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Xbox Live Gold 3 Months $11.95 AUD from Microsoft Store AU (New or Re-Joining Users)


Just spotted this sweet deal for 3 months of Xbox Live Gold. Usually goes for $29.95. Don't think there's anything cheaper going around at the moment - best I could find was https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366400 at $16.55.

New users OR Rejoining only (no currently active subscription to Xbox Live Gold). Enjoy!

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    Does it let you buy multiple at that price?


      Not using the same account I guess, but could be possible when using multiple accounts?

      Edit: checked this and subscription is added to account directly, so no codes to redeem. Getting multiple thus not possible it seems

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    looks like you can't buy it if you're already gold.

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      Ah didn't notice that, will add New Users Only to post, thanks

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        Tried to log onto an account without gold and buy it as a gift but that work around didn't work, was full price :P


      That sucks. Im heading out soon so might see if JB will price match or even OW if they sell them. My gold is due to expire early April and just need a short term solution as i dont have enough cash for a 12 month sub at the moment

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        Just visited JB and asked for 4 x 3 month subs at $11.95 each and the guy said no probs, can price match. He then just sold me the 1 x 12 month sub for $47.80 rather than 4 individual codes. Happy as!


    AHHHHHH! - damn you M$! - I just activated my free 14 day to attempt to migrate my saves to the cloud - then found that you can't do it on a free trial.
    So I see this and think - YAY! way to do it cheaply….. but noooooooo!

    Its registering me as an active user - so no special $$….grrrrrrr!!!!

    Good find though!



    My XBL Gold expired recently and this offer at $11.49 is showing in my account. When I move to buy it as a gift the price reverts to the usual $29+.
    So no silly buggers it appears.

    Thanks OP, I went to vote and managed to hit the red button. Next time.

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    I can confirm, this is working for anyone who had gold before and new users.

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    by selecting Subscribe, you agree to the Store terms of sale. We'll charge you AU$11.95 including tax for the first 3 months and AU$29.95 including tax every 3 months after that. You'll be notified before any future price changes. Cancel any time.

    Anyone who joins make sure you guys cancel recuring payment ASAP from here

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    Merged from Xbox Autumn Sales: 3 Months Live Gold Membership for 1 Month Price ($11.95) @ Microsoft Store ( new/rejoining xbox live members)
    Go to Deal

    Hi Guys first post, but always been on the site and got some great deals. I wanted to share this one. I also noticed xbox is having an autumn sale. Titan fall 2- my fav game is down to just 7.49. So if you get the 3 months + the game for almost $20 pretty good deal.

    this is the link for autumn sale https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/promotions/sales/spring-sale/
    Please note this is only for those rejoining, not current xbox live members as per thread discussion.




    Price shows as $11.95 for me. This came just in time, my Gold expired a couple days ago. Thanks


    we had 2 days left on account. tried to cancel online - it says use the call back function. got the return call, cancelled and then renewed with the MS person on the phone the whole time - good job Jack (MS guy).


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