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Apple 6th iPad 9.7" 128GB (RRP $799) $70/Mth with 200GB Data (24 Month Contract) @ Optus


Optus just updated their tablets plan,

iPad 2018 added

Start from $35 PM (32G)

Apple iPad 2018

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    It's the $35 (32GB)/$40 (128GB) for 10GB and the tablet that is the cost effective deal here, when compared to the RRP of the iPad.

    • Got the 2017 version of this deal, excellent value with free netflix and spotify streaming. Definitely recommend it.

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      You right,

      I chose the $70 (128GB/200G) to replace my current vivdwireless broadband which I pay same $70Pm for 200G only.

      it depends on your needs and situation

      • Could you confirm that the Sim card can be transferred to the broadband modem? I have the Optus branded modem as opposed to the vividwireless but hoping to use the 200GB as an ADSL2 replacement at home.

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          No Problem at all if you have a vividwireless 4G modem

        • @John Kelvin: would you mind telling me what modem your currently using?

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      Great price.

      I think when you want to cancel you only need to pay off the device which makes it even cheaper than buying retail.

      For example the $40pp 128gb version might only by $31x24 = $744.

      So what you can do is after signing up for 1 month you can cancel and all you pay for a brand new Ipad is less than $799 asking oeice.

      • Good tip. You have been awarded one Ozbargain point.

      • Month to month costs only $663.

      • what I can find is $33*24 = $792

        Not much savings I believe

      • based on that logic, an iPad Pro 12.9 256GB with Apple Pencil would be $1115!

        I'm going shopping this weekend :)

        • confirmed by Optus rep - can be cheaper still… take out the 200GB plan, which is #37/month device payments, and $70/month data.

          cancel at end of first month for $958 total cost. RRP is over $1600 based on apple pricing + $145 for the pencil

  • Damm, I have the last years iPad and only 100gb still paying $70, they won’t let me upgrade due to iPad repayment.

  • I’m interested in this plan as a NBN alternative. Was wondering if anyone’s done any calculation if we factor in selling the ipad? If it’s sold for around $600, the plan for this would be only around $45/month, which isn’t too bad. Obviously a con would be your locked into a 24month plan and you would need to get a wireless modem. Am I missing anything here?

    • latency is generally higher on mobile broadband so not as good for online gaming if that is your thing

    • Didn’t you just do the calculation?

      I did this December with the 25% off $70/100gb + iPad. Sold the iPad for $600 so 100gb/m effectively costs $27.50

      Of course now there’s a better deal but that was always going to happen.

      E5573 pocket modem is $30.

    • I'm hoping to do the same thing, can anyone speak as to internet speeds vs NBN?

      Also if it's used as home internet… I'm going to have a few xiaomi cameras, a xiaomi vacuum and a chromecast connected to it in addition to the devices.

      Any idea how well it copes with so many connections?

      Lastly, what distances are the modems effective over? My house isn't that big, but is multi storey.. Wondering if that will be an issue…

  • How long will this promotion be on till?

    • 30th of April mate