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Check Point Zonealarm Extreme Security 5 PC / 2 Year AU $55.98 (RRP: US $99.95)


Similar to the previous https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/293552
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Protects you from WANNACRY and all other zero-day attacks
Prevents identity theft with advanced Anti-Phishing protection
Defends your entire family with best antivirus and Parental Controls
Find My Laptop, PC Tune-Up, Online Backup, Identity Protection and more are included.

More info: https://www.zonealarm.com/software/extreme-security/

*coupon likely to work with other products on their website
**when I added only one item to the cart, the discount system ignored the currency change, keeping the same amount for both USD and AUD (USD 55.98 = AUD 55.98); the same didn't happen when I added two different versions of the software.

*****Again, if you think you don't need an antivirus software, ignore the deal and live your life.

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    I'm surorised Zonealarm is still around. I remember using it about 20 years ago!


    They point of zero-day attacks is there are no defences for them yet, unless this executes everything in a sandbox.


      That was probably correct when antivirus were based on signature, but with the incorporation of heuristic and other analysis to antivirus software that is no longer the case.
      I thought ESET/NOD32 was the first company to use heuristic analysis but after reading more about that it seems that heuristic analysis is dated from 1987. In 1991, F-PROT was the first antivirus software to use the heuristic analysis as it is today.
      Today, identifying suspicious codes (and deal with the risk of false positives) is crucial.
      I remember BitDefender started using an interesting behavioural analysis. Sandbox is one of the alternatives for zero-day virus detection but not the only one.


    I used to install this application every single new OEM installation, I wonder why this application is no longer popular…could it be because windows security is improving? Lol


      ZoneAlarm was a great firewall, but I think most people ignored the antivirus. I worked together with some antivirus companies in the past, collecting samples and helping with some other improvements. It was my hobby in the 90's and early 2000's. Some companies had/have terrible/rubbish software but very good marketing.
      My first PC came with Trendmicro installed. At that time, two or three companies were controlling the segment. Dial-up internet didn't help in terms of finding alternatives and downloading, and the AVs were usually quite heavy for most home computers.

      I find it amazing that Kaspersky was founded in 1997 and became one of the most important security companies in the world. They are Russian, and that doesn't help to sell AV software around the globe, but I've always liked the way how they value feedback. The great Antony Petrakis, the guy behind virus.gr (RIP), used to do great tests with AV software. I used to do my own tests and that made me respect some companies more than others. The same for sites that compare antivirus; some of them are useless.

      When I first tried ZoneAlarm Firewall + Antivirus I did it because of the Kaspersky database, and I don't regret. BitDefender and Avira have also improved a lot in the last years. Different companies use the Kaspersky/BitDefender/Avira database; some of them managed to combine different engines and signatures to create some strong AV software and sometimes lighter than the "original" software. ZoneAlarm is one among a lot of other good options available.


    Zone alarm use to be good but now became bloat ware like McAfee. I now use wfc as it is light weight and worth donating money for life time support.

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