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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Laptop (Intel Pentium N3710 4GB RAM 128GB SSD Win10) $239.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great priced 11.6" laptop with SSD for light use. Only available in white. Says 10 available so be quick.
An even cheaper but lower spec model for $191.20 available here in blue. Though only 4 left.

Original 20% off Selected Sellers at eBay Deal Post

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  • Wow that is cheap. Great little unit, highly recommend

  • Got one for the mrs. Thanks OP. 3 left.

    Edit: 1 left

  • Bugger

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    These may be cheap but they are slow and will get frustrating really fast for users

    • Even with SSD?

      • not sure..but did have one without a SSD and just like what @Logical has described, it gets slow really fast.

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          We've got one at home, I use it all the time just because it's so small, light and the battery lasts ages :) It seems fine for general web browsing and YouTube :) It even plays the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft surprisingly well!

    • A potential solution to this is to install Linux on it. It's not too hard if you're "used to" using computers. I just did a bit of googling and used guides.

      I'm dual booting Lubuntu and Windows 10.

      Lubuntu is developed to work well with computers that have hardware much worse than this laptop.

    • Mine has SSD. I use it for video editing. Terrific machines for the price. I am thinking of slapping in an 8mb stick of ram.

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    I had one for a while. I love the form factor but sadly it's gutless, only good for the simplest of tasks. There's a version with an m3 CPU, I've wondered if that would be more worthwhile. Ended up selling it to a mate.

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      Are you still mates?

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        haha yes. i upgraded it to a 250GB SSD and installed Windows 7, which was fine for what he needed :)

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      Luckily I'm not your mate

  • Great for travel, throw a few usb sticks full of shows in each side and you're set.

    • Also has a microsd slot. I have a 64gb card in mine :)

  • Wow, cheapest ever for this model. Great buy to whoever got one at this price.

  • Great missed another great offer. Still deserves a upvote, hope another deal gets posted soon.

  • My mrs has the touchscreen version. Has never complained about performance. Uses for general browsing and youtube. No bloatware

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    Ive had the touch screen one for approximately 1 yr and I think its great. I bought it as I go through laptops quite quickly as I always have them in my work bag and I definitely dont look after them like I should. So decided to go the cheapest SSD laptop with semi acceptable specs and this fit the bill. I really like it and wish Id dropped down to the 11" years ago as you dont really notice the size in use but so much better to cart around. It does everything I need for work but I dont use high power programs like CAD or for gaming. Good battery and is still going strong after a year of punishment… touch wood. Rates the same as most of the other laptops ive had under $1000 but much cheaper and much lighter. Im no computer wiz but I do spend a fair bit of time on it.

  • Let's hope we see 20% off the next model soon.

    • I can't find a review on this one, I'm curious if this is much faster (if it's faster at all) than the outgoing N3710 model. I can't even find much about the "A9-9420e" CPU, I found a bit about the "A9-9420" but I'm assuming the "e" stands for extra-slow.

      Intel N3710:
      Quad Core @ 1.60GHz
      Typical TDP: 6W
      Passmark 1873

      A9-9420 (not the "e" version):
      Dual Core @ 3.0 GHz
      Typical TDP: 15 W
      Passmark 2320

      I reckon the "e" version in the new model has a much lower base clock speed to bring down the power usage, so I'm expecting it to be close to the existing N3710. But the AMD GPU might be a whole different story though!!!

      • It was only released a few weeks ago, so it might take some time for review to show up. Looks like they scraped the red and replaced it with matt grey.

        Shows that it has 2.3Ghz base and 2.7Ghz boost.

        To me the main difference is the switch to DDR4 ram, eMMC hard disk(non-removable) and maybe a better integrated graphics.

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    People who are buying this as a workhorse, what did you expect? It's $250.

    Use it for travel and Netflix, YouTube, light work. I have one and it's great at all that. It can run office fine too just don't expect to be doing crazy excel spreadsheets.

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