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iPad 2017 9.7inch Wi-Fi. 32GB $399 @ Officeworks


Cheapest i've seen this. I guess apple might be bringing out a new one soon?

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    I think the new ipad will realase in 27 March

    • Next week according to the press release leak

    • Will be a lower/similar spec to bring price down for cheaper school use. Like the iPhone 5C was

    • Just the keynote announcement - 28th Oz timing

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      Hopefully SE2 as well.

    • Does this mean waiting until next week would make this even cheaper? Been looking at Ipads/Tablets for a while and this looks ideal

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    Has been sold at this price a number of times last year.

  • Purchased one in December for around $350 mark after discount on OW ebay store. TRS made the deal even sweeter.

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    $380 from amaysim HK stock on ebay with code PHLUFFY

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    Officeworks was always $399 wasn’t it?

    I got mine for that from them a month or so ago

    • Yeah but then they went up to 420ish for a while.

      • 420 heh

  • Still don’t understand why these are so much cheaper than iPhones. The only difference is no cellular.

    • same with ipod touch, just lacked cellular.
      we went ipad touch for pocket size ios device and an android phone, the ipod touch is now 4 years old and still going and we replace android phone every 2 years.

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      To be fair, these aren't really "2017" ipads. These are ipad air 1s (the 2013 model), with an updated processor (A9 chip, same one in the iPhone 6S), more RAM and touch ID. The real 2017 ipads are the Pro lineup (specifically the 10.5" model), and these start at $979.

      • True, it reminds me when they did the iPhone 5c and then claimed it was new and exciting and all that. What they had really done was sold a plastic colourful iPhone 5 with less storage.

      • they painted themselves into a corner with the nomenclature. They couldn't call it iPad 5, or Air 3. It leads to confusion because of Pro. Hard to tell which is better.

        So they just called it iPad. iPad and iPad Pro are easy to distinguish. When you have iPad 5 (or would it be 8?), iPad Pro, and Air 2, it confuses people.

        The '2017' was something people attached to it themselves. Apple didn't call it that.

    • It’s more challenging to an elephant into a fridge.

    • The salient question is really why is the iPhone so much more expensive than these?

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        I would imagine it’s harder to get the relevant components into a smaller shell. So more expensive components need to be used

        This coupled with a consumers willingness to pay for an item (a phone is something you have with you 99% of the time), hence they can charge more

      • Few people need tablets.

        But everyone needs a phone. Price and demand curve basically.

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      They're not updated that much. Size means the process of balancing internals and heating is less

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    iPad mini still at a premium. dumb.

    • I think 27 March is where it is either quietly deleted from the range or gets a quiet CPU refresh. Really hoping for the latter but unlikely. Pro model is also possible but even more unlikely.

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        I’d hate to see the iPad mini go.

        IMO it’s the perfect size to use in bed. (errr not in a sexy way)

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          Yep, apart from my MacBook Air the iPad mini is the best Apple product I own. It's like the perfect size, for me anyway. Big enough to read books/magazines, surf the web and watch a movie/show, yet not too big to carry somewhere. If they delete it entirely I will upgrade to the highest spec of the remaining iPad Mini models and clutch onto it for the next 10 years LOL. So they better not, that's all I'll say.

  • Technically it's called the iPad (5th Generation), so effectively the iPad 5 - but yes some confusion - it's effectively the successor of the iPad 4, and the iPad Air was a different line (like the Pro).

    Edit: woops was supposed to be a reply to above comment thread.

    • thats technically the ipad air

      • By technically, I mean, that's what it's known as on the Apple Support site:


        (yes I know the iPad Air was the 5th one to come out, but Apple refer to that as the iPad Air - so they consider the 2017 model to be in the same product line as the original iPads, and the Air to be a different product line - even though the 2017 model borrowed most elements from the iPad Air!)

        The rumoured iPad that's out next week could very well be marketed simply as iPad as well, but on the technical documentation it could be "iPad (6th Generation)"…

    • literally the only difference in design between the Air line and the iPad 1-4 is that the side bezels are thinner than the top and bottom bezels. On older models the bezels were a uniform thickness all around. The iPad 2017 brings the Air's thinner side bezels back to the non-Air, non-Pro line.

      There's not enough differentiation between Air and Pro and standard lines for them to be considered an all new range. All of those upgrades could be done while keeping the same nomenclature (5, 6, 7, etc). That is how the iPhone range has done it. Major redesigns but still keeping the nomenclature. They decided long ago they wanted to get rid of the numbers on iPad, so they introduced new lines, which meant sequels to those new lines.. and then confusion when they don't want to use the old line.

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    Just a warning, If you want to play gaming consoles like the PS1,SNES,GBA etc , its better to go for an android tablet for the Emulation ,, However if your just watching youtube this should be fine … Also not sure if IOS has Manga apps? for you Manga readers out there.

  • Cheaest was 359/= from The Good Guys but only Gold colour

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      I got one this week from DJ's for $319 with the 20% off gift cards and matching BigW.

      • Awesome!

  • The new ipad will have no border like the iphone X

    • Will it have the partial black bar at the top? What is that thing called? The bump?

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        It's called the Notch

        • In an iPad it's called a Nortcha.

  • well,the new ones cost $469, bonus if i guess it has a10 chip and supports pencil if you. it one.

    probably worth the extra bucks just for processor and pencil support if you have school kids.

    now when will we see stock ?

    once tgg clear all old ones will we see 10% off the new ones ?

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