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[Refurbished] Panasonic 27L Stainless Steel Microwave Oven (NN-SF574S) AU $79.16 Delivered and More Models @ GraysOnline eBay


Crazily goo price for this microwave (inverter and flatbed). I've got this microwave at home and like it! Was buying it for $210.60 as per this deal, although it was a new one…

Panasonic 27L Stainless Steel Microwave Oven (NN-SF574S) (Reconditioned)
Recommended Retail Price (RRP) - $329 as of May 2017 based on a new product.


27 L Solo Microwave Oven
Flatbed Cavity
Precise Power Control
Clear, Linear Design
LED Oven Light

Finish: Stainless Steel
Cavity Volume: 27 L
Microwave Power: 1,000W
Outside Dimensions (HxWxD): Approx. 326 x 529 x 422 mm
Oven Cavity Dimensions (HxWxD): Approx. 230 x 354 x 338 mm
Wegiht: 11.7 kg

Item may show marks/scratches/dents or imperfections. Accessories may vary from standard. Item may not be in original box or may have carton damaged.
Returns/refunds based on marks/scratches/dents or imperfections will not be accepted.
This item is classified as Grade 1 (please refer to below Grading info)

Items in this category may show minor marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the casing and / or the fascia.
This product comes with a 3 months warranty against manufacturing faults and defects.

More Panasonic NN-SF574SQPQ-R-Delivery

More models are here, prices are very nice if you don't mind refurbished items

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    I don't like this model, because it doesn't simply set 0:30 or 1:00 and start when you press START, and also it has a long loud sound when it finishes, even though you acknowledge that it's finished by pressing buttons.

    Microwave ovens are so ubiquitous and simple, that I think the above matters.

    It's plateless ("inverter and flatbed" - as the OP said), but that other stuff is annoying AF.

    • +2 votes

      That sound is fan working, the same do all inverter ones, as far as I know, we had previously one from ALDI, and it cooled down with fan working as well. I really liked that it is plateless, easy to clean and can put more things to preheat at the same time


        I meant the unstoppable beep. It's hard to find a microwave with a quiet fan these days.

        I believe all the peeps who negged me above love this very model. Good on you :)


          that beep lasts just a few moments, doesn't it?

          being a plateless, it seems to me that it requires a bit more time to preheat the food that ones with the plate, but probably only seems to me…

    • +2 votes

      A microwave without one-button start is a PEST. In this day and age I can't believe anyone would invent a microwave that doesn't work this way

      Have a +. I don't know why there are idiots negging you


        It's a 2-button start. I don't really see the big deal in pushing an extra button. It doesn't take that much more time or effort.

        • +1 vote

          You know, it's like putting a door knob at the level of your head.

          It's not an effort at all to raise your arm higher then usual, but it's f pain to do that daily. And you ask WHY.

        • -1 vote

          @pizzaguy: There's a big difference there. It takes a lot more effort to raise your hand above your head and rotate a door handle, than to move your finger a few inches from one button to another.

          So I don't ask why. Instead I ask, what's the big deal? It's literally a few inches away. Why does having to press one extra button trigger you so much?

        • +1 vote

          @eug: Science. Ergonomics. + Personal preference.


          @pizzaguy: I think it's just personal preference which is fine. It just shouldn't be such a touchy issue like it is to justtoreply, who went so far as to call people idiots over it.


    I was tempted to buy an lg from grays.. The discount is decent … After research decided to just buy new…


    Bargain!!!! Time to upgrade my Panasonic non-inverter

  • -2 votes

    These arent like the older inverters. There's a 30second (I think from memory) cool down after its finished its cooking cycle. I got really annoyed by it, as my old inverter never did that. So returned it to the shop.

    • +3 votes

      What a shame you did, it just prolongs the life of the Microwave :-P

      Why does the word 'COOL' keep appearing in the display of my Microwave?
      The word COOL is displayed when the microwave goes into a cooling cycle. The cool cycle is a feature that ensures the operating components of the microwave (Inverter and Magnetron) are cooled after operation by running the fan inside the microwave.

      The cooling function is activated whenever the microwave runs for over 3 minutes or is operated twice within a 10 minute period. The word COOL is displayed to tell you why the fan is still running.

      You do not have to wait for the cool cycle to complete before using the microwave again, simply enter the cooking operation you wish to perform and the cool cycle will stop and the microwave will perform the cooking operation you have just entered.



        Haha this is the exact reason some friends hate theirs. Personally I love mine, the thing has been going strong for a while now and is so easy to clean and heats really well. The cooling thing tricks some people though because they think its still heating if they don't read the screen.

        • -2 votes

          The older models used much better inverters. Hence why they have no cool down cycle. The one we have is about 10+ years old and still works, just wanted an updated look. The new ones use cheaper inverters that require a cool down cycle. Ended up doing a bit of research after returning it


    I purchased the same one. It making sparkling, I assume that is not normal?


    Microwave back in stock.

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