expired 40% off Entire Europe Travel SIM Card Collection + THREE IWL12GB Data SIM (Works in 71 Countries): from $29.97 @ Soeasy.travel


Hey There Ozbargainers! Please Don't Forget to Use Discount Code: EASTER40 on checkout to claim your discount!

***UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming positive response to this Sale, we've decided to extend it to this Monday!

First and foremost I would like to say happy easter to everyone celebrating during this amazing time, hopefully everyone has had the time to reach out to family and friends and really make the most of the long weekend!

From the So Easy Travel Team We thought we will reach out to the OZB community by offering # 40% off our entire Europe Travel SIM Card Collections!
These are our best selling sim cards for ease of activation and generous data offerings! Additionally, the Three SIM cards on Offer work in over 71 Destinations excluding Europe!

The SIM Cards have no shelf life and you can purchase them for your upcoming European Holiday even well into next year.

Products Available:

Three AIO 20 // RRP: $59.95 // Discounted Price: $35.97 (Shipped)

what it comes with:
- 12GB of 3.5G to 4G LTE data for use within 71 destinations
- 3000 minutes calls (uk + europe numbers only)
- 3000 texts (uk + europe numbers only)
- manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones. (3g and 4g devices only)

Three AIO 15 // RRP: 44.95 // Discounted Price: $26.97 (Shipped)

what it comes with:

  • 5GB of 3.5G & 4G LTE data (for use in 71 Destinations)
  • 3000 minutes calls (uk + europe numbers only)
  • 3000 texts (uk + europe numbers only)
  • manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones. (3g and 4g devices only)


Three Internet With Legs 12GB Data// RRP: $89.95 // Discounted Price: $53.97

what it comes with
- 12gb of 3.5g & 4g lte data (for use in 71 countries)
- Has a validity of use for 12 Months (data lasts for 12 months if not completely used!
- works in both mi-fi devices, tablet, and mobiles and allows 'mobile hotspot' and 'tethering'
- manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones, tablets, dongles (3g and 4g devices only)

EE - 4GEE 5GB uk & europe data roaming sim card - works in mi-fi devices and allows tethering // RRP: $49.95 // Discounted Price: $29.97

what it comes with:
- 5GB of guaranteed 4G LTE data for use within uk & europe
(switches to 3.5G or H+ speeds when out of the 4GEE zone)
- the sim can also be used for mi-fi devices and tethering all across europe
- SIM has a validity of 30 days from date of activation
- manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones. (3g and 4g devices only)


  • pop out the right sized sim card out of your 3-in-1 sim pack
  • insert the sim into your mobile device, tablet, mi-fi device and turn it on
  • Go to your devices settings and enable 'data roaming' to "On" this will allow you to use your data across different countries.
  • no id, no long process, super easy!

Destinations the SIM CARDS Work In:

Three UK:

South America: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Guadalupe

South East Asia: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore

Europe: All Of The European Union is Covered.

Middle East: Israel

EE SIM card: UK & Europe Is Covered.


So Easy Travel has been for the past year consistently providing Ozbargain for the past year with deals and exclusive offers that has saved over thousands of travellers, we have officially reached our 5000th order and we honestly could not have done it without the help, patience, and support from our community. We are always here to help, and as small sydney company we have had a lot of mistakes happen but rest assured we have tried to help our customers to the best of our abilities! We appreciate your support and above all your feedback and were working on improving substantially over the next few months!

If these deals have provided you value in the past, we will really appreciate if you can upvote this deal so all the OZB community can get value from it!

Thank you again

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any support at help@soeasy.travel

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    Same here, ordered and paid one week ago, no updates so far. Emailed Amanda@soeasy.travel and used their online contact too. Nothing from them.


    Same situation, ordered and paid last week, three enquiry messages sent already and no reply yet. It seems I'll also have to open a PayPal dispute.


      Problem solved here, they apologised for the delay and sent an upgraded sim with express postage, it just got delivered today. I hope everyone else will get their orders soon.


    I've emailed last week in fear this sort of thing would happen and this was their response:

    "Thank you so much for reaching out, to answer your question, the demand for our Europe SIM Cards are so high we oversell our available stock, we inform customers immediately if there becomes any change with their orders.but to keep you in the loop, we are currently out of stock and will be restocking on Monday Morning, Once we restock, all SIM Cards will be dispatched and it will take 1-4 business days from the date of fulfillment.
    We are working as hard as possible to be completely transparent with all customers on our situation. To answer your question, I am happy to throw in express post for your order free of charge just including in the order notes, and you should receive it next business day after monday next week.
    Hope that clears up the picture, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with :)"

    It's now Monday night and my order is still unfulfilled. If it isn't sent out by Wednesday I'm opening a PayPal dispute also.


    I bought the Three AIO 20 sim. Purchased on Monday 5/4, got an email that it was shipped on Thursday 7/4 and received it today Tues 10/4. So just over one week from placing the order to receiving the sim. Thank you, OP!

    I hope everyone will receive their sims soon. I suspect they sold more sims than what they had in stock so now they have to wait for new stock to arrive before posting out the remaining orders.


    Ordered on 4th, expected order 1-4 days… haven't received anything, this is very disappointing … when I track it, it says they are getting it ready WTF!!?


    I guess I am in the same boat as others, ordered two sims on 3 April and have received nothing. Emailed them and no response. luckily paid with paypal.

    Quite disappointing since OP was asking people upvote to spread the word on the deal, and they can't deliver.


      Hi judyn

      thank you for your feedback, it appears you did not receive our email update

      if you could kindly read my below post hopefully that will clear up the situation, we have tracking information to prove that this issue was genuinely not in our hands as our package was en route and we would have been able to honour our time frame.

      Hope you can understand.

      • Rabi

    I bought mine for my son to take on his first o/s trip without his concerned parents. I looked at the promised delivery times and thought "Excellent! Deal!" After a few emails, one response, and an additional unfulfilled promised to send the tracking info - no SIM.

    So instead of paying a bit more for one in store somewhere, I fell for this deal.

    Not f-+$#ng happy.

    PayPal dispute inbound.

    It bugs me that I was also respectful, courteous and calm in the face of my distress so that I might get some help from them. Bugger all lot of help that was.



      Hi there

      Completely understand your frustrations and I have just checked in on your order and Amanda did sincerely apologise for the delay and have also said that you can keep the SIM card when you receive it - Sorry we couldn't get it to your Son in time.

      • Rabi

    Hi there

    I ordered a card on the 4th of April and haven't heard anything that it is on its way to me. my order number is 4077 could you please let me know when i should expect it. I need it by the 24th otherwise it will be too late. thanks

    • +1 vote

      Hi there S

      I just checked in on your order and its set to be fulfilled Tuesday Morning using registered post delivery so you have nothing to worry about at all, I can guarantee you will receive the SIM before you fly out on the 24th


    I'm in the same boat as people who have received no communication. Ordered on the 3rd, but nothing thus far.


      Hi there

      have you emailed us?

      if so, Amanda or Sarah will provide you with an order update tomorrow midday - afternoon

      Thank you so much


    Still waiting - no confirmation of shipment or update to the order besides the original order.

    Pretty poor customer experience especially if one is not on OzBargain to read a thread.

    Any update? I am Order #3554.


      Hi there

      please see below message, have you received the email update regarding your order???

      Because our POS system does not show us the customers who did or did not see receive the email so we have no clue if you ended up receiving it.

      The Email is titled "Updates About Your Order - Stock Shipment Delay"

      Thank you so much

      • Rabi

      Hi Mate

      I just checked in on your order and it will be fulfilled Monday Afternoon using registered post delivery,

      If you could kindly take the time to read my below response that will be great.

      Thank you so much for your patience

      • Rabi

    IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM SO EASY TRAVEL: Hi Ozbargainers it's Rabi - I'm the Managing director of So Easy Travel - and I thought It would be wise to personally update the community and all customers who purchased from this deal and provide them with complete transparency on the events that happened during this sale, rather than letting Amanda deal with negative responses from the community.

    Firstly, I would like to graciously thank the whole community for the tremendous response from the recent offer we did for our Europe SIM Collection, probably one of our best ozbargain posts to date, if it wasn't for the patience and feedback the community and all our customers provided us during our whole year of providing deals to the OZB community I can honestly say we would not be where we are today.

    When we released this sale we didn't anticipate how high the sales volume would be - as such within a span of literally 8 hours we had sold all our available stock from the post - literally, over 600 customers served within a span of 8 hours. We Shipped our Fist batch of SIM cards the following morning to all customers who were departing earlier and we were expecting new stock to arrive on the 5th of April. I then get a call from Fed Ex on the 4th of April informing us that our SIM cards were redirected to the United Kingdom (after already leaving the UK and arriving in Dubai)

    They then told me that I should expect the stock on the 11th April. The 11th of April Arrives and I've only received 1 package out of a 2 piece shipment, I became furious and contacted fed ex and they informed me that the 2nd Package will be leaving the UK that night and will arrive on the 16th of April (monday morning).

    I Then told Amanda to Update ALL customers who were departing on later dates that we will be receiving the stock on the 16th and that all orders will be fulfilled on the 16th. However, Some customer did not receive our email update and a lot of customers, as I Understand the OZB community is frustrated with the delay in receiving their SIMS. I just wanted to reassure all community members and customers that we will be sending out all the remaining orders tomorrow afternoon (16th of April)

    On Behalf of everyone at So Easy Travel I would like to sincerely apologise for the delay some customers have experienced and personally apologise to the 13 customers we had to refund because we could not get a SIM Card to them in time for their trip, As I explained, this situation was completely out of our control and we honestly would have honoured our advertised shipping times.

    We will continously provide travel SIM card deals to the ozb community. Because it is honestly the positive responses from using our service that keeps us going, we're a group of travellers and understand the needs of travellers extremely well, as such I understand that we are offering tremendous value to the OZB community and other travellers by providing travel SIMs before you depart - and we intend on increasing our company size very soon in order to improve our services even more.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I just want to reassure you, if you have contacted our customer support team, they will get back into contact with you within 24hours (excluding Sunday) So expect to see a couple of emails replied to by Sarah and Amanda tomorrow midday.

    Again, thank you so much for your patience during this time, we honestly will not be where we are if it wasnt for you travel bugs out there.

    Best Regards


    • +2 votes

      Hi Rabi,

      I've still not received a response to my follow-up email, and my order has still not shipped. Your post tells me that I should have received a response to my email within 24 hours, and this has not happened.

      Can you please urgently advise how this is progressing? I'm travelling in just under 2 weeks, and was assured prior to ordering that there would no issues receiving the SIM on time…

      My order is 4021.



      Hey Rabi,

      I've not received my order more than a week after receiving my shipping confirmation. I fly out on Tuesday so will need it shipped ASAP. I contacted supported yesterday but have not received any contact.

      My order is #3722


  • +2 votes

    This is getting a bit ridiculous…I ordered two "three - all in one 12GB - so easy international bundle plan" SIM cards on 3 April. It's now 17 April, 10 business days later and my order status is still showing as "We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your order status."

    I followed up on 12 April and received a reply on 16 April from Amanda saying the SIM cards had been re-routed via the UK causing a 10 day delay and that they were packaging the outstanding SIM cards the whole morning and afternoon. She's guaranteed I will receive my SIMs before the end of the week but I'm holding my breath…

    I understand things happen beyond people's control but the delay now is getting a bit ridiculous… Fingers crossed something happens this week before I go overseas next week!

    • +2 votes

      Another day and the status is still the same… "We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready". What happened to fulfilling all the orders on 16 April?

      I've sent a frustrated response to Amanda. Will keep you posted.


        19 April (Business Day +12):

        Finally got some movement today! I received an email at 2pm today saying my order has been confirmed.

        The status shows it's been received by Aust Post at 04:57pm GREENACRE NSW. I do note that it's through Registered Post (2-6 business days to ACT) and not Express Post (next business day) which is a slap in the face after such a lengthy delay…

        • -2 votes

          Hi bor bor and thanks for the updates I completely understand your frustrations and I want to reassure you customers are now receiving their SIM cards. Are emails are firing with a lot of customers confirming they have received their SIM cards. If it is in Greenacre then that means it's in the Aus Post process facility and you should receive it shortly. If you could confirm when you receive it that will help us immensely.

          Again, I am so sorry for the delay this has caused it genuinely was beyond our control this time.

          • Amanda
        • +1 vote

          @So Easy Travel:
          Very disappointed Amanda. In your email sent to me on 16 April you said

          "Thank you so much X, I guarantee you will receive your SIM cards by no later by the end of the week."

          It's now the end of the week, 14 business days (3 weeks)since I ordered and paid for your products and still NO SIMS. This is simply unacceptable. Expect a PayPal dispute and a complaint to ACCC.

          My order is 3615.


          @borbor: 23 April 2018 - I finally received my SIMs today!!! Still annoyed at the mega delay and the lack of communication but I just glad I have them before my holiday - the proof will be whether they work overseas.

          Good luck with the others who are still waiting on their SIMs.


          @borbor: hi there

          Great to hear you received the Sims. Once you use them in Europe you can come back to the ozb community and let us know how they go - thank you for your feedback and we apologise for the delays.

  • +2 votes

    With you #borbor, same situation.

    Ordered on 3rd April hoping to have them in the 1 - 4 business days promised - Nothing. I then follow up on 13th April, no response till 16th which I assume is the same response you had, promising delivery by end of the week. Still no SIM cards, just received an email that its been shipped, website not updated! Unfortunately they were need by Wednesday so now I have twelve months to travel somewhere to get some use!

  • -1 vote

    Sim Card arrived today :) Cant wait to use it. Mine is order #3855


    still have not got mine. leave May 6 for europe …..tick tock


    3554 Received email April 16th promising delivery by the end of the week.

    April 23rd - Nothing received yet.


      Hi Jonno I have emailed you back regarding this 3 days ago could you please confirm with me if you received the SIM cards or email me. Thank you.

      • Amanda

    Ordered on the 2nd. Yet to receive information on the order. No response to emails or dispute on paypal, terrible communication on Facebook - they've failed to provide a tracking number.

    Heading to Europe next week - looks unlikely the order will arrive.


    Ordered over 3 weeks ago. Emailed. No response, no sims. Terrible service. Paypal dispute to be raised on Monday unless I get some positive action!


    HI there, I ordered on the 04th April and have yet to receive my SIMs either. Could someone please assist with my order #2361 Thanks


    Hello, I have placed an order for "EE - 4GEE 5GB uk & europe data roaming sim card - works in mi-fi devices and allows tethering" sim card on 3rd Apr 2018 at 8:26 AM. My Order #3739 is confirmed.

    However, I still haven't received anything from you guys. Today date is 1st May 2018. It's almost a month.
    I will be travelling on 16th May 2018 which is two weeks from now.

    Can you guys please check the status this order ASAP?

    Thank you


    Hi All, i purchased the pay as you go (3000 minues + 3000 texts +12 gb) for my wife. We have it. She flys to Italy, Stockholm and Spain in next 4 weeks. Other than inserting it in phone…should it just work ? is her new phone number on back of sim credit card "0747734xxxx". If she is in Italy and someone tries to call her from Stockholm, do they just ring that number ? Thanks

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