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12% off Hotels (Some Exclusions) When Paying with Mastercard @ Expedia


12% discount on hotels, when paying with MasterCard.

New travel period and expiry date. Book before 30th September. Travel before 31st March 2019.

Terms and conditions: https://www.expedia.com.au/g/rf/coupon-10-mc?siteid=100223

Excluded hotels: https://www.expedia.com.au/g/rf/pm-tnc-hotelexclusions

Same deal as here but new expiry and more importantly, new travel dates

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    Thanks! Good deal

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    It's probably cheaper to book through Cheaptickets @ 16% off (pay in USD).

    • +1

      Is the site reliable?

      • +1

        Absolutely. I’ve booked through CheapTickets on multiple occasions and would highly recommend.

        • +8

          Cheaptickets is reliable ( owned by Expedia), however, cheap tickets do not display taxes in there search results. Once you add in taxes they are almost always more expensive than the alternatives in my experience. I booked 57 hotel nights last year, and only once was Cheaptickets cheaper (with code) relative to other sites (with code).

          Fun fact:
          Expedia owns: Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Hotels.com, trivago …… +++
          Priceline (USA) owns: booking.com, Agoda, Kayak…..+++

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        Cheaptickets is part of the Expedia group

    • agree,
      just booked thru cheaptickets and was cheaper than this deal

      reliable website, have used mutiple times

    • Thanks for sharing - this is great :)

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    Is the AMEX card code still working?

    • +1

      It should be. AMEXVIVID18 for the same deal with Amex cards

  • That sucks, got excited than realised it excludes holiday inn :(

  • -2

    Is it only hotels in China ??

  • Was delighted till I realised they excluded all the big chains. Still, will save on the flight part ! Thanks OP, either way you saved me $300 which is awesome !

    • As someone else (kinda) mentioned, Expedia is often more expensive to begin with when compared with competing Online Travel Agents, especially for airfares. But for non-changeable flight bookings I do prefer them at the equivalent price point simply because it's a recognised brand and it's survived.

    • Westin Bali accepted the discount code. So did Sofitel. Perhaps a slight exaggeration to claim it excludes ALL the big chains :)

  • +1

    where to put the code in? there is no column to enter code!

  • +2

    anyone else get this

    This coupon offer is only valid after clicking through from the original website or email that provided the code. Please check the terms and conditions for more information.

  • +3

    I find Expedia slightly more expensive to begin with.

    • I agree. They start 10-15% more expensive than some others. Similar to Booking dot com.

      • Depends on the hotel. Normally the same as booking.com and hotels.com I find. Anyway, best is to use TripAdvisor/Trivago, pick the cheapest and look for coupons and cashbacks

  • Cheap tickets still cheaper

    • Depends on the hotel. I can't get the cheap tickets code to work with a Starwood hotel so this works out cheaper for those and Accor hotels.

  • I don't think Accor hotels work with CheapTickets so this is a good alternative

  • Thanks OP, just upgraded to a better hotel for $100 less…win.

  • -1

    Does anyone know what what I am doing wrong?

    When i go through to the site to book using the link above, i dont see the usual spot to put the coupon code in.

    When I go to the expedia site using google search the coupone spot apoears but says i must use the link provided

    WTF??? HELP anyone??

    Ok. This is BS. Tried multiple times with eligible hotels and still dies not work for me negging accordingly.

    • Use the link from here. Or Google the deal and use that link… Don't just neg it caus you can't figure it out.

      • -2

        Tried all that. Rang expedia. They said it was a bug in their software. Even they couldnt apply the code.

        Ultimately, they charged the full amount but refunded 12%.

        Dont assume just because it worked for you that it works for everyone.

    • When I booked a couple of days ago I started on my tablet, then later in the day when I was ready to book I opened the tablet page on my computer and couldn't get the page to work at all. Later that night I had same spare time so I opened the tablet page on my phone and completed the booking no problem at all.
      I never did go back to try to find the reason it didn't work on the computer though.

  • Thanks OP good deal as accor and starwood hyatt not excluded.

    have had no problem using deal

  • Hi all - as per banner on Expedia;
    "Enter MASTERAU12 to enjoy an extra 12% off! Save your MasterCard in account & receive 1000 Expedia Rewards Points*
    Hotel exclusion list and terms and conditions apply."

    Seems like you need to save your MasterCard details for the 'Enter a voucher code' option to appear.

    • Not so- never entered my card number but code accepted

    • .
      Didn't work for me either after I put my Mastercard details in Expedia no matter what I tried the 'enter coupon' never appeared their system may have been OzBargained ;)
      the Agoda 10% code worked so I used that, it's strange how these Hotel booking sites prices fluctuate so much day to day months before I leave

  • having a bit of trouble. Entered everything, clicked on complete booking, then stalls on the processing page (we're confirming your booking). Anyone else getting same problem?

    • I had that… It wouldn't processes the payment. In the end I cleared cookies, opened a fresh browser and went to Expedia directly and logged in (not via the link). On my recent search history it had the incomplete booking with the coupon applied - paid and it worked.

  • tried it with a hotel in Sydney on the exclusion list and it accepted it on the payment page.

  • Thanks! Has anyone successfully stacked this with cashrewards?

    • Not this little black duck. It seems like one or the other. So if hotel not applicable, use CR and wait for a promo cashback (like the recent 10% flash one over the Easter w/e).

  • hmmmm…..this is how it worked for me
    click on 'Go to deal' on the right of the post
    the new page should have a few banners on top of normal Expedia page ie enter code to get 12% off
    enter promo code on payment page
    we have used it a few times so far
    thanks sparky13

  • It's still working!
    I searched everywhere and the cheapest I could get for a specific place in Malaysia was $804 for 5 nights, on Expedia.
    This code knocked another 12% off ($93.99 to be specific) !

  • I can't get the option to enter code. Its a melia hotel so not excluded. Added credit card. Still nothing

  • Can be included on any special deals at Expedia

    Hyatt having a 24 hour sale. 25% off then a further 12% with this deal.

    Deal at Hyatt Regency Chicago $4949 came down to #3382 (club room 11 nights)

    If hotel is excluded there is still the Westpac Deal @ 10% off extra

  • great thanks for this! I was getting the "this coupon offer is only valid after clicking through the original website of email that provided the code", but called them up and they were happy to refund the 12% back onto my card once I booked it over the phone with them.

    • Had the same problem applying the coupon but done over phone with refund to card promise.

      Told it would take a week to process and will be interesting to see if it eventuates .

      Big problem if they don't refund.

      Agent said call was recorded .

      • Had email saying refund had been processed and the bank may take up to 15 days for the credit appear. What a joke.

        • Yes same. Haven't gotten the refund yet

        • Refund to credit card arrived after 8 days

  • N00b question. How do you use Cashrewards if you have to go through the specific URL?

  • +2

    if like me (and others above) you're getting the "this coupon offer is only valid after clicking through the original website of email that provided the code" error message when trying to apply the discount, open up a incognito window and it should work. did for me anyway.

    • That's awesome advice! Worked for me too! Thanks a lot

    • I was getting that error message in an incognito window… managed to get it to accept by using a normal window

  • Thanks OP. Just got back from a 3 month trip to Europe. This deal saved me hundreds of dollars!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Can this coupon be used multiple times?

  • Thanks. Worked.

  • Brilliant - saved $45 for a 2 minute detour to ozbargain.

  • Hey it says we can only use this coupon once, can anybody confirm this

    • I just used the same code for 2 separate bookings, accepted code both times

  • "Sorry this coupon is not valid for this hotel" even though my hotel is not on their exclusion list ??? This promotion is misleading.

  • Seems the code has stopped working. I agree with tpthuan, the promotion is misleading or deceptive.

    I called up and the agent tried to use the code and he said it also didn't work for him. Then he said the hotel is part of a chain. It wasn't, so I asked him which chain. He didn't reply and then asked have you used the code before. I said I had (about 10 days ago) and then he said it's a one-time use code. I had the terms of the offer open in front of me (on the MasterCard website) and asked him where it said this. I didn't think this was the case as I had also tried to make a booking in a new incognito window without logging in. He then put me on hold and the call dropped out :(

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