expired LG 55" 3D LED/LCD TV - 55LX6500- $2278 (Ticket Price) @ Harvey Norman, Frankston


I have been looking at grabbing a 55" LED TV. Checking pricing before Christmas the cheapest price I could find was $2876. Yesterday I noticed that Harvey Norman in Frankston had it for $2278… Comparing it to prices in the Good Guys, JB etc they were all over $3000. After some haggling I was able to get HN's down to $2100. As I am not a local to the area and it is a little too big to fit in my car I decided I would see if the same price was at all HN stores.

I rang my local HN's (as I live several hours away from Frankston) and their price was $3100, but were prepared to match the price after they made a phone call… So I am off to pick it up tomorrow.

Remember if you buy this prior to 31 December you can also get the Xbox 360 Kinect pack.

Note this is a 3D TV - but it does only come with one pair of 3d Glasses as such you may need to get more.

Harvey Norman

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    Might be worth pointing out that I am not after the 3D capability as such the Glasses/3D packs don't interest me. Rather I am after the better quality panel's used by 3D.

    The 3D glasses concept doesn't fit with me… Imagine you decide you are going to watch Avatar 3D with five mates… Ops I only have 4 sets of glasses… Sorry buddy you will have to watch it without the glasses, but don't worry if you blink your eyes alternately, and really quickly you might not hate the experience?

    So.. extra glasses etc aren't what I am after.


    Sounds like a pretty good deal. I'm after something similar in 46 inches. Did you see how much they were asking for that or have an idea of how much I could get one for?


    jhaley3180, can you please post a copy of the receipt…I want check if HN in Maribyrnong will match/beat the price…


    Thats heaps cheap…im going to try it at HN…so is it a good TV?


      I have spent some time looking for an LED LCD and this has been my pick. Sharp consistent image, great colour reproduction, good response and low power usage. I have owned several LG TV's and never had a problem with them (yes I know we could have a debate Sammy Vs Pana Vs LG Vs Sony etc etc) also I think LG are the only major manufacturer that still has the 3 year warranty. So when I pay with my Platinum Credit Card that makes it a 4 Year Warranty without having to fork out an extra couple of hundred bucks for warranty, which incidentally I consider the biggest scam in retail.


    Thanks mate, i'm going to sell my 50" Samsung C550 Plasma. It is a POS!

    I hope i can get it for $2100 like you did, that'd be awesome! Xbox, 3 warranty, 3D etc.


    please people don't waste your hard earned money on expensive 3d hdmi cables. I have 3dtv a ps3 and a cheap hdmi cable and it works fine. $99 for a belkin hdmi cable. What a scam.


    wow you guys are rich boys… spend 2K over for a tv…

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    This makes the Samsung 55" with bonus 22" TV only $102 more



      I had a good look at the Sammy but the things that put me offer were
      a)Could not find any specifications regarding contrast ratio
      b) Response time I believe for the Sammy is 5ms compared to 2ms for LG (I know probably nothing anybody will actually notice), and
      c) 3 Year warranty for LG compared to 1 year for Sammy…

      Just my thoughts on the two.

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