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Ring Video Doorbell (V1) $149 @ Harvey Norman


Don't think it has been cheaper for local stock. Bronze colour also same price. Free pickup or said $7.95 delivery for me.

Note that there is a version 2 out now so that is why price reduced.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I believe the main difference to the v2 is 1080p resolution and removable battery.

  • V2 has been out for a while. v2 is the one I am waiting to go on sale.

  • Does this need a seperate chime in order to be heard inside? Thanks

    • It alerts you on every connected device (phone / tablet etc) so can do without a chime to save money if you like.

  • i believe you can hardwire this to existing bells, i swear by my floodlight cam, best money i ever spent, bought from kogan

  • Just a FYI - I have the V1. House didn't have original hardwired doorbell so we are using battery. Battery life at best 4-6 weeks. When we bought the Ring, claimed battery life performance was between 6 to 12 months.

    Otherwise typically a great product, only if you mind recharging it every month or so.

    • Sucks that it has to be recharged so frequently (especially when their site claims 12mths, instructions claim 6-12). Does the app give you a warning when it needs recharging at least?

      • At first, yes you get a notification when at either 15% or 20% charge remaining, then a critical at 5%. The past couple months have been awful. It drops to 20% and dies, no notification. Only notice its dead as I don't receive any motion notifications for a couple days. Have been in contact with Ring, they sent me a new doorbell but it hasn't fixed anything. In contact with Ring again two days ago and they haven't got back to me yet. Its a shame as its a great product, I want to get it hard wired but its costs $$$ hence why I bought the Ring with a 6-12 month battery claim. I could live with a recharge every 6 months, saying that, I'd manage every 3 months, but every month is over the top.

        • agree with battery life issues on this model. Had one replaced under warranty cos I thought I had a dud with poor battery life. Turns out this is the same across all of them.

    • I have The Ring Video Door bell V1, battery last 3-4 months, just need to play around with the motion sensor. I set it to the shortest distance, ie only detect people within about 1 metre from the door, and only send me alert if it detects people between 11pm-6am ie at night time. It will alert me everytime someone presses the bell.

    • Depends on how many motion alerts and rings you get. We live at the end of a quiet street and before enabling live view, I was getting over 3 months.

  • To get it a bit cheaper you can get Bunnings to price match it (at time of posting they're $178, but with their match + 10% discount it comes down to $134.10). Note their model number is different but https://www.harveynorman.com.au/ring-video-doorbell-satin-ni... matches the Bunnings model and is the same price.
    Bunnings: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ring-satin-nickel-video-doorbell...

  • So can this (or the V2) double up as a security camera? Does it save the footage in any way?

    • Depends on what you want from a security camera - most of the reviews say that you can't view the camera on demand, only when it's triggered by motion sensing or someone pressing the bell. Footage can be saved to the cloud by paying ring a $4/monthly or $40/yearly fee - from the looks of it there used to be a workaround to save it elsewhere for free but ring disabled this in an update.
      Edit: Just wanted to update - after loading the app and adding the doorbell I can see there is now a live view option, but you can't record from live view.

      • Live view sessions are automatically recorded if you pay the $4/month subscription.

        • So they are - I was looking on the live view screen to see if you could record, didn't realise it was automatic.

  • Great product might buy a second one

  • Please note the Ring Video Doorbell (V2) has only 3M wifi range and 1 * (Star) review as per Harvey Norman website.

  • Price beat @ Bunnings $134.10 yesterday :-), almost got the V2 but the store manager switched on when price beating….

  • Has anyone tried to wire this up to a small solar panel? I seem to recall that Ring has a solar panel available for its cameras, but I haven't seen one for the doorbell itself.
    This would eliminate the need to recharge.