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Lenovo IdeaPad 100S Z3735F/2GB/32GB EMMC (Refurbished) $103.20 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


It's not the fastest laptop ever, in fact it might be in the running for one of the slowest. But it's got a battery that lasts for over 10 hours and would make a great laptop for light use such as taking notes at university at the lowest price possible.

Please note in the title and description from the eBay listing it states 31GB eMMC, but other sources such as the review below state 32GB so I changed the description and title of this listing to reflect what it actually is, and not the misprint by Greys.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11IBY 11.6-inch Notebook, Red/Black

Colour: Red/Black
Intel Atom CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz, 4 Core(s)
32GB EMMC Hard Drive
11.6-inch WXGA (1366×768) Screen
Intel, Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
SD Card Reader
USB Port (2), HDMI Port (Standard)
Windows 10
Accessories Included: AC Adapter
Part Number: 80R2006CAU

This product comes with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing faults and defects. Warranty is managed by GraysOnline.

Review here:

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    i used to own one , was handy when at cafes or maccas, etc instead of using the phone for browsing and shopping.

    nice thing is servers see the device as a desktop when using the browser not a mobile device using a browser or try and get you to install an ios or android app.

    windows updates were a challenge due to small amount of storage with some installs.


    Is graysonline trustworthy? They have some great deals on laptops im interested in, but their feedback leaves a bit to be desired.

    Can anyone chime in with some experiences?

    • +2 votes

      I think they are trustworthy, but their customer service seems to be slow and processes awkward.

      My experience the other day:
      * Order laptop in the afternoon but forgot ebay 20% code (had accidentally saved my paypal details in browser and missed the voucher box during checkout)
      * Immediately sent them an email asking if I could cancel and repurchase - seeing as it was a significant price difference
      * Got a reply the following day saying they would look into it, but they have an automated dispatch so they probably couldn't cancel it.
      * I immediately replied saying not to worry as the 20% off voucher had expired at midnight.
      * Got a reply at the end of the business day saying that it was too late, they had initiated the cancelation
      * I replied saying that I would like to purchase it still, could they stop the cancelation
      * Three days passed
      * Got a paypal refund.
      * Got another email from customer service replying to my original email (from 4 days earlier), and totally missing the intent of my request.
      * I replied again, straight away saying that I had already been through this, that they had missed the point, and they were replying to a message from 4 days ago.
      * Got another message apologising for missing that, and telling me that the laptop I had purchased, and had just received a refund for, was not in stock, so there's no way I could purchase it again.

      I'm sure they mean well, but their processes suck. I'm not sure what it would be like to deal with them for a warranty issue.


    Have one of these - bought a couple years back when they were $203 at HN (previous ozb deal). Definitely a bit slow but depends on what you want it for. I used mine as a travel computer - when I had carry on only to visit family, when travelling overseas etc - at that price if it gets damaged or stolen it's nowhere near as bad as a good laptop being stolen, solid state and fanless so can survive a bit of physical abuse and great long battery life. Get yourself a 128gb micro sd if you want to download videos etc to watch on a flight. One downside is this doesn't have touch and only folds to 180degrees - so can't use it in "tent" mode. For ~100pinga i'd give it a go.

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    You will want to throw this at a wall if you install the latest windows 10 packs on it. Painful to free up the storage space to per form the install, but the most frustrating thing is CPU running constantly at 100% after windows security features being enabled.

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    Thanks donnot

  • +1 vote

    They stole 1GB… now it's showing 31GB EMMC Hard Drive

  • +3 votes

    What about installing ubuntu or some kind of linux on this?


      Seems to be the natural thing to do on this class of laptops.

      I wonder if there's any way to 'salvage' the Windows key or something, so that you can transfer it later onto a new system?


        I think these Windows 10 versions are limited to 2GB/32 bit as the manufacturers get them for free.
        Someone else might be able to confirm???


    CPU NOT affected by Spectre exploit incase anybody was wondering…

    2GB max memory supported by the CPU.


    what about this


    can anyone recommend this please? and comparing with the IdeaPad 100S-11 which one is better, please?