SIM before you fly :) It’s super easy to use and comes with English instructions and English support (us!). Pop it in your phone when you land and off you go!

You can get your SIM Card organised well in advance before you fly, this SIM can be held unactivated until 24/12/2018.

We are only taking 50 discounted orders as there is limited stock.

Product Details:

Data: 2GB of Data for Mainland China + Hong Kong
4G LTE speeds in China
3G speeds in Hong Kong
Calls: Data Only
Texts: Data Only
Sim Size: 3in1 SIM (Fits Nano, Micro & Standard)

Things to know:

Bundle expires 7 days after activation
Shelf life: SIM Expires 24/12/2018 if not activated
Hotspot/Tethering Enabled: Yes (Works in Mi-Fi/Wi-Fi Products)
All orders are provided with a SIM tray opener and Quick SIM Guide for your convenience.


We will send a ‘Quick SIM Guide’ with your order that explains everything you need to know.
Very easy activation, 2 steps.
1. Pop SIM into your phone, turn on Data Roaming in Network Settings.
2. Under Network Settings connect to ‘China Unicom’ When in China or connect to ‘UNICOM (3HK)’ when in Hong Kong


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be delivered before April 12th (12/04) via Australia Post.
Please do not order if you leave before 12/04, we can’t guarantee your order will be at your door in time.


We are active on Facebook and you can talk with us via Facebook Chat.
Alternatively, you can email us at: hello@simsdirect.com.au

Money Back Guarantee:

We offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you land and the SIM Card does not work as intended; we will refund you in full. Please read the details on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. We will be here to answer any questions you have.

Thank you all!

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  • +1 vote

    Great timing. China isn't the easiest place to get a SIM so this is useful. Cheers

  • +1 vote

    This isn't that cheap. u can go there and get a cheaper sim card with more data but more hassle.


      hi ML11,

      It's not insanely cheap no, we do incur a lot of costs just to get the SIMs here so we try the best we can.

      Convenience is what we're aiming for :)

      Thanks for your feedback.


    • +1 vote

      +1. that's expensive.

      $20/pm get u unlimited data in China…

      how do I know? I was there working on a joint-project, and colleges got one for me.

  • +1 vote

    china sim limited to certain cities? they have regional carriers there


      No, this SIM is not limited. It includes all of Mainland China. Which is all provinces in China.

      However, this is not 'Greater China' so it does not include Taiwan and Macau. We have separate products for that.

      Hope that helps.



    just to add, the sim card you can get from singapore and sold on certain flights, i think its singtel, comes with an inbuilt vpn. really useful for china if you dont need to sms or call


    If you are going to Hong Kong, get it from the 7-11 at the airport, you should find it cheaper but not too much cheaper.


    Hi Aidan. Would you have any longer expiry sim options? I am travelling to HK and China in May/June for around a month.



      We do have a 'Greater China' SIM that lasts 30 days with 1GB of Data.
      -It's rechargeable
      -Similar price

      However, we do not have it listed on our website currently.

      Send me a DM if you are interested and we can organise something for you :)


  • +4 votes

    I have not dealt with this seller. However, my experience of China in country telecom was as follows, in the course of a single trip:

    1. Research indicated best to buy a SIM upon arrival at airport. Despite having a fluent Mandarin speaker with me, I was sold a multi area SIM with limited/quota restricted use in many areas. The home area for the card (biggest quota) was one I did not visit. As this area was a long way away I was not able to get easy help from customer services. Desks of the same company in other areas said they could not help as I need to contact this areas SIM. I was also unable to cancel the SIM. There were various running costs and apparently a negative balance can effect your future ability to enter the country or at least get you a nice black mark next to your passport number. I was hugely difficult and stressful to finally get cancellation confirmed and given the extremely dodgy nature of the airport seller I am not convinced this has all been completed properly.

    2. Having swapped in a Woolworths SIM,I went to Macau. The SIM did not work properly. Upon return, day trip only, the balance had been smashed and I got an excess usage charge from Woolies (later refunded after considerable email battles).

    I don't know if the seller is any good but heck, if you can get this sorted locally without these hassles I would give it a go. It really put a lasting bad memory on an otherwise great holiday experience. Keen to read any reviews of this seller for my next trip!


      Damn dude, sorry to hear about your experience.

      Sounds like you got stitched up pretty hard…

      What you experienced is a big reason for why we started this. We just hope to bring some convenience to Aussie travellers.

      I hope you try us out when your ready my man!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.



        Yes, RE: the airport SIM guy, you could almost accept that it was an administartive stuff up but then we discovered when we called the region of the SIM's actual helpdesk that they had not loaded the extra credit we paid for after being upsold. This was straight out fraud as far as I was concerned. We then realised these guys had all our passport and personal details to do what they wanted with - good times!

        I'm not saying all airport sellers are like this but it is a story I did not turn up in my research and obviously I will not try this approach again.

    • +1 vote

      I bought a SIM in Shenzhen, it worked. I arrived in Guangzhou a day later, it stopped working when it was still supposed to have the entire month. I went to the same Telco and they couldn't help me because I bought the SIM in SZ. I was literally telling all 10 of the staff how retarded their country is after nobody could help me.

      I then went to a different Telco and told them I needed a SIM, they wouldn't give me one because I was a foreigner. I lied and said I would be living there just to get a SIM.

      Seriously, this is the superpower country we are meant to be weary of. They will be too busy huddling together stamping invoices and receipts to worry about wars. Bureaucracy gone mad over there.

      Anyway, buying this SIM will save me a lot of aggravation. Pity it's only 7 days (I need 8) but am willing to suffer in silence for 1 day.


    $10 per GB is too expensive to me at lease.

  • +2 votes

    Just go to any 7/11 or the CSL phone shop Inside the airport and buy a $88hkd about $15AUD "tourist Sim" with 5gb data on the calendar network. Plug and play no setup needed. I was just in HK a few days ago.

    It works in Macau also.


      I didn't know about this SIM. I'll have to look into it.

      Is this what you are talking about? CSL

      Appreciate your feedback.


    • +1 vote

      Hong Kong is cheaper. Mainland China is a nightmare.


      Hong Kong AND China? That's new to me. As an ex-HK resident, I visited HK a few times a year and used the Tourist sim before. It didn't cover China then.

      Also, when I visited China more than a year back, you had to go through a lot of hassles to register your personal details for a local sim. Not sure if this has been streamlined recently. If so, another big pleasant surprise.


        Your wishes may come true one day for China. For Hong Kong sim, it is cheaper to get from China side.


        Actually this is nothing new. Plenty of telecoms offer this kind of “roaming sim” which allows you to use 4G network for internet in both SAR and mainland China or even more Southeast Asian countries. However this kind of sim doesn’t have a “phone number” in China. That’s how they bypass the “real name registration” requirement in the Mainland China. The good thing is that they usually do not blocks social websites as well as google for this kind of roaming sim for tourists. Hope you guys have fun in HK and mainland China.


    I've been looking for China/HK sim options today since no longer with Vodafone Red (damn you Kogan for offering such cheap prices).

    Found this deal that comes to $14.48 with the same specs as the ops offer.
    I think it might have a built in VPN too "..Support social media applications!"



      Wow this is a great looking product. Good find. I might see if I can get some!

      The traveller SIM I posted above works with social media also, however from the feedback about price I might have to look in to an alternative SIM to offer.

      Thanks for the find!


      • +1 vote

        Hi Rep,

        I am interested in the Three HK sim if you can get some.



          I will be looking in to them definitely, setting up connections with telcos can take some time so it may take a few months (hopefully less) to secure products.

          I’ll be sure to keep people updated if we get lucky!



    Hey OP, do you have stock on Japan sims?


      Not currently no, we sold out. We are expecting stock in about 2 weeks time.

      You will most likely find another deal from us when we have stock on the way.

      When do you leave for Japan?


  • -2 votes

    That is no bargain. Still $11.25 per GB. I use my Aldi mobile and the saving is significant and valid for 365 days from the activation day. Vodafone is another good choice (assume you are already a Vodafone user) for $5 per day if you only need 4 days in China/HK.


    Hi Aidan,

    I got email from you about the delay.
    Will there be further delays? I ordered with an expected arrival date of 12/04 and this delay will have some impact on my plans.

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