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4x480g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 Incl EXPRESS Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Volcanic
1 x 480g Colombia Popayan Reserve
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.
250g Empty valve resealable bags are available for $1 each from the drop down menu below.

Smooth toffee chocolate flavours with a cocoa base. Definitive sweetness, full body & well balanced.

A strong full bodied coffee blend with rich creamy mocha, fresh orange and chocolatey finish. Very delicious. Using some of the best coffee beans from around the world.

Colombia Popayan Reserve
Medium to bright acidity, tropical fragrance, Sweet chocolate notes and full bodied.

Region: Popayan
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1,700 masl

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  • Is it possible to send all four coffees as Jamocha?

    • Will try my best but can't guarantee it. Please either send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes to that effect or if already ordered then please send an email to [email protected] for the packing team.

      I'm currently roasting and Aus Post just did a pick up so not sure if your order has left yet or not

  • Hi Rep
    Can I do a pickup as I notice you are based at Archerfield also can't seem to locate the dropdown menu below for the "250g Empty valve resealable bags are available for $1 each from the drop down menu below".

  • +2 votes

    1 x 480g Lucky Dip

    It's always the product that's not selling because nobody want's it

  • Are these beans ok to be stored in their paper zip lock bags and in a dark cupboard, or would you recommend storing them another way?

    • +1 vote

      Yes you are correct that would be the best way if consuming within 1 month. If longer then some say freezing can work ok for them.

  • Coffee is great and Jamocha my favourite. Definitely recommend this deal - In regards to the lucky dip, i received Fortitude which was great. So please don't listen to Xev's comment.

    I believe the lucky dip is based on small batches and best selling that they have left from roasting which includes single origins - so the lucky dips can be amazing.

    I went down there and ordered 2 kg's of the Jamocha and gave a secret password for a free coffee.

    Great price, great coffee

    • 🥇🥇🧡🧡 First class!! Yes correct the lucky dip is put there to help us clear smaller amounts from individual batch roasts from websales etc. Still freshly roasted and specialty grade. Can sometimes be more expensive coffees.

      Mmm noone gave me the secret code :( lol. I'm away next week in Thailand but anyone visiting our cafe during that time with code word "Unicorn Dust" can score a free 100g bag of China Keemun black loose leaf tea ;) Sorry can't ship due to shipping weight threshholds on Aus Post eparcel!

      Thanks to all our regulars and Ozbargainers who support us and hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  • Hi rep, I bought a couple of deals from you. The beans are great but I particularly love the Colombia Popayan Reserve. Is it possible to do a 2kgs subscription for only this? I'm ok with other beans like fortitude if Popayan is unavailable.

    • +1 vote

      If you send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes ie "2 x 980g Colombian Popayan auth Simon" then this should be fine :) I always have this coffee in stock as it's an 85 point direct trade coffee I use for the Jamocha blend :)

  • Is the point of buying the empty valve bags to transfer the coffee into these immediately so they keep for longer? First time ordering and not sure if I should order them or not

    • Technically they would keep slightly longer in smaller bags as you open and close less but often it can be for people to break up orders and share with others.

      Beans are fresh for about a month if stored in bags in a cool dark place. Some freeze if keeping longer :)

  • I just bought my second deal as I was so happy with the first one I bought earlier this year. We probably aren't using it fast enough so my neighbour happily went halves this time. So 4x240g of different interesting coffee for $30.
    I reckon I'll stick with these guys.

  • Hi mannabeans, is it possible to pay a bit extra for a premium lucky dip? (eg. Ethiopian, El Salvador)
    Last time I got 2 x Colombian Popayan Reserve for order + lucky dip. But I would like to try something different this time.

    • Hi, I've been in Thailand for a few days so not as easy to give the elevated level of service I often aspire to :) Also why it's taken me this long to reply to the Ozbargain thread

      I realise you may have already ordered but for future requests the best way is to send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and which gives you the ability to leave notes. If I have available I will always try to accommodate but can't guarantee.

      If you want individual small batch roasts of specific specialty coffees custom roasted to order/preferred roast profile or brewing method then you can also add on to order with free shipping through standard web listings or through a normal website order :)

      Have a great week

  • ive made my first manna purchase which would best suit cold brew !!!

    • +1 vote

      Welcome aboard!!! Choo Choo!
      For milk based cold brew they should all perform well. If wanting more unique black coffees for cold drip/brew etc then sometime a lighter roast is preferable to preserve acidity and sweetness.

      We can roast to order through our website for these more unique coffees like some of the fruity Ethiopians etc

  • Hi MannaBeans,
    Would it be possible to do 960g Colombia Popayan Reserve+ 960g Jamocha for $59.95?please let me know

  • Would it be possible to get
    2 x 480g Jamocha
    2 x 480g Volcanic
    with the $59.95 deal please? I sent a private message back on 12th but it might have been missed with you being away.

  • Hey Op, sent payment Sunday night, and sent pref to both email addresses without response. You guys back from Thailand yet?

    • Order Sorted with a great variety - cheers MannaBeans - Always impress!

    • Yes we returned but have been in NZ this week as my little sister has been over from England.

      My staff are running the show at the roastery until our return tomorrow but often the emails relating to coffee changes requests might not get replies straight away.

      The best way is to send funds through [email protected] which will allow you to leave notes in Paypal and therefore easier for my staff to pick up on and action where possible in my absence :)

      Apologies for reduced email efficiency during this time :) Have a great weekend and see you all soon!

  • damn…need a new deal…running low