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Micron 1100 2TB SATA 6GB/s 2.5" SSD US $343 + $37.25 Shipping (~AU $511 Delivered) @ AMAZON US


Found this whilst looking at the current ebay 20% off deal. Just ordered 1. You might find it cheaper to ship to your own freight forwarder, as it has free delivery within USA.

Product details/specs here

Cheapest ebay special which expires 16/4 is this crucial 2tb mx500 from futu online for A$615.20 shipped.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It has the same write endurance as the 1TB version. Other brands have higher endurance as the storage goes up.

    • Cool story, how much are other brands?

      • So many defensive people when it comes to computer related equipment. Go google. The 2TB MX500 endurance rating is 700TBW. The Micron on this deal is 400TBW. So you can pay around $100 for 75% more for a longer lifespan if you get the Crucial MX500.

        • 400TB TBW is still 219GB per day for 5years! This is a consumer drive not enterprise, so most consumers would struggle with 219GB/day writes TBH…
          me personally, it is replacing my 1TB 850evo steam drive. So price is the consideration, not TBW.

        • And you get local warranty with the MX500.

          Amazon can be a little bit difficult with warranty after the 1st year.

        • So many defensive people when it comes to computer related equipment.

          So many people posting uninformative comments, provide a source for a comparable deal.

        • @Lorindor: "It has the same write endurance as the 1TB version." How is that uninformative?

        • @PlushToys:

          I was more referring to the second part of your comment.

        • @PlushToys:
          Because write endurance doesn't matter - the total rated writes are astronomical !

    • It's irrelevant, the endurance of a modern SSD is effectively infinite. You can't possibly write enough data to get close to the maximum endurance rating.

  • Cheaper then buying 4x500gb ssd

  • Could be an Ozb record for most letter/number/abbreviation/tech jargon in 1 title

  • Did the cat walk on your keyboard OP? :-)

  • There should be one on eBay which may be cheaper with the 5% off code - I believe it may be the same us seller on Amazon

  • If you have a good out on using the TRS then the local deal sounds better. The tech used on the 1100 are based on the mx300 which is still good.. so hopefully that may help
    With the decision making process, maybe just buy a 4tb WD passport and be done with it lol

  • Really good price per advertised GB for an SSD ($0.24 per GB for those interested).
    A sale price on a drive of any decent size per gig is usually anywhere between $0.25 and $0.33 so the fact that you are getting a 2TB drive for the floor price in that range is truly awesome. Also, it goes without saying that it's a Micron drive (same parent company as Crucial) so you know the build quality is there.
    Definitely worth picking up for anyone looking for an SSD that big that is still competitive on price with smaller drives.