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Kmart- All Easter Chocolate $0.50ea


Just went to Kmart North Rocks and all their Easter chocolate is 50c each.
Got myself;

  • mini creme eggs 130g
  • mini Oreo eggs milk 112g
  • mini caramello eggs 125g
  • mini Cadbury eggs 288g

Other chocolates included Cadbury bunnies (dream, crunchie, old gold, regular), Cadbury hollow eggs, humoyy dumpty chocolate, chocolate footballs and unicorn eggs.. etc.

May be nation wide?

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  • It's enough to make me check!!

  • well. that sucks a got a big humpty dumpty egg for $1 last night!!! kmart penrith had heaps

  • Soon people will stop buying them before Easter to wait for Super cheap prices like these

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      Lol, this happens every year. But people still want to buy stuff before Easter / Christmas / etc.
      The true ozbargainer waits until after Easter / Christmas

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        True. I have done that for many years.

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      I wait. Feels like winning.

  • Kippa Ring (QLD) has no easter stock

  • $1 at my local store yesterday.

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    Kmart @ Top Ryde (NSW) has plenty of stock as of an hour ago. All located near the checkout in the middle of the store.

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    Interesting recent Australian news grab about easter chocolate and the short use by dates - http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/australias-most-po... . Aussies consume up to 5KG per year is says! I Better get buying some.

  • Like 10 low quality bunnies left at my local store Xd

  • Not nation wide.
    Not only did my Kmart have the prices higher, they're only selling off-brand chocolate. No Cadbury.

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    Not much left at Maitland NSW. I got 19 packs of 90g Lindt Lindor. Not bad at $5.55/kg.

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      Correction … that was 39 packs.

  • My Kmart (Australia Fair Gold Coast) had half price from marked price.

    So the Cadbury 580g mixed egg bag (caramello/turkish etc) was $3.50
    The cadbury milk carton egg boxes were $2

    The 1kg offbrand eggs were $3 and the football ones were $2

    I stocked up on Cadbury's but I feel like I should have bought more……

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    The seasoned shopper knows there are 3 Easters:
    1. Mainstream Easter.
    2. Greek/othrodox Easter (1 week later normally)
    3. Ozbargain Easter (starts the day after Greek Easter)

    • Amen to that.

  • Kmart Chatswood NSW are now only 20 cents !!

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      saw they were 10c at hornsby

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