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4x480g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 Incl EXPRESS Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Southern Mountains
1 x 480g Colombia Norbey
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.
250g Empty valve resealable bags are available for $1 each from the drop down menu below.

Southern Mountains

Very sweet coffee. Full of toffee, caramel, cherry & treacle flavours. Juicy body & acidity with a maple syrup finish.


A strong full bodied coffee blend with rich creamy mocha, fresh orange and chocolatey finish. Very delicious. Using some of the best coffee beans from around the world.

Colombia Norbey

Altitude: 1,700 masl
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Wash

Well balanced flavours of tropical fruit and a touch of stone fruit with chocolate and caramel finish.

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  • Bring back more single origins please.

  • Damn. I was waiting for this, but I needed beans. Grabbed a different deal instead. Got 2kg to get through before I can get this again.

  • Ordered the $35 last deal. Very fast shipping

  • I got a sample pack of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with my last order - talk about amazeballs. The mouthfeel was so different - it says "cumquat" on the label and imagine a concentrated shot of that in a controlled bitterness that's enough to cut through the milk.

    • @Willyroo Thanks for feedback! This is a pretty special coffee when made right. Can be a little polarizing for people not used to Ethiopians but a more expensive 90 point specialty coffee and one of my favourites from the new crops :)

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • Awesome sauce!!

    I sent an email last night!!! I'll just make a payment to you for the usual batches. =)

  • boom - ordered within minutes. great timing.

  • Is it still next day delivery?

    My package says eparcel and was posted yesterday before cutoff, hasn't been scanned in sydney yet

    • what time did you put your order in?

      I put my order in on Friday morning and have not seen any eparcel tracking number emailed through at all.

    • update - tracking number came through late last night, but it still has not been scanned.

  • Is there a way to find out what the lucky dip will be before ordering?

    • mine was an Ethiopian Yirg

    • I think most were Volcanic or Fortitude. Volcanic is Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia blend and Fortitude is Brazil Clombia and Honduras blend. If there are specific coffees you like or don't then you are welcoem to send funds through Paypal to [email protected] which allows you to leave notes in Paypal on order and is seen by packing team much more easily as on packing slip and not just by retrospective email.

      We'll always try to accommodate if possible but can't guarantee. Depends on what's being roasted and obviously some of the more unique website coffees can be much more expensive! so need to be ordered trough standard listing.

  • If anyone has already got the perfect grind settings for manna beans on a bes870 or bes880 let me know please. Thanks

  • Sorry, roastery hours are Mon-Fri 6am-1pm and can't always guarantee to ship same day order is placed as we are always roasting; although we do try. Monday was a bank holiday (Labour Day) and we've had lab construction ongoing so may be a day or 2 extra wait for receipt of coffee :)

    All order have been shipped and everyone should have tracking confirmation emailed. If you can't find please check spam. Have a great weekend guys and girls and fellow coffee officionados!!

    • can someone reply to nme about my missing order from 2 May 2017? shipped regular post instead of express post on 3/05/2018, still hasnt arrived

      No one is replying to me, FB i was told to email and i have. Not really impressed with this as of now.

      • +5 votes

        Sorry to hear that you haven't received your coffee yet. Facebook and Ozbargain names don't necessarily allow us to be able to identify your order. Please email [email protected] with your name or email address used to place order and we'll look into it for you asap.

        Further to this I just checked with my colleague and they have managed to locate your order anyway and can see that we shipped it express post within 24hrs and that Aus Post have not delivered within the expected timeframe. I can also see that yesterday you have already lodged a customer inquiry directly with Aus Post as they request under their guidelines in these cases. They are currently investigating for you and we will follow up to assist and see if they fix their mistake and locate item within the next day or 2.

        Don't worry we'll make sure you get caffeinated somehow ;) and apologise on behalf of the transport company. These things happen from time to time. I see you that you have also opened a Paypal dispute. Your Facebook message was only left yesterday(outside of our opening hours) and was still replied to straight away even with this being the case; the email we asked you to send to identify your order was received this morning so to my understanding the response you have received from my company so far is being swiftly dealt with. Paypal disputes are normally reserved for when a retailer is not prepared to assist with an issue!

        If this is not the case then feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

        • Aus post has confirmed it was not sent express and not handed over to them unit the 8th of may.

          Please get your facts straight.

        • +7 votes

          @cansydint: If packed/sent afternoon of the 3rd (first working day from your order) then wouldn't be scanned until 4th by Aus Post anyway which was a Friday.

          Sat Sun Aus Post don't open and Monday was labour Day therefore making Tuesday the 8th the day it appeared on their scan for whatever reason. Perhaps the Friday scan was missed which is why it wouldn't be the 8th that it was sent.

          We send all interstate orders Express shipping so don't have the facts wrong as it would be impossible from our end for it not to have left our warehouse in an express satchel and we have also confirmed this internally. If you haven't received the goods and Aus Post have confirmed receiving it and can't locate the package so also lost it then I suggest that they may not necessarily be the best source to base your accusations on!

          I can see that even after I have offered to assist and ship fresh coffee to you that you have now escalated the Paypal transaction from dispute to a claim making it now pointless sending fresh coffee or you'll most likely end up with 2 shipments of coffee turning up at your door and your money back by way of Paypal refund.

          I have therefore instructed Paypal to refund the full amount of your money paid for the order including the shipping cost. We always try to do the right thing by the customer on the odd occasions that mistakes happen(no one is perfect) but if we are not given the chance to do so and the accusations are brought publicly rather than a proactive discussion directly through email then I feel I have a right to defend the actions of my company.

          We will refund you in full and should the missing coffee arrive then you are more than welcome to keep it and hope you can still enjoy and it does not leave a bitter taste (excuse the pun) ;-)

          Have a great week

        • @mannabeans:

          Good response Simon. My shipments have always arrived and are as tasty as always.

        • @tamma: Thanks tamma, have great weekend!! :)

  • just finished my bag of Jamocha… WOW… what an amazing coffee blend!! Used a Hario cold brew jug and set the grinder to a medium-coarse grind, the result was a beautifully strong and sweet coffee.

  • Thanks again mate! As a dad of a Newborn, this couldn't be more timely!

  • Thanks rep, looking forward to some fresh beans.

    • It's at the dreaded Underwood PO.

      Dun dun duuunnnn

      Really hoping for delivery today, else gonna have to grab some local beans.