What Is Your Hack for The Vehicle Registration?

Hi everyone,

My car's registration is due soon, and we have to foot another bill of $800.

We have 3 cars and 1 motorcycle, and currently paying registration for 2 cars and 1 bike, we can't change this. We let the other (old car) expire and renew when overseas family or friends visit us.

Now, I was wondering what hacks do you know to get the most out of that bill or pay less (legally).


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    We let the other (old car) expire and renew when overseas family or friends visit us.

    There's a big issue with that notion.

    If you let it sit with an expired rego and renew it within three months of expiry, the only saving you'll make is the $800 in interest for the number of days you kept that money in a savings account since the date of expiry, minus the obvious inconvenience of not being able to drive that vehicle until the $800 is paid.

    Even at 3%pa, you're looking at (800 x 0.03) / 4 = $6.00. Keep in mind though, that paying your rego three months late won't extend your rego by three months - it will still expire on the same day next year, counted from rego expiry date (not payment date).

    If you leave the car with an expired rego for more than three months, you won't be able to renew the registration.
    You'll have to go through the process of obtaining an RWC, any associated repairs, a VicRoads appointment for inspection, plus VicRoads new registration and plate fees. This will negate any saving that you were contemplating, potentially costing you more in the long run.

    The best way and the only way to reduce your registration outgoings, is to reduce the number of registered vehicles that you have.

    • Yeah, I was crouching the numbers the other day and I was thinking about this:

      I (probably) need that car for 1 - 2 months a year, once every 2 years or so.

      • Pay registration 3 months - expiry 3 months - pay 3 months, etc. That would get me to pay about $405/year.

      If I don't need the car for 1 year and let it get cancelled, would I be able to re register it for less than $600 - $800?

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        If the additional car is only being used for 1-2 months every two years get rid of it….

        Alternatively sign up to "car next door" and use it to make money.

        • I'll look into it, thank you for this

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          @zapy: Definitely hire car out if unused so much. Car next door is one option. I believe there are a few companies similar to car next door,.where you hire out your car through their site, they take a commission of course.

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          You need a bus, possibly a train car!
          A place that needs a bike and 3 cars for family members is probably a tribe!
          Liquidise all vehicles, all family members move out to their own places and use public transport.
          Enjoy some privacy, That's the HACK!

        • @zapy: check goget. If your new user, pretty sure you can sign up for one year free.

          Search thru ozbargain. Pretty sure code still working

        • @zapy: needs to be less than 12 years old.

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        So you need a 3rd car for 4-8 weeks every out of 2 years?

        Just sell it and hire a care for those weeks.

        • It's an unknown entity unfortunately. Last year we ended up using it for a total of 6 months (yeah lots of family visiting).

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          Last year we ended up using it for a total of 6 months

          Yeah not what you said 10 minutes earlier…. remmeber saying this instead

          I (probably) need that car for 1 - 2 months a year, once every 2 years or so.

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          @zapy: let them hire their own car?

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          @JimmyF: well, I'll put it this way, last year we used the car 6 months in total because my mother, my sister, and in-laws visited australia, all at diferent times, all 2 months at a time.

          2 years ago, I've used the car maybe a month and the year before couple of months.

          Unfortunately, they don't have a freaking fit schedule so I know when who and for how long, they just make up their mind some weeks in advance.

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          @Quantumcat: that's an option …

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          @zapy: a good one too

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      Keep in mind though, that paying your rego three months late won't extend your rego by three months - it will still expire on the same day next year, counted from rego expiry date (not payment date).

      Are you sure? Source? That seems bizarre…

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        I also believe this is the case as far as RENEWING registration.
        Renewals are based on the expiry date, not the date of payment.
        Renew within x amount of days.
        Failure to do so requires an Application for registration to establish registration again.

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          In South Australia, you can pay an administration fee to have the start dare reset to payment date. Can't remember how much it is but it's under $30 and you don't have a real time limit on how long you can wait before paying administration fee and renewing. Although after a few months, they'll send a letter demanding the return of vehicle plates unless you put down that you don't use the vehicle often.

    • In WA if you let it expire by more than 3 months (I think) then the renewal date changes and you have to take the vehicle over the pits. It's totally not worth it.

      I'm guessing this is different for each state though.

    • Different up here in the NT then. When my trailer rego expires i wait till i use it next to renew and then pay. The same when my car rego expired a few months back and i had a work ute so waited weeks till i paid for rego. Cause it was more than 6 weeks i had to ring and speak to an operator. Once i paid my rego started from that day.

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    Not sure about other states, but Victoria has 'club permits'.
    Limited use on the road, lower costs.


    • A club permit can be issued to the vehicles in the following categories.

      Veteran vehicles – manufactured before 1 January 1919
      Vintage vehicles – manufactured after 31 December 1918 and before 1 January 1931
      Classic and Historic vehicles - manufactured after 31 December 1930, but more than 25 years before the date of the application for a club permit.

      A club permit cannot be issued to:

      a currently registered vehicle
      a vehicle that is recorded on the Victorian or an interstate Written-off Vehicles Register as a statutory write-off
      a vehicle that has a sheriff's office or hoon sanction
      a vehicle that is recorded as stolen.

      • I looked into this for one of my cars but then you can only use it for club activities :(

        (In WA at least)

        • Same, looked into it for a new classic I bought, club rules were just too restrictive. It basically has to be a garage queen that you only take to club events. No weekend cruises.

      • Vic is changing the rules for club permits soon

        The planned changes include:
        permit holder must also have one other car registered in Victoria
        club permit vehicles limited to use on weekends, public holidays and on days of registered club events
        among other changes.

        Apparently a lot of people have complained to vicroads about people using club registered cars for their daily drive

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          you cant use them for daily drives as there is a limit if kms per year and you need to keep an updated log book at all times. If you dont keep your log book updated and they pull you over its a fine

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          What was your source for his information?

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          @Jizzium: I have a vic club permit and it's only limited to number of days usage, not mileage.

    • Yeah, the car is 2004 manufactured. I believe it might not fit in the criteria.

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        If its that old. Just buy a sub 1k cheap crap car (with rego) for them to use. Then scrap/sell it when done. Rinse repeat

        • I would rather use a car I owned (and maintained) than having to buy one constantly (oil leaks in garage, etc).

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    If you are really dedicated to the cause, both you and your partner give your selves a permanent disability, apply for a disability pension.
    Just like that you will save the registration component on two vehicles.

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      Do you both have to have a permanent disability or can I just give one to my wife?

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        Yeah not touching that one

      • Yes

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    You are in VIC. Get a VicRoads login and change your payment to 3 month or 6 month intervals. It won't save you money but will make it seem less of a burden all at once.

    • This. It's quite easy to do — register online and change what you need there without calling in or going into vicroads

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      Doesn't this cost more? It costs a bunch more to pay 6 monthly than it does annually in QLD.

      • Yeah it's slightly more to pay in instalments in VIC

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    2 seater utes are cheaper to rego i believe.

    I chucked my weekend car on club rego and say to insurance i drive it a few times a year even though i drive it once a fortnight. if you're vic you can pay 6 months for both cars which would equal 12 months for one car.

    • Does this not violate the rules of club rego? I.e. only to be used for club activities

      • in vic you can drive your car either 90 or 145 days a year i believe. you can say you're going to your mechanic or a car show if you get pulled over.

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          45 or 90 days.

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    If family are coming over, do they need a car? Do you need to carry the imposition of this?

    I'd be inclined to grab a car off your local gumtree for a few hundred bucks with a bit of rego left, let them use it then drive it to the wreckers and recoup a hundred or so.

    Your other option is register your car along with the requisite blueslip, use it for that two months, then cancel the rego and get a pro rata refund. You shouldn't have to pay stamp duty on the rego as the car has not changed owners so you will save money over your current situation.

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      Yes they need the car, taking to/from places, they are able to move around without me worrying about public transport and what not. Plus, we trust the car, we know the history.

      • Then I would look into the option of cancelling the registration after use and re-registering it the next time it is needed. I have taken cars off the road for periods of time for travel and for engine work.

        • Which is what you do any way (didn't read it all :P)

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    and currently paying registration for 2 cars and 1 bike, we can't change this

    Ok then there are no 'hacks' as you want to call it then. Each has to be paid if you want to use them.


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      if you use your Amex and get points, that's a hack :)

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        A 'hack' isn't getting something your are entitled too…. you know this right?

        Thats just using your amex as it was meant to be used.

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          a hack: "a strategy or technique for managing one's time or activities more efficiently"

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          @zapy: yeah nah

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          @JimmyF: yup it is.

          If you are putting insoles into your shoes to make them better for you, that's a hack ;)

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          Your use of the term is then so broad as to become meaningless.

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          @jacross: put my bread in the toaster to make it taste better, HACK

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          @zapy: | If you are putting insoles into your shoes to make them better for you, that's a hack ;)

          In that case, get a better job that pays more money, HACK…

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          @buckster: Need to fit more hours in a day ? Wake up early - HACK !
          It gets to me how so many people just use that word without meaning or context and forget common sense !

    • Push Cash Rewards to strike an "offer" with the VIC Gov… jk

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    I think I have the solution.
    Bikes are really cost effective to register in my state and I am presuming the same is true for The Garden State.
    Convert one of the cars into cash and grab this registration conscious limo for the visiting family.
    You are welcome

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      Haha, love this :)

    • If the family is from Vietnam you'd have Mum, Dad, 3 kids, a pig and a cage of chicken… and if its a festival, a BBQ and a gas bottle

  • There's no hack.

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    SA have a good deal where you can register your car for 3 months at a time.
    You can let registration expire for up to 12 months. It might be longer.
    I believe that you need to elect to have the car registered in the 'seasonal registration' category for this).

    When your Car has been out of registration and you re-register it, the penalty is $15 if you choose to register from the day you pay on.

    We also are not required to have a mechanical inspection each year on the car.
    I'm not sure if you can have a Vic drivers licence and a car registered in SA… Just info for thought

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      I've had an SA licence with a car registered in Victoria, but it has to be garaged in that state. You need to give proof of the address.

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    In NSW pensioners don't pay rego fee. But they do CTP.

    Maybe transfer your spare car to a pensioner you know.

    • That's what I was thinking but transferring might require you to pay stamp duty even if you're not selling?

      • Stamp duty is payable on the market value.

        Unless you transfer to a spouse, in which case no stamp duty is payable, just a fee.

        This is in nsw

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    u pay hundreds in rego so your extended family can use the car for 2 or less months of the year?… gezuz… lets them rent a bomb while they are there. and they can pay for it. or say u will pay for half the cheap car rental. or offer them like $200 to help them out with public transport. how scary are your family that u fear their wrath of not having a car ready to go for them at all times?… if they kick up a stink, they are family not worth having.

  • …..if family and friends visit me, I drive them to the nearest train station. I dont pass them my vehicle. You do this unless you have been doing that to them in overseas/interstate.

    I owe you favours do have limits and you do not sacrifice your own transportation for them. Keep this up and soon your house and car will be a hotel accomodation for guest.

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    Death and taxes my friends.

    There is no hack, you cannot escape.

    Unless you are a 1%. Then you can pay 0 tax, and might even keep death at bay also eventually :D

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      don't work, no tax, there i escaped.

      • You found a loophole!!

  • I use forgetreg and pay monthly

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    Can't your family just borrow one of the other 2 cars and bikes and give you or your partner a lift to work? Or just move somewhere with better public transport. Alternatively, get new family and friends. You might need to when you drop the free car rental deal you've been offering. I can be your friend if you are offering free room, meals and internet.

  • If your family drives your car and has an accident, are they covered? Hiring a car while they are with you seems a lot more economical, or even better, give them Myki passes and get them to use public transport

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    The hack is to sell the vehicles that you don't need.

  • Just buy a cycle, healthy and cheap.

  • Health care card holders receive 50% off car registration in Victoria. Is there a family member with one? The downside is that you'll need to transfer registration to them, and that will require a roadworthy certificate. I think the most practical option is to ditch the spare car you keep for family and hire a car privately when they visit. Do the maths.

    • Plus if you transfer the rego into someone else's name you have to pay stamp duty :(

  • this one trick saved this doctor thousands every year on his rego, click here to find out!

  • just sell the car, reduce and use hire cars or post on social media, asking a car for family for the time they visiting or some one will hire their car out to you… for ur visiting family. if Rent a car companies charging huge.

  • The only one I know is for insurance on the vehicle. Woolworths insurance cost on insurance is lower if you cap the kilometres at 10,000km for the year. They call it 'drive less, pay less.' You can also adjust the excess and agreed value. Last year I needed an extra 5,00km. It didn't go up by much for the last couple of months. When the renewal came through I gave them a call and lowered the kilometres back to 10,000km. There is no point paying for unlimited kilometres if you don't driver the vehicle that much. Worth getting a quote online.

  • In Queensland you can change to pay 3 monthly. Not sure if that makes it more manageable or not. At a minimum though, you can add on or 2 or whatever and then cancel after the first payment. What it allows is so that you can separate your rego renewals, instead of getting 4 at the same time you could spread them over the year.

  • There's no HACK when you own 3 Cars and a Motorbike, suck it up.

    This is like me buying a Bentley and asking if there is a Hack for a cheaper service…WTF

    • Motorcycle - commuting.
      1 car - commuting (wife)
      2 car - kinds to-from school and childcare when wife's at work or somewhere else (necessary)
      3 car - sitting for nothing / family from overseas / etc.

  • Get the same car as a trusted friend
    Create fake plates and share identity of other car
    Get arrested

  • You could possibly register the car with a garaged address in a rural area where the tax charge is less

  • Get a Hybrid and save $100 off annual rego.

  • it's stupid to think you can nominate sole driver for car insurance and get a discount on multiple cars - thereby can only drive one car at a time - but you cant do the same for registration.

    No wonder they're thinking about a usage pay system for cars. The more you use a car, the more you pay. You dont use a car, you dont pay other than a account maintenance fee.

    Most people just but two or three similar looking cars and velcro the plates from one to the other.

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    Get a car more than 30 years old, join a car club and pay $150 every 2 years for historic/conditional rego, this allows you to drive it up to 90 days per year. You don't say what state you're in but this applies in SA.

  • years ago my old neighbour had a white VW beetle. somebody ran into it and bent the chassis. he went out and bought an identical beetle and jut swapped the plates and rego sticker over. just saying

  • Get at job with Vicroads. Employees get free rego for up to 6 cars.

    • Is this for real? Jumping on indeed now

      • Or if you get a job at a local council you can get free rates. Take your pick.

        • Lol already work for the local council. I can confirm that there are no free rates or Christmas presents for that matter.

        • @melehoohaha: don’t tell anyone that! It’s great fun telling people that ‘those lazy council workers don’t even pay rates’

  • best way to get your money's worth is to crash and let TAC pickup the bill for your bodily repairs…

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