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Apple iPad 2017 9.7" Wi-Fi 32GB $399 @ Big W


Pretty good price for the 2017 iPad, in the setting of a new model to be released soon. Same price as Officeworks (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/368426)

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    It is normal price right now…

    • deal better than the $469 RRP of the new ipad 32 wireless would be a killer.

      It's not just the A10 processor and probably longer IOS support when it gets dumped for A9, but pen support as 3rd parties make cheap pens (aka china).

      Especially if handed down eventually to kids, as schools will buy with pen support.

      • Schools in Australia still use these things? Are we still that far behind the US?

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    That’s already the price at Officeworks FYI OP

    • Never mind, just read your last sentence.

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    This isn't really a great price considering the new iPad is coming.

    • It was released last week.

      Agreed but. Get a 10 or 15% off sale and the new model will be very close to this price.

    • coming, it's at JB as of Monday ……..

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    Probably better to hold out unless you want it straight away.
    The new model is only $40 more if you know a school kid or other education person, has a faster chip and supports the pencil.

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    dual core A9 vs quad core A10 for like $50 more will probably last 3 years longer after the A9 2017 ipad gets kicked for updates

    TLDR buy the 2018 iPad

    • yep, you will a few years more IOS updates due to the A10, 3 years …. sounds about right …..so $50 so your ipad gets updates for 3 years longer … cheap….

  • Isn't new one like $30 more?

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      $70 more to be precise, and the new iPad has upgraded internals and pen support!

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        I believe neither has pen support.

        • No. The new one has pen support. It's one of it's selling points.

          Literally on the ipad splash page:

        • +1


          It supports PENCIL.

          And so intuitive you could use it any way you wanted — with touch, a keyboard or even a pencil.

        • @blergmonkeys:

          The new 9.7 ipad (wifi only, 32gb, with pencil support) A$469 + A$145 for pencil = A$614 from Apple Store.

          Ofc, you don't need the pencil or buy from Apple.

        • pen support (id you don't use it adds resale value to people wanting one for school kids) and A10 so longer IOS updates …. my ipad is 5 years old now and still going LOL…. android tablets get 2 years support for android updates IF ,lucky.

        • yeah option is apple pencil, or Logitech crayon (much cheaper) ….. give it few months and it will be pencils from 3rd parties on Aliexpress or Ebay, just like cases from 3rd parties.

          who buys genuine apple accessories when you can get 3rd parties ???????????

        • @garage sale: Would be interested to see any 3rd party pencil equivalents - I find that other styluses such as Wacom and Adonit ones don't give you the same experience.

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    I need another iPad mini, any sales on that?

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