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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop - i5 7300HQ, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB Max-Q $1424.00 @ Dell AU (1359.20 @ Dell Ebay)


First post here! \o/

Tried to search for any similar posts, but to no avail. Please let me know if one is already up, and I will take this down.

Was browsing Dell's website, and noticed a difference between the "For Home" and "For Work" webpages for the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. On the business side, they have it listed for this price, which is not available on the other.

For Home:

For Business:
http://www.dell.com/au/business/p/inspiron-15-7577-laptop/pd... <————-NOT WORKING ANYMORE

Thoughts? Is the business end reliable to order from? I have no experience regarding this, so feel free to rake me through coals on this one. Learning is hurting ;).

EDIT: It seem the dell "For Work" page has been modified to not show any of the deals anymore. Talk about fast work on a weekend! Looks like the offer may be not honoured at the end of this.

EDIT2: Well…Ebay is now listing it for even cheaper with the PUMP20 promotion at $1359.20 , so updated the price accordingly…can't change the link, but the ebay deal is HERE!!!


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  • EDIT: I posted the general page, instead of the actual deal.

    • Other notes: Win10 Pro and Delivered

  • New Dell G7 gaming laptop will release on April 16 instead of this one. It with i7-8750H processor. Don’t bought old model at this time. I think it should be $1699.99

    • Any word of it will have a better screen? I've not heard good things about the current Inspiron gaming display which has put me off

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        The screen issue has been fixed a few months ago and they no longer use the terrible TN panel. That being said, the IPS panel we get is not the best but is more what you should expect at this price range.

    • Is the new cpu worth the price? Power or efficiency? I just want to game :)

      • +1

        improve about 37% performance.

        • Most games won't see much improvement. GPU is the limiting factor.

        • @Hellfire: True but I guess it'd be better to have the CPU in the longrun for general browsing in about 10 years if you still kept the laptop for that long lol

        • @Basimx: Total agree. The resale value will be better as well. CPU is not upgradeable.

    • Is that the oz release date? Or like a worldwide release date?

      • I think Worldwide. it is release and preorder on Dell US and CN now.

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    With a 7300hq, I would say not to buy it.
    Last gen, not the obsolete but if you can find one with at least 7700 ish, it would be better.
    Yes you will pay a slightly higher price, but will not go obsolete for a while.

    • agreed

    • Does the 7300hq bottleneck the 1060 max-q?

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        Have this model, max-q and temperature management is definitely the bottleneck. Also, if aiming to get 120 Hz refresh on external, you'll need the USB3-Display Port adapter, the HDMI can't do it.

  • any better offer for laptop there? looking for personal use.. looking for specifications like 8GB RAM, Intel i5 or i7, Windows 10, 1 TB Harddisk etc..

    • I really haven't found a laptop with a 1060-equivalent graphics card for this low of a price. I don't exactly know why people are harping on the cpu performance so much. Then again I did invite the criticism :)

      My only issue now is whether Dell will honour the deal, and whether dell's mailing system is good or not. Those are still unknowns for me.

  • +1

    2018: when it's cheaper to buy a gaming ultrabook and than the desktop equivalent.


    • Surely not?

      • With parts of similar quality?

        $400 GPU, $230 CPU, $100 M/B, $150 Tower & PSU, $300 Monitor, $50 Mouse + K/B, $120 RAM, $110 SSD


        The desktop will use a higher TDP and thus be about 15% faster overall, and you would be better served grabbing an 8th gen i5 for virtually the same price, but it checks out.

        RAM, GPU and NAND costs are way too high.

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    Just build a PC.

    • For more money and less portability.

      • For less money and slightly less portability (mini ITX). Face it, you still need a power brick wherever you go.

        • I just built a mini-ITX for myself.

          You'll find if try to put together a machine that has all of what this laptop has including Windows, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor for less with very similar specs and of a decent build quality it'll cost more than this.y

          My laptop is useful to take around with me, my ITX is not.

        • @FabMan: How much did it cost you altogether?

        • +1


          My ITX cost a bit, but then I based my system around 8700K with the intention of it allowing smooth VR experience.

          Intel 8700K
          MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
          16GB x 3200Hz
          Corsair 650W (Will probably replace due to coil whine)
          Silverstone RVZ03B
          Noctua NH L12S
          1TB Crucial MX500 SSD
          I think that cost over $1,700, but already you can get it significantly cheaper.

          Used existing:
          AMD Vega 56
          512GB Crucial MX100 SSD
          LG 34" Ultra Wide 34UC99
          Oculus Rift + Touch Controller
          Gaming keyboard and gaming mouse
          Windows 10 Pro

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          or get an ultra book with Thunderbolt and hook up a GTX 1080 via docking station. Go big.

        • @DonaldDr4per: You know I've really thought about it and looked into it, that does seem like a viable option for some people.

        • @DonaldDr4per: Thank you. I bought my laptop with the possibility of doing this. I didn't go this route as I want a decent Oculus Rift setup and this consumes a lot of the USB port data.

    • They're two different things. Can u put it in a bag & take it everywhere with urself?
      Apples & oranges

  • edited. disregard - didn't add coupon.

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