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China Mobile A3S 5.2" IPS / 2GB RAM / 16GB / Snapdragon 425 4G Smartphone USD $57.59 (~AUD $74.56) Shipped @ LightInTheBox


For those after a smaller (and cheaper) phone, I present to you the China Mobile A3s (funny brand, I know right), but pretty good specs for the price. 5.2" screen size so probably good for those that do not like the Sharp Z2 (5.5") that I posted.

Note the screen on this one is only HD @ 1280 x 720

Beat Geekbuying's deal, pretty good discussion on the China Mobile brand and this particular phone model so head over to that post to read.

Available in GOLD or SILVER colours.

Check out this short 5-minute Youtube video - the phone actually is pretty decent considering the price. Check out the screen and photo quality in the video. Longer hands-on review video here (13 minutes)

Oh, and this phone has Notification LED for those wondering.

  • Screen: 5.2-inch, 2.5D HD 1280*720P display
  • Android 7.1 OS,
  • CPU:Snapdragon 425 Quad core
  • GPU: Adreno 308 500Mhz
  • Storage: 2G RAM - 16G ROM, TF card can extend to 128GB (not included)
  • Camera type: one back one front, rear Camera:8.0MP front Camera:5.0MP
  • Network:
    2G: GSM B2/B3/B5/B8
    3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B5, TD-SCDMA B34/B39
    4G: FDD-LTE B3/B7, TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41

Skyblu's checkout process:
1- Add product to cart & select USD currency (upper right, above Cart)
2- Select standard shipping ('Postal Service - Tracking')
3- Untick shipping insurance
4- Confirm payment method (if other than the default method - Paypal)
5- Verify final payable price is "$57.59" (USD) before proceeding Paypal

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  • +1

    $1.25 USD for Express Shipping on the other deal though - would be good if LITB could match that…

    • +3

      Express shipping and LITB do not belong in the same sentence…ever.

    • I got the phone from the other deal with express shipping. It is still in transit, tho.

  • +3

    Almost tempted to get this for another burner phone.

    • +1

      avi checks out

    • Clear

      Almost tempted to get this for another burner phone.


      • I already have 2. 3 is a lucky number.

        • Excuse me, I don't know you.

        • @Wystri Warrick:
          Someone with so many burner phones, maybe no-one does.

        • @O15: shhh we don't know him, or we'll end up on the list too.

        • +1

          8 is also a lucky number.

        • @StrayfireX: Combine all the dead/disposed phones and I probably have 8.

    • Getting bankrupt after the enquiry, aye.

  • +3

    Does it have a notification led?

    • They managed to get a fingerprint reader into that budget, I should hope it has a notification LED.

    • Yes, it does have notification LED - confirmed here.

      Have updated post and added links Youtube videos.

      • +4

        That is so reasssuring.

      • Doesn't look like it has a loudspeaker.

      • actually the 5 min YouTube video has 332 likes vs 11 dis' which is also a good sign

  • +2

    a clone of Xiaomi, oh how the times have changed :D

  • +1

    Looks like a great phone, compares very favourably to the Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

  • Far out these are getting stupid cheap for the specs.
    I paid twice this for a similar Xiaomi not long ago…

    • I know right. Imagine if this is Xiaomi branded.

    • +1

      Yeah… but can you trust the software?

  • Is this a single handset?

    • +2

      its a timeshare handset

    • +1

      No, it has a husband and a mistress.

      • +2

        Not negative just realistic.

        Check some of my posts and you'll find some positives, when it's deserved :)

        • +1

          Fair enough, but your original statement can apply to Apple iPhones. They have had many hiccups throughout different models.

          Samsung issued a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2015, but they don't generally get bagged down.

          Don't always look at specs - that's the only reason people would buy this phone. The specs are great at this price point. No one would buy based on the brand.

          On the other hand, I'm sure there are people who would blindly queue up to buy the next iPhone model.

        • @sky blu:

          Repeating my question here.

          Can it support 3g and above on both cards at the same time? Standby is fine for me.

        • @trinkasharma: Good question. I'm on mobile so can't exercise technical research. Have passed this enquiry to rep to check with manufacturer.

          Member Clear may also assist since he is way knowledgeable in phones and tech gadgets.

        • @sky blu:

          Thanks! Much appreciated. And if the answer is yes then I would not have any issues placing this order.

        • +1

          @trinkasharma: I'd be confident in saying that this is going to be a 4G/2G phone as it's being advertised as Dual Standby instead of Dual Active. If I had a phone infront of me I would be able to check with some USSD codes.

        • +1

          2G standby is useless in Aus now, like my mrs' P9.

        • @jackystudio: You get what you pay for.

  • +6

    Ring ring

  • +4

    I’ve ordered three items from this mob and two of them never showed up. Took an angry email both times to get my money back

    • +1

      Thats bad news. PP disputes?

    • Everything I've ordered has arrived but it takes a looong time.

    • +1

      I feel better now knowing I've only ever ordered once from them but the lies from them assured a non repeat customer.

      • +1

        Given the number of orders LITB gets it's bound to have hiccups sometimes. The rep on Ozbargain is quite responsive and helpful. There is Paypal to fall on to if things go pear-shaped. I think you just limit yourself if you judge a seller based on minority negative reviews.

    • +1

      I have had 4 orders since December from LITB and all have arrived in reasonable chinese orders time and all worked and were in good nick. Luck of the draw maybe?

  • Can it support 3g and above on both cards at the same time?

  • +1

    This is for China Mobile network, it only supports a few 4G bands.

    • Is this the phone handset Pauline Hanson uses?

      • -1

        Yep to start her bon fires lol

      • Yes, she's only got an issue with Middle Eastern phones nowadays.

        • She must of converted to Muslim.

          She's one idiot, that makes all Australian's look like her.

          I wonder what race will be her next target

    • Yeah, especially on Vodafone you'd have to be happy with 3G only often, depending on your area. A little more money goes a long way.

      • I think Vodafone is actually the network you can fully use, it's Telstra and Optus that are useable but missing bands.

        Disclaimer: check yourself if buying.

        • Before you wreck yourself

        • +1

          Voda uses LTE bands 1, 3, and 5, and of those this phone only has band 3. There's no Voda Band 3 near me, so I personally would have zero Voda LTE. My case is an exception to the norm it seems as OzTowers shows 67.52% of Voda towers have B3, but not having B5 hurts a lot on Voda if you're regional. Telstra and Optus use both B3 and B7 (the only two FDD bands this phone has), though Telstra hardly uses B7 according to OzTowers.

          And on the note of B5 (850MHz), since Voda now uses that band for LTE and Optus doesn't use it at all, you'll only get 3G B1 (2100MHz) on those carriers as the phone doesn't support the 3G B8 (900MHz) they use. Telstra still uses B5 for 3G (as well as B1), so that leaves them as the only safe choice if you're regional.

          I wouldn't suggest anyone buy this as a primary phone or for any use case where connectivity is important, and those who do should carefully check that they'll actually get service where it's needed.

  • +6

    What virus does it come free with?

    • +7

      The CCP listening app

      • do they have Red Army marching ringtone? :-)

    • The location/gps app cannot be turned off as it has report back to base 24x7.


  • +1

    Tempting. Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Will go up in flames quicker than you can breath in some asbestos fibres from Great Wall disc brake pads.

  • Its so weird to see a phone with a 8mp camera for 70$

  • +4

    Now the serious question.
    This or iphone X ?

    • +7

      (x1) IPhone X or (x15+) of this?

    • -3

      iphone X is easily 25x better ;)

    • +2

      I bet you'd be happier with this because of low expectations.

  • +5

    can this be flashed with custom rom to get rid of Chinese spyware?

    • +8

      It's not spyware, it's super happy fun time democracy repellent.

    • I am interested in this too- some of the YouTube reviews say that the weird quasi-xiaomi software skin they have going on is seriously slowing things down

    • +2

      Are you sure there is even Spyware or malicious apps on it? To answer your question, there is currently no custom ROMs to download but the official firmware is available for download and root has been achieved. Having root would allow you to potentially remove anything malicious.

  • +2

    They make great stocking fillers at this price. Bought 50.

  • +2

    Gosh, this thing is faster than my Nexus 5 and like 15% of the cost.

    • Time for an upgrade?

      • Current upgrade is gonna be back up to a working power button. Small steps.

  • Does anyone know if it will work with aldi, telstra sims?

  • -1

    ass mobile

  • +1

    Impressive given the price, if only it had stock android!

  • want to say that it was 81 AUD for me, so i followed instructions and payed via paypal in USD. before i knew it i had paid 56 USD. i logged into my bank acc and saw that they charged me 86 AUD, so the moral seems to be to be to just pay the 81 AUD. regards
    even at 86 dollars it lools like a bargain.

  • woops. i made a mistake, it is better to pay amarican dollars with paypal, it is late in the evening. this is a great deal- ive brrn oz-bagained.

    • Great to hear. Yes it is advisable to pay in USD and use an international fee-free card.

  • Thanks this looks good. I'm looking for a phone for my sons birthday. Also noticed Geekbuying has it on sale at around same price: https://www.geekbuying.com/item/China-Mobile-A3s-5-2-Inch-2G...

    • +1

      Yes, I've linked it in the main post. LITB'S is slightly cheaper. You can buy from whichever site you feel more comfortable with.

  • Is it better to use Paypal (has spare funds in it), my Aussie credit card with no international transaction fees (Macquarie CC which has good exchange rate), or my Aussie CC linked to Paypal? I've also read you can setup Paypal account to convert using my credit card exchange rate as opposed to Paypal default rate.

    • +1

      Yes, please opt to use the card's currency conversion instead of Paypal. It takes a while to find that option as it is well hidden.

      I'd advise you to first set that up and then use a card of your choice with international fee-free and good exchange rate.

      Don't use Paypal funds unless it is in USD.

      • +1

        Thanks, super helpful!

  • China mobile, Great wall mobile, Panda Pan Pan mobile, Gigglypuff mobile, Peking mobile. Just a short list of very creative names if you want to start a nothing company that will provide no support.

    • I have never used support for a mobile phone or tablet device so it doesn't seem worth it.

      • Support generally means OS updates. I don't bother paying extra for the chance of getting software updates. Even mainstream brands for Android are pretty spotty and half the time updates end up just slowing down your device.

  • Came here looking for the obligatory Band 28 post…
    probably doesn’t support it.

  • Sorry a bit out of topic, but in the review video, the reviewer played a game (https://ibb.co/djXCrn). Anyone knows what's the name of the game? Thanks.

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